Kisses Don't Lie by Teri

....Because you all asked for it. The spinoff from AIL and SWIB for Aaron and Kellie. She's a bartender/fashion major at UCLA and he's a young Hollywood celeb. All that you didn't read in SWIB you can read here. All the drama between Aaron and Kellie, their friends and family from their side of the situation. Everyone from SWIB will be making regular appearances.
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1. Prologue: Pick Up Lines by Teri

2. Chapter 1: First Date by Teri

3. Chapter 2: Happy New Years by Teri

4. Chapter 3: Hollywood Knights by Teri

5. Chapter 4: Cold Showers by Teri

6. Chapter 5: Patience Is A Virtue by Teri

Prologue: Pick Up Lines by Teri
Author's Notes:
All right here's the prologue, it's kind of short but it's a prologue, the upcoming chapters will be much longer! Enjoy and tell me what you think!
Kisses Don't Lie

Prologue: Pick Up Lines

Kellie looked around the bar seeing some familiar patrons. Sighing to herself she filled yet another order for the drunken masses. She glanced to her right and noticed a familiar blonde mop of hair. She smiled a little and went over to that side figuring that it was Nick. She surprised herself when she laid eyes on his younger brother.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at the prom?” She asked getting his attention.

Aaron turned around and smirked at her, “Very funny Kellie. I’m actually just out with some friends. I didn’t know that you worked here.” He stated checking her out a little.

Kellie smirked back at him knowing he was checking her out. “So since you’re under aged for drinking how’d you get in?”

He looked at her and laughed a little, “You’re kidding right? We are still in Los Angeles? Hollywood…land of celebrities and decadence right?” He joked with her.

She rolled her eyes, “God you sound like…”

“Do not say Nick…” Aaron interjected.

Kellie giggled a little, “Actually I was going to say Ali. You know you’re future sister-in-law.”

Aaron sighed in relief; he really, really hated being compared to his brother. On one hand it was a compliment since Nick was a star and a good guy but on the other it was like a slap in the face as if to say ‘hey we can’t tell you apart from your sibling so you have no identity’. And that was the part that hurt the most, like he had no individuality aside from his famous sibling. “Thanks most people compare me to…”

“To him I know. But you’re not him and despite the family resemblance you’re two completely different people.” Kellie interrupted giving him a warm grin that made him smile back.

He’d always noticed how beautiful Kellie was. She was one of those classic California types of beautiful. Natural blonde hair, sun-kissed skin, not supermodel thin but athletic…almost a surfer’s body. Without thinking twice he asked, “What are you doing tomorrow night?”

Kellie got a shocked expression on her face, “Uhh, why do you ask?”

“Because I’d like to take you out to dinner.”

Kellie shifted nervously for a second debating if that was such a good idea. Going on a date with one of her friend’s younger siblings, especially after what had happened two months before between Ali, herself, and Nick. True it was one night but it would have lasting repercussions on anything that may happen with Aaron. Kellie mentally slapped herself for that one, what would one date do?

“Sure, pick me up at 7?” She replied with a smile giving him directions to her apartment.
Chapter 1: First Date by Teri
Author's Notes:
Well this is long over due but here we go. I hope to update this much more often now. Anyways feedback is VERY VERY motivating. And remember this is back in December of 2005.
Chapter One: First Date

“You’re late.” Kellie stated as she swung open the door to her apartment.

Aaron grinned sheepishly, “Traffic and a mirror hog of a twin sister.”

Kellie grinned at him, “Angel a mirror hog? Why I never would have thought that?” She retorted sarcastically making Aaron laugh in response.

“Sorry though about being late, I was going to bring you flowers…”

“Don’t… I hate flowers.”

“You hate flowers?” Aaron asked completely astonished she’d given that answer.

Kellie sighed as they walked out to his car giggling at him when he held the door open for her. “It’s not that I hate the gesture, that’s actually the best part, it’s just I hate having to keep the flowers when they just die in a week anyways.”

Aaron nodded getting in on the other side. He couldn’t argue with her statement it was true. “So how do you feel about seafood?”

Kellie considered him for a moment, “Well I like to eat it unless of course we’re going scuba diving then I don’t think I’ll admit that I like sushi.” She joked.

Aaron snickered at her, “Well we aren’t going diving…we’re going to a seafood restaurant I happen to love and I think you’ll like it too.”

“Great I haven’t had good seafood in a while.” Kellie replied as they made light conversation on the way to the restaurant.

In the restaurant they were seated out on the terrace. Their earlier conversation lulled as they looked through the menu. Aaron set his down already deciding on getting his favorite and gazed at Kellie as she perused through the various types and styles of food the restaurant prepared.

He liked how she considered each choice with a pensive expression on her face. “See anything good?” He asked with a grin.

