yesterday,today,and forever by Nicklvr
Summary: She's been in love with him since the first time she's layed eyes on him..only one problem she's not sure he even know's that she exists.
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1. Chapter 1 : Dear Diary by Nicklvr

2. Heres the plan by Nicklvr

3. Chapter 3 :packin 4 paradise by Nicklvr

4. mile high clube by Nicklvr

Chapter 1 : Dear Diary by Nicklvr
Author's Notes:
This story may start out a little slow..i have many different thoughts on how i wanna portray whats runnin through my this is my first story soo bare with me. please R&R!
:This story starts out with txt from her diary
Dear Diary,
since this is the first time i have ever written in you maybe i should take the time to introduce myself ,so here goes. My name is Cecilia Lynn Jennings i'm 16 ,i just got my liscense ..yay me! And i am completely in love with this one guy that will knock your socks off an take your breath away..the only problem is he's a celebrity ,a rockstar, a GOD! He doesn't even know i exist but if i have anything to do with that it's all about to change! I have a plan and i intend on doing everything possible to get my man, who is it your askin ok i will tell you he is none other than NICK CARTER!!! I have a plan and i'm gonna get him..he's gonna fall in love with me..he just has to but first we have to meet.That would be possible if my dad managed somebody like the backstreetboys instead of some country singer named Shania Twain. I mean she's good but come on shania or bsb? that's what i thought ! well here's my plan..."Cecilia" (heard from outside the door)
oh no my mom guess we will just have to continue the plan later..bye for now.C
End Notes:
i no that it sounds kind of child ish but that would be comin from a 16 year old rite? it gets better i promise
Heres the plan by Nicklvr
ok diary here goes mom came to tell me that shania twain and the backstreetboys will be performing a song at her concert together called from this moment! Only one's half way around the world an i have school on monday.well maybe he will let me go just this once..or maybe i can just sneak out nah i better just wait and play this by ear..speakin of ear i just got a txt so bye

DAD:Hey sis i got a surprise 4 you !
Reply:k sweet wat is it?
DAD:shania twain an that group you like ..they r performing a song they haven't done together in years for a charity event this Friday night!
Reply:omg! daddy that is soo awesome can i go please daddy please?!
DAD:well honey i wouldn't have brought it up if i wasn't gonna let you go
Reply:Dad your soo awesome thanx so mch .lve u!
DAD:love you too sweetheart ,start packing your gonna meet me at the airport and we are gonna fly out there just me you and mom!
REply:omg..i gotta start packn!

okay so wow!!!i didnt even have to put my plan into action my dad is sooo awesome he knows i love the backstreetboys especially Nick! And now i get to go see them live!!!Glad my dad has connections or it mite be a lot harder to meet these guys!
Chapter 3 :packin 4 paradise by Nicklvr
okay so now i'm all packed and completely losin it waitin to leave for the airport!
"knock knock"
"yeah come on im "
"hey sweetie all set?"
"yeah i'm ready my clothes packed an my camera is fully charged!"
"ok did you bring your cd's it's gonna be a long trip ?"
"yeah i got everything"
"well why dont you check once more just to be safe!"
"just do it"
45 minutes later i have packed an repacked everything to make my mom happy an turns out she was rite i forgot deodorant an my toothbrush but ya know i'm not tellin her that!
"sis dad's here time to go"
mile high clube by Nicklvr
omg! i cant believe it !!I'm on my way 2 the concert ofa lifetime to meet the man of my dreams and i'm in this super amazing airplane! Can you say lifestyles of the rich an famous?The plane ride is gonna be a long one though we have to go all the way to Tampa FLorida which by the way is where Nick is from !I'm gonna get to meeet him my dad says they are all very nice guys! Can you believe it my dad hung out with the backstreet boys with my future husband the fater of my children! Who am i kiddin he doesn't even kno i exsist But he will....

*2 1/2* hours later>*

"I cant believe after all this time they lost out luggage" my dad is yelling now
"michael" my mother says "calm down gettin up set isn't gonna help anything just stay calm and we will all start looking for it"
"sis" dad says "why dont you go check a few carts for our luggage whilei check a few over here"
"ok" and i wander off by myself in search of the luggage.
So anyways as im walking i notice a huge crowd of people over by this loading dock..mostly girls alot of them are my age some older some younger .I couldn't make out what they were saying so i came a little closer.
I hear it all around me i got excited an scared all at the same time my mind is racing an about that time my phone rings my mom found our bags but i could care less i've found my man!But she insisted that i hurry that dad has a meeting with the guys and shania in a couple hours for a soundcheck. So i hesitantly turned away from all the screamin an shouting an started walkin in the other direction when i was plowed straight to the grown by some one twice my size.I was about to start yellin when i look up and see who just plowed through me an i thought to myself i can die happy now! He touched me..Yes that he the one and only Nick Carter! Just walked right into me
"damn, i am soo sorry hunnie I'm runnin round her like a damn fool tryin to avoid the havoc an her a go startn a riot!"
He gave me his hand an like an idiot i just sat there day dreaming staring into those gorgeous baby blues.
Until the sound of Nick singin rockstar baby knocks me rite out of it My phone is ringing and nick is standin right here listening to hisself sing
How funny is that?
I stand up answer my phone and mouth to Nick could he please hold on he smiles and nods and watches me argue with my mom but then Nick realized he had to go so he grabs a pen and some scratch paper that he had in the back pack he always carries and writes ..
Hey girl,
sorry i just realized a gotta meetin in less than 2 hours if i'm late they just mite kill me's my cell # (281)525-6995 call or txt me anytime..but please don't give it to anyone.Love Nick

And then just like that he was gone an i was left standing in a blank stare
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