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When Anna moves To Tampa, Florida from Canada at the beginning of the summer she's really lonely having no friends and missing all of her friends back home it wasn't until her friends Liz and Theresa visited her that her whole world changed....

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Chapter 4 by Annabelle
** means swear word but im not going to actually write it
Italic means thoughts

The Next Morning……

Aaron stunk into his house after falling asleep at Anna’s hoping everyone was still asleep he was on the way up the stairs when he heard this mom Jane Carter say
“Going somewhere?”
“Yea to my room” Aaron answered annoyed
“Where were all night? I thought you said you and a friend where going to watch a movie?” “We did. But we ended up falling asleep” Aaron answered and ran up the stairs. He entered his room clasped onto his bed and stared to the ceiling. Anna what are you hiding? Who hurt you? If you don’t wanna talk that’s Okay with me but im gonna found out and kick that guys a**

Then he heard someone open the door he sat up and saw Nick but didn’t say anything and laid back down
“dude, you alright?” nick asked coz he knew this wasn’t the way he little bro acted towards him even if he was mad at him
“fine, I guess” was all that Aaron said
“no your not fine something happened last night so tell me or else I’ll have to find out the hard way” Nick said the last part with an evil grin
“the hard way? No thanks I don’t like the hard way” after nick trying to get Aaron to open up to so he deiced to do it the hard way he got on top of him and started tickle him Aaron burst out in laughing
“please..... Stop.....” Aaron managed to say between laughs but nick wouldn’t
“Ok! Ok! Ok! You win” Aaron said laughing
“I’ll tell you about last night”
“well....” Aaron start to say then stopped after a few minutes Aaron still hadn’t anything “well what? Im waiting I don’t have all day ya know” Nick said
“there’s nothing to tell we watched some movies and then we ended up falling asleep that’s it nothing more, nothing less.” Aaron said with a little smirk on his face
“whatever dude... hey I got an idea! Something that’ll make you happy” Nick said with a huge smirk on his face
“which is...?” Aaron asked
“you, Anna come on a double date with me and Paris tonight...yes I know you guys aren’t dating but still ask her to come who knows her and Paris might even get along and becomes best friends!” Nick answered
“uhhmm okay...” Aaron said “good now lets go see her before you change your mind” Nick said

on the way over Nick kept on teasing Aaron about how he liked Aaron but wouldn’t act on his feelings once they got to the door the just opened and Aaron saw a girl that wasn’t Anna, Liz or Theresa.
“Can I help you?” she asked
“uhh yea we’re looking Anna” Aaron said
“are you her boyfriend?” the girl said “uhhmm no.....” Aaron answered
“not yet” Nick Added with a smile and Aaron whacked him in the back of the head then Anna came to the door with putting her hair up while did that her shirt lifted up a little bit so you could see her tummy
“hey Aaron what’s up?” she said with a big smile on her face nick was about to say something but Aaron beat him to it
“say it & you die”
“But.... “Nick started to say but was cut off again
“don’t say it or you’ll die” Aaron said
“Aaron leave him alone” Anna said
“okay..... “
“Oh and this is one of my other my best friends Amber she just moved her from North Carolina”
“cool umm do you wanna come out with nick & girlfriend tonight with me?” Aaron asked “sure” Anna said by that time she was done with her hair
“umm sweetie do you even remember who his girlfriend is?” Liz asked coming down the stairs with Theresa
“uhh no why?” Anna asked
“umhm Paris Hilton....” Theresa answered
“uhhmm whatever I’ll still go out with him”
“Anna have you lost your mind?! It’s Paris Hilton! “Amber said
“yea im fine but Liz don’t you remember what we promised each other what we would do if we ever met her?” Anna asked with a sly smile
“you’re an evil one yes I do remember your pure evil!” Liz answered
“hey! Im not as evil as her---“Before Anna could say the rest she was cut off
“Anna she’s not evil just stupid someone needs to give her a brain ” Amber said Anna,
Theresa, & Liz burst out laughing but then stopped when they saw the look on Nick’s face well tried anyway
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