Kellie looked up and grinned, “I think I’m going to go with the sampler, you know get a little bit of everything?”

His grin grew wider, “Wow, a girl who actually eats.”

Kellie laughed at his remark, “I live to eat, I don’t just eat to live.”

“That’s an awesome way to live life.”

“That’s what Ali said when I said it to her the first time in junior high.”

Aaron smiled, “How long have you Ali and Lori been friends?”

Kellie thought for a moment, “Well Al and Lori have been friends for longer, mainly because of Lori’s relationship with Clark. I came along when Al and I were in junior high. We got really close after freshman year of high school.”

“I wish I could have gone to high school.”

Kellie chuckled a little, “Believe me you didn’t miss much. High school was great and all, but seriously the second you’re in it, and all the immature teenage drama you’d want out.” She explained.

“Immature teenage drama huh?” He said with a smirk.

Immediately Kellie covered her face in embarrassment. “God I keep forgetting that you’re still a teenager.”

“At least I’m legal though.”

“Very true. So I have a question for you.”

“And I just might have an answer.” He retorted.

Kellie rolled her eyes and laughed a little, “Why did you ask me out?”

“Because I wanted to.”

“No I mean why me? I know I’m sounding modest here but I thought you were a little more into a certain brunette.”

Aaron sighed, “Yeah and she’s head over heels for my older brother. I figured it was time to move on and I have, good thing too because it made me realize that you’re right here in front of me.”

Kellie grinned as the waiter came over and they gave their orders. She smiled as she listened to him order, she didn’t think this was going to go as well as it was. She figured they’d end up going to McDonalds, not a nice restaurant. “I’m glad you did.”

After they’d gotten their food their conversation lulled momentarily but picked back up as they began to finish their meals.

“So do you bartend as a career…or…”

“I’m in school I go to UCLA, fashion design and merchandising. I still play for the soccer team. Although it’s not the same without Al and Lori to kick my ass all the time.”

Aaron chuckled, “They do have a tendency to do that…”

“Oh yeah… anyways tell me about you. I only know you as Nick’s baby brother.”

He smiled rolling his eyes a little. “I’m 18 now. Just turned a few days ago. I’m still a singer, I’d love to go to college one day just to say I’ve done it you know?”

Kellie smiled, “You’re serious? Wow Carter I think I might like you.”

He smirked at her. “So what do you want to do with your degree?”

“I want to become a fashion designer. I’ve always wanted to. Get to play dress up for a living!” She remarked.

He snicker-snorted at her comment. “You sound like Angel.”

“I knew I always liked her.”

“She’s my other half pretty much…”

“I figured with you being twins and all.”

He laughed a little, “Thanks Captain Obvious.”

“God you sound like your sister.” Kellie replied laughing at his comment.

“You should qualify which one you’re talking about, I do have four.”

Kellie looked perplexed for a moment, “Four?”

“Well technically five if you count the new stepsister, but yeah we have an older half sister Ginger. It goes Ginger, Nick, Beej, Les, Angel, Me, Kanden. Without counting the stepsister.”

“Kanden is the new baby from your dad’s new marriage?” Kellie asked completely confused.

Aaron smiled, “Yep, he’s the newbie to the ever growing family, three boys, and four girls are all Carter’s by blood.”

“You’re dad is nuts to have that many kids.”

“Oh I know that’s one of the reasons why I’m waiting a LONG time before I start procreating.”

“I hear ya, I’m in no rush like Lori and Clark. I’m 21 going to be 22 in a few weeks so I’ve got tons of time to make a family.”

“You’re a lot more level headed than most girls your age did you know that?” Aaron asked with honest sincerity in his voice.

Kellie grinned, “Why thank you, you are a lot more mature than you act around your brother.”

Aaron sighed, “It’s hard to be mature when you’re the baby out of the five of us.”

She nodded in agreement, “I know what you mean.”

Later on…

Aaron pulled up in front of Kellie’s apartment complex getting out and walking her to her door. “I had fun tonight.”

Kellie turned fiddling with her keys, “I did too. Which it would be fun again logically it makes sense.” She replied.

He grinned at her, “Sounds good.”

She smiled back and moved in putting a hand on his chest as she leaned up brushing her lips across his. As soon as it began it was over. “Goodnight.” She said going into her apartment and closing the door.

Aaron stood there for a moment shocked at what just happened, she’d kissed him, then said goodnight as if nothing had happened.

He got in his car a smirk on his face as he drove home. He got in to his apartment that he shared with Angel. She looked over at him from her seat on the couch.

“Did you get laid?” She said noting the smug smirk on his face.

He sighed sitting next to her, “No, she kissed me…”

Angel gave him an odd look then felt his forehead, “Are you sick because normally you’d be pissed with just a kiss.”

“No Angel she’s just whoa.” He said slouching down on the couch as Angel laughed at him.


Kellie answered her phone after it had been ringing for what seemed like forever. “Hello?”

“Hey Kel what’s up?” Lori asked.

She sighed, “Mmmm nothing much just got home from a date.”

“Another blind date from hell?” Lori replied chuckling.

Kellie rolled her eyes, “No, a great date, so great we’re going on a second one.”

“Who is he?” Lori asked curious as to who had finally caught Kellie’s attention.

“You promise you won’t tell anyone until it’s serious?”

Lori sighed looking over at Clark as she rubbed her hands over her pregnant stomach. “I promise.” She said.



Kellie cringed a little, “What what’s so wrong with me dating him he’s 18!”

“That’s exactly it he’s a baby!!!” Lori chided.

She rolled her eyes, “Lori don’t go all mother on me I know what I’m doing. We’re seeing where it leads, not rushing or anything.”

“Are you going to tell Ali?”

Kellie thought a moment, “Not until it’s serious. Aaron and I are just starting so we’ve got time.”
Chapter 2: Happy New Years by Teri
Author's Notes:
OMG IT'S AN UPDATE! LOL Okay if ya'll are reading SWIB you know what's coming however I need to get caught up so you see the reasons why it happened....
Chapter Two: Happy New Year

Kellie Narrating:

I feel weird. Honestly I do, Aaron is great. He’s sweet and funny and not at all what I had pictured in my head. Of course I figured he’s a mini-Nick but really he’s got some of the same quirks and traits but he’s really a different person. He’s honest and he listens to me when I talk.

I know a guy who actually listens insane right?

It’s even more insane because I’m attracted to him. Like really attracted. Normally I go for dark hair, athletic, or skaterish. And he’s very So-Cal surfer boy.

Is it wrong for me as a 22-year-old to day someone who just turned 18 earlier this month? He acts like a teenager sometimes but I kind of revert back to that age when we’re together. A time when the biggest worries I had was whether I was Ms. Popular or what college I was going to.

In all honesty I wasn’t very popular. Yeah I was a jock with soccer but still I wasn’t prom queen didn’t have the entire school lusting after me. I had friends in every clique and I was fine with that it gave me a normal existence.

Especially when my parents are so different than the norms of a public high school in Scottsdale, Arizona. Both my parents are in the business, the entertainment one in case you just had a blonde moment. They started getting big in they’re careers when I was younger about 5-years-old. So instead of hiring a nanny, I got shipped off to my grandmother in Scottsdale.

I love my grandmother.

She was my rock growing up. She’s one of those ultra cool grandmothers the ones that you can talk to about anything from boys to bras and even tampons. It was because of her that I met Ali and Lori.


She’s my best friend the greatest chick in the world I know, seriously now I’m not just being facetious here. She’s always trying to put everyone’s feelings before her own.


I swear she’s the funniest person in the world and a great confidant. Ali I can trust but she has to tell Nick no matter what it is. Lori when you tell her something it’s on lock down unless you tell her otherwise.

As for me I’m just a girl really. I’m not ultra smart like Ali, I blame her parents IQ’s for her intelligence. I’m not bitchy and funny like Lori. I’m just me and I like it that way.

Apparently so does Aaron. What? Come on he’s so into me. I can tell because he’s always doing something sweet and he and I have spent many sessions making out with him in the front seat of his Escalade…excuse me Nick’s escalade that is practically Aaron’s anyways. But wow he’s a great kisser. He’s just a really nice guy…boy whatever!!! It’s so hard to define what he is. He’s not a man yet but he’s not a boy either. So he’s like a man-boy. Oh god that sounds like Nick *shudders*.

I like Nick he’s a great guy. And yes I had sex with him one time with the whole threesome thing. But I don’t like him like that. He’s my friend who I care about period. So don’t go reading into anything I will NOT ever like Nick as more than a friend.

Besides I’m really crushed out on Aaron, odd as that sounds….

End Narration

Aaron sighed as he sat on the couch flipping through channels. He was bored. He knew going to Scottsdale for Christmas and New Years would not be the best. At least he and Kellie had managed to sneak off together and go make out in Mary’s guesthouse.

He wanted to tell Nick but he had already left with Alyssa to go to Australia for New Years. He envied his brother. He had the career, the woman, and friends. He wanted all of that. Yeah sure he had friends but he wanted love. He wanted a woman to look at him the way Alyssa would look at Nick.

And hopefully he thought Kellie would be that girl.

He walked out seeing her standing by the pool. Everyone else had gone to bed so he felt fine with showing her affection at the present moment. True he knew he didn’t have to hide anything but he wanted to protect their relationship for as long as possible. “Hey baby.” He said wrapping his arms around her.

She grinned and rubbed his forearms that lay across her waist. “Happy New Year.” She whispered.

He grinned back and rested his chin on the top of her head. He loved that she was short that he could feel like he could protect her. He’d never gotten that feeling before.

“So are you happy that you and Clark are the only men here?”

“Yeah, I miss Nick though.”

“He’s off playing Don Juan DeMarco with Ali.”

Aaron chuckled at her joke. Before then he would have never known what that meant but it was one of Kellie’s favorite movies so they had watched it at least twice. “You look so beautiful tonight.” He remarked nuzzling her neck.

She giggled a little and replied, “Flattery will get you no where I know what you’re getting at.” She shot back.

He gave her an impish grin and answered, “Yeah but it’s worth a try.”

She turned to him looking up at him. “When we do I want it to be amazing because you want me, and not just want to get off okay?”

“Yeah I understand.” He said nodding, in all honesty he didn’t mind waiting true it got frustrating but he’d rather have her than some one-night stand any day. But still it did annoy him to some extent that she made him wait.

Kellie gave him a skeptical look for a moment then relaxed; she knew he wouldn’t like being told to wait. He’d always seemed to be pretty impulsive. That’s the main reason why she wanted to wait, make him learn that sex with emotion was far better than sex alone. She’d learned that lesson the hard way seeing both her best friends with their soul mates made her want to find hers.

“What are you thinking about?” Aaron asked noting her pensive expression.

She sighed a little and looked at him. “Just about life. I got used to being the single one.”

“Why were you single?”

“I’d just gotten out of my engagement with Michael and I really loved him.” She replied getting a sad look on her face.

“What happened?” Aaron asked wrapping his arm around her.

Kellie sighed, she hadn’t really spoken to anyone about it. It had really stung her when she’d broken off the engagement. “Michael was still in love with Alyssa. She broke his heart when she broke up with him.”

Aaron got a concerned look, “And he felt fine dating her best friend?”

She rolled her eyes a little, “In hindsight yeah it looks like he was trying to make her jealous. But for a while I think he was starting to fall for me… Now don’t get me wrong I don’t blame Ali one bit for it destructing. She didn’t love him so she broke it off with him. I was the idiot for thinking that he could get over it.”

Aaron shook his head moving her to look at him, “He’s the idiot for not seeing how amazing you are.”

Kellie’s sad expression melted away in favor of a soft grin. “Why are you so good to me?”

He leaned over kissing her softly then pulled away, “Because you deserve someone who treats you right.”

Kellie grinned wider, “Don’t ever stop acting like that.” She added thinking for a moment exactly how much potential this relationship had.

A week later…

“Ali, what the fuck happened?” Olivia ranted.

“Oli shut the fuck up.” Kellie shouted hugging Alyssa as she sobbed. “Honey it’s going to be okay.” She said rocking back and forth a little.

Olivia left the room going into her kitchen looking through all the cabinets for something to occupy her thoughts. She couldn’t believe why her own sister would break up with her boyfriend.

A moment later Kellie walked into the kitchen giving Olivia a concerned look. “Oli, I’m sorry for yelling at you, just damn she’s in enough pain as it is.” She said as her cell phone began to ring. She answered smiling a little, “Hey you.”

Aaron grinned, “Hey babygirl. What’s up?”

“Dealing with a mopey best friend. Do me a favor smack the hell out of your brother for me?”

He chuckled a bit, “Will do I’ll see him in the beginning of February.”

“Soooo, where are you?”

“At Wes’s.” He replied. They’d been sitting working on songs all day. He needed a break. And he figured giving Kellie a call would be his best bet.

“How’s songwriting going?” Kellie asked sincerely. She loved that he could talk to her about his work and she could understand. She couldn’t play an instrument or sing to save her life, but she could understand his passion for it. It was like her passion to design. Both very creative.

“It’s going okay, could be better.”

Kellie sighed a little, “So can I tempt you into a dinner break?”


“On…?” She asked back forking an eyebrow.

“Whether or not I get dessert.” He said smirking to himself.

Kellie chuckled a bit, “Easy there cowboy. You’ll just have to stick to ice cream.”

Aaron snorted at her, “Damn…since that’s getting me nowhere yes I’d love to go to dinner. Actually how about we order in and watch movies at my place?” He suggested.

Kellie thought a moment, “Okay I’ll bring the food you get the movies.”

“Sure thing…see you soon…”

“Later…” She said before hanging up.

That night…

“So what did you do today?” Aaron asked as they relaxed on the couch.

She sighed and turned her head that was resting on his outstretched arm. “Consoled my best friend because your brother’s a dumbass.”

Aaron laughed, “I’m sorry baby…anything I can do?”

She turned and kissed him slowly. He grinned into the kiss and pulled her against him burying a hand into her short blonde tresses letting his other hand drift to her waist lightly rubbing over the soft skin peeking below her shirt. As they continued kissing he slowly moved his hand up her shirt testing how far he could actually go.

Kellie grinned a little and broke the steamy kiss and gave him a look. “Hey now…”

He got an impish grin on his face and replied, “I know….I know I’m stopping… I should probably get going, I have a early flight to Norway to meet up with the dumbass.” He said as he moved to get up. She grabbed his hand making him look down at her.

“Spend the night?” She asked with an innocent look on her face as his eyes lit up. “Just to sleep…” She added getting up and taking him down the hall into her bedroom. He looked around seeing the various shades of red, browns and whites throughout the room giving it a warm and cozy feel. She turned for a moment and grabbed a camisole and walked into the bathroom to change leaving him to get undressed as well. He shed his shirt, shoes and socks but stared at his jeans for a moment contemplating taking them off as well. Just as Kellie came out wearing just a camisole and matching little lace bikini underwear he stared for a moment as she went to her closet laying out her clothes for the next day. “What?” She asked.

“Nothing just I don’t know anyone who lays out their clothes for the next day.”

She laughed a little, “If you hadn’t noticed I’m slightly OCD…”

He raised his eyebrows for a second, “And that would be?”

She grinned and pulled back the covers on her bed as he shrugged out of his jeans and settled into the bed waiting for her explanation. “Obsessive Compulsive Disorder….it means that I have certain quirks and rituals and ways of doing things that if messed with completely throws me off. I can adapt to where it’s not a disturbance to my life but if you really look at how I do things then yeah you’ll see it.” She explained turning out the light and sinking into the marsh-mellowy bed next to him as he pulled her close as they began to drift off to sleep.
Chapter 3: Hollywood Knights by Teri
Author's Notes:
oh yeah it's another chapter!!! lol As always R&R!!
Chapter Three: Hollywood Knights

Aaron looked over at his brother laughing a little as he moved around his hotel room. “So…are you going to stop moping?” He asked.

Nick gave him a dirty look for a second, “Fuck off…” He said flatly.

Aaron chuckled, “Nick, come on dude, you’ve still got her, she’s just pissed at you.”

“Let’s just go play the game…” Nick replied waving off Aarons comment.

“Yeah okay…” He said as they grabbed their duffels and walked out to the elevators. Getting inside he smirked to himself as he looked at his cell phone seeing a sweet text message from Kellie.

Good luck at the game, score a three-pointer for me

“What are you smirking at?” Nick asked gruffly.

Aaron sighed resting his head back against the elevator wall, “I met someone…”

Nick’s expression softened, “And?”

“And she’s just….wow….so perfect.”

“What she good in bed or something?”

Aaron rolled his eyes, “I haven’t slept with her….yet…”

Nick gave him a look then felt his forehead, “Okay you don’t have a fever…..hmmm maybe it’s a nervous breakdown.”

Aaron swatted at Nick and punched his shoulder, “Asshole…no I really like her…”

“Obviously…” Nick retorted as the elevator reached the lobby and they walked out greeting their bodyguards and crowd of fans vying for their attention.

Later on…

Aaron huffed a little, as he sat next to Nick on the bench making Nick look at him and shake his head. “You should quit smoking…” He admonished.

Aaron sighed, “Yeah, yeah I know my girl doesn’t exactly like it either.”

Nick rubbed his face and hair with a towel and nodded in agreement, “I may just like her then if she agrees that you shouldn’t smoke.”

He laughed at his brother and put his arm around him. “Thanks bro.” He said with a sarcastic grin.

Aaron Narrating:

Man the game was AH-MAY-ZING! I love basketball, always have, and getting to play it for charity…hell even better. We won as well which oh yeah baby makes even sweeter. I know life is just crazy I’m standing here in the shower washing up to get ready to go to the after party with Nick.

Honestly I love hanging out with him. He’s my brother and I don’t get to see him as much as I would like to. Besides fucking Dad even forbade me from seeing him until I turned 18. Lot of good that did, I was always sneaking out to go see Nick.

I mean come on people he’s my only older brother he’s my biggest influence and I look up to him.

Just DO NOT tell him that…

God I do not need his ego even bigger…Ali does enough of that for him. Which by the way I feel terrible that they’re not together right now…it’s so sad he really loves her.

I’ve come to find out a lot of little tidbits about that relationship from Kellie talking about it occasionally. Alyssa’s her best friend, even more so than Lori, so Kellie I think would do anything for Ali. But then again Kellie is one of the most giving people I know. She’s just sweet and beautiful, and spunky.

Yes I said spunky, it’s true she’s got this light attitude that makes everything kind of brighter when she’s around.

And the fact that she’s a little OCD yeah…it’s really amusing. Sometimes I’ll fuck with her and put something out of place. That little frustrated face she makes is so worth it. Then of course she hits my arm when I give it back and swears she’ll kick my ass if I do it again. But I just kiss her and she forgets about it. By the way I love kissing her, she’s honestly amazing at it. And dear God her skin, is just perfect, she’s always slathering on lotion but it makes her skin so smooth and smell so good.

I know, I know I’m gushing over here being all sappy because honestly I’m beginning to fall for this girl…

End Narration

“So how was the game?” Kellie asked grinning into the phone.

He smiled a little hearing the happy tone in her voice, “It was great, we won, and made money for charity…”

“Feels good don’t it huh? To be able to give back.” She said laying back on her bed.

“Yeah we’re on the way to the after party…”

Kellie sighed, “Watch out for Nick, so he doesn’t do anything stupid.”

“Of course I will baby…”

A couple of hours later…

Aaron looked around the party mingling with the various athletes and other stars. However he’d yet to find Nick. They’d come in together, however Nick went off drowning his sorrows at the bar.

He averted his eyes for a moment to the bar spotting Nick in a heated lip-lock with a blonde girl that he’d been chatting up moments before. “Oh shit…” He said aloud to no one in particular as he excused himself and made his way over to the bar. “Nick what the hell are you doing?”

Nick broke the kiss and gave him a ‘what the hell’ look.

“Come on man we gotta go ok? Sorry…” He said taking his brother’s arm and pulling him out of the club.

Once outside Nick shrugged Aaron off, “Dude what the fuck man?” He semi-slurred.

Aaron rolled his eyes, “Believe me bro you will thank me in the morning, especially when you can honestly tell Ali that you didn’t go out and indulge in groupies while you two were apart.” He advised.

Nick sighed, “I just miss her…”

Aaron patted Nick’s shoulder and hailed a cab to take them back to the hotel, “I know man, I know…”

As they got into the cab Nick thought a moment and said “When in the fuck did you get so philosophical or whatever?”

Aaron laughed hard and shrugged in response. As soon as they got back to the hotel Aaron helped Nick up to their suite laughing as Nick collapsed onto the couch. “Dude seriously alcohol and you is a funny combination.” Aaron stated as Nick went for his phone. “NO!! Do NOT drunk dial…” Aaron exclaimed snatching the sidekick from him.

“Aaron why are you being so goddamned mature?”

“I’m just being more mature than you at the moment which makes me seem more mature than normal.”

Nick rolled his eyes at him, “I gotta meet this girl whose making you sound like an adult.”

Three days later…

“Hey you’re back!” Angel exclaimed throwing her arms around her twin.

He laughed and gave her a hug, Angel was honestly the closest person to him, his confidante, and everything a twin should be he had in his sister. “Hey how was your trip to New York?”

Angel broke away for a moment and sighed, “It was good, and the city was gorgeous as usual. How was Bergen?”

“So beautiful, we went to this frozen waterfall, and wow it looks so cool to see it.”

Angel grinned at him having missed talking to him for the few days they were apart. “So how’s everything with Kellie?”

“Going good so far, she’s coming over to hang out.”

“Oh cool…” She said as there was a knock at their apartment door. “Speak of the devil…” She added going over and opening the door. “Hey you!” She said as Kellie came in giving her a hug.

“Hey Angel…how have you been?” Kellie asked setting her purse down on the counter.

Angel smiled and they walked over in the kitchen and she grabbed a bottle of water handing one to Kellie. “I’m good, going out with the girls tonight you?”

“I’ve been alright, work has been hellish as usual, and thank god I only work Thursday through Sunday.”

“Bartending must be fun though and a great way to meet people.” Angel suggested with a light smile.

“Oh yeah it’s how I met up with Aaron. I saw him at the club and he came over and asked me out.”

Angel chuckled, “I know, he tells me EVERYTHING and believe me you want dirt on him, don’t go to Nick, come to me. I know things that Nick doesn’t even know.”

Aaron came walking back in and huffed as he stuck the pack of cigarettes in his pocket, “Angel Charisma are you giving her dirt on me?”

She wrinkled her nose shooting him a glance, “Still smoking? I thought Nick and I told you to quit.”

He rolled his eyes and went out on the patio taking a cigarette placing it between his lips lighting it then taking a long drag. He closed his eyes momentarily as he felt the nicotine rush through his system. Kellie walked over and stood in the doorway. He turned and gave her a glance, “You going to tell me to quit?”

Kellie shook her head, “I can’t stand that you do it, but it’s your life. Just as long as you brush your teeth before you try to kiss me, because ewwww I’m not kissing an ashtray.”

He laughed and gave her a look, “I’ll think about quitting how’s that for you?”

A few days later…

Kellie snickered as she drank her ice tea and sat next to Aaron as he animatedly told a story to Clark and a very pregnant Lori. “So…” Lori began once Aaron had finished.

Kellie rolled her eyes, “What?”

“Is it true what they say about 18-year-olds?” She asked with a snarky grin.

Kellie laughed making Aaron give her a perplexed. “That hasn’t happened yet so I wouldn’t know.”

Then the light bulb went off in Aaron’s head, “Hey that’s mean!”

“Actually baby, it’s not…she’s saying the men hit they’re sexual peak at 16-20-years-old and she was wondering if I found that to be true.”

Aaron got a smirk on his face, “She hasn’t yet…but she will.”

Kellie smacked Aaron’s leg giving him a look.

Lori laughed and went to stand feeling a little dizzy then sharp pain. She’d been feeling similar cramps all day but nothing this bad. She looked at Clark who looked worried as hell. “I think…it’s time…”

Aaron and Kellie immediately got up Aaron went over and took care of the check as Kellie grabbed Lori’s things and they headed out to Aaron’s Escalade. They all got in and Aaron peeled out of the parking lot heading to the nearest hospital.

Worried about her best friend she turned seeing Lori trying her best to do her Lamaze breathing. “I’m sorry I don’t know Lamaze Lori…”

“It’s…okay….” She said between breaths.

Clark picked up his phone and dialed Alyssa’s apartment leaving her a message. He went to dial Nick when Aaron looked through the rearview mirror and stopped him.

“Dude he’s back in town, he’s going to be with Ali, probably ‘making up’”

Lori snorted the contraction having passed, “More like the headboard is hitting the drywall.”

Aaron laughed as he parked outside the emergency room. They got out taking Lori into the hospital. After getting her admitted Aaron and Kellie sat in the waiting room as Clark traveled between the waiting room and Lori’s room. Kellie got up going to see Lori.

“Hey you…” Kellie said with a small grin.

Lori’s forehead was damp with sweat. “Hey, you and Aaron are really cute together you know that?”

Kellie grinned, “Thanks Lori…that means a lot to me…”

Lori smiled but it soon faded due to another contraction hit making her wince. “I just want you to be careful, he’s really young, and he may not be ready for a serious relationship that I know you’re looking for.”

Kellie nodded and held Lori’s hand as she rode out her contraction. “I know that’s why I’m taking it so slow, I want him to be completely sure that he wants me.”

“He wants you honey that’s for sure…” Lori said relaxing back into the hospital bed. “But be careful anyways…he doesn’t come from a family that knows how to be faithful…” She said referring to Nick’s past indiscretions before Alyssa, as well as the divorce in the family.

Kellie sighed, “I know and I am being careful I promise…”
Chapter 4: Cold Showers by Teri
Author's Notes:
woops lmao so i forgot to post chapter four lmao i'm terrible but anyways here's chapter 4!!!
Chapter Four: Cold Showers

“So what’s going on with Aaron?” Lori asked giving Kellie a grin.

She rolled her eyes and chuckled, “Really good, he’s such a sweetheart.”

“Not what I meant…I was hoping for more of a confirmation if the sexual prowess is genetic.” Lori quipped back.

Kellie snorted a little biting her bottom lip. “Well I don’t know that yet. We haven’t had sex.”

Lori looked shocked for a moment then sighed, “Still?” Lori sighed then continued. “Any reason why you’re not knockin’ boots?”

Kellie looked around thinking of the best way to phrase it. “I’m afraid that once he’s had me he won’t want me anymore. Not to mention the fact that I have fucked his older brother. True it was one time, but still.”

“He’d probably understand honey…”

Four days later…

“Nick I cannot believe you made me tell him about the threesome!” Kellie exclaimed giving him a look.

He chuckled and put his arm around her shoulders. “Kel, seriously not a big deal, besides I think he was more interested in the fact that you and Alyssa did stuff than what happened with you and me. Relax ok?”

Kellie shrugged off his arm and gave him a dirty look. “Nick it’s not okay.” She sighed. “Now he’s going to think I’m like every other girl he’s dated. That I couldn’t have you so I settled for him.”

“It won’t I promise I’ll even talk to him about it. Besides I know you don’t want me so it’s cool.”

Aaron walked in from outside and wrapped his arms around her waist. “Baby why so glum?” He asked noting her pissy expression.

Nick rolled his eyes. “Having a mental freak out because I made her tell you about the whole threesome shit.”

Aaron smirked a little. “Kel come on, it’s not that bad, it was one time right?”

Kellie sighed and nodded, “Yeah…”

“And you don’t plan on doing it again correct?”

“Of course not. It was a one time only thing and it will never be repeated right Nick?”


Aaron’s expression softened and he replied, “Then what’s the big fucking deal?”

“Because I don’t want you to think I’m like other girls you’ve dated okay? I don’t want your brother, period. I just did it as a favor to Ali.”

Aaron kissed her temple and nodded, “And I don’t care that it happened.” He answered back.

“You’re serious?”

“Yes, at least you’re not all in love with him, believe me I’ve had my fair share of girls like that, who only wanted to date me because they wanted him. And it’s not fun.”

“I can imagine, that’s why I wanted to make sure you knew that I’m not like that.”

He grinned at her, “I know and I’m very appreciative of that.”

Nick made a slight gagging sound making them aware that he still was in their presence.

“Oh go fuck Ali….” Kellie retorted making Aaron snicker.

“Actually that’s not a bad idea…” He said getting a grin.

A week later…

Aaron’s hands slipped down Kellie’s arms to snake around her waist as they continued to kiss, the movie on the television screen forgotten as they feverishly kissed and touched. He moved his fingers around to the small of her back slipping just under the silky fabric of her camisole. He grinned as he felt her sigh against him, he knew exactly what he was doing to her, her pulse was going a mile a minute, her skin was on fire just a few more moments and he’d have her exactly where he’d…

“I think we should stop for tonight…” She said breaking the kiss.

“What?” He said getting a surprised look.

She grinned at him and chuckled under her breath trying her best to maintain her composure. It was hard enough trying to resist her own urges, but holding off his as well…that was proving to be quite taxing. “You know I want you to stay but…”

“Yeah I know, patience is a virtue whatever the hell that means.”

Kellie’s expression softened, “I’m not delaying it to be mean you know. I’m just making sure that you want me.”

He gave her a shocked look in response, “What ever gave you the thought that I don’t want you?”

“I mean, that you want to be with me, not just to get off, but because you want to possess me that badly.”

He sat for a moment going over in his head what she said nodding slowly, sort of understanding but not quite. One thing he knew for sure is that she was definitely wanted.

“Let me put it to you this way, you’ve had one night stands right?”


“Well, instead of using someone to get off, imagine how amazing it’ll be when you really care about that person. I mean who was your first love?”

“Hil, she was my first too.”

“Is no one in your family normal enough to screw an average person for their first time. Nick was with that girl who turned pedophile teacher and you…”

“I was 16, so sue me.”

Kellie chuckled a little bit, “I was 16 when I had my first time.”

His eyebrow arched at her admission, “Really?”

“Yep, I was in love at the time and wanted to so I did.”

“So the guy must have been pretty special then for you to love him. Right?” He asked wondering the kinds of men she’d been with in the past.

“He was, until he went and told the entire basketball team that I’d given it up. Needless to say he dumped me afterwards and they all asked me out.”

“Are you serious?”

She nodded with a slight sigh, “Yeah not one of my prouder moments. Although watching Alyssa kick his ass was fucking awesome. We were friends before that, but we really became like sisters after that.”

Aaron sighed a little and wrapped his arms around her, “Do you mind if I stay the night?” He asked looking at the clock seeing it was already 2AM.

She gave him an odd look and shrugged, “Sure.”
Chapter 5: Patience Is A Virtue by Teri
Author's Notes:
OMG another update so soon? LMAO I'm working on chapter seven at the moment but yeah going good so far I'm happy with it. As Always R&R
Chapter Five: Patience Is A Virtue

Kellie Narrating:

Ugh…sexual frustration sucks. Honestly it’s getting more and more difficult to say no to him. He’s been so good lately, talking and going out. Hell we even double dated with Ali and Nick.

That is when those two will unlatch from each other.

I was wondering that when he and I finally do go through with it, if we’ll turn out like that. So completely consumed with lust that we can’t keep our hands off each other.

Lori laughs at me when I tell her we haven’t yet. And it is kind of funny. I could have him right now if wanted to. Oh yeah take him right in the middle of my design class? Ha!

Alyssa would be proud of me for those thoughts. Hell I’m surprised she and Nick haven’t done it already in her lecture hall. Actually knowing Ali, she probably wouldn’t dare risk her career for it.

Aaron and I have been doing well though. We had our six-month anniversary, which he actually remembered. Shocking I know, but he told me that he wanted to make me understand that he does really care about me. It was sweet and we went out to dinner at Spago (my personal favorite restaurant) and he gave me flowers.

I know, he knows I don’t like real flowers because they die. Well he gave me silk flowers. Completely cheesy but it was cute and romantic. I’m sure it’s a play he took out of his playbook to get me to finally jump in the sack with him. However he didn’t act like it. He was completely calm and okay with just sleeping next to me that night.

I don’t know but maybe he finally understand me that I want him to love me first and seduce me later. I know it’s a hopeless romantic idea but seeing my friends find love I think I deserve it too right?

All I know is that it’s getting really hard for me to resist.

End Narration.

Aaron smirked and relaxed on the couch watching the movie as Kellie furiously typed on her laptop. “Kel? What are you doing?”

“Term paper.” She said not looking up.

“For what class?”

She sighed and looked up and cut her eyes over to him. “My finance course.”

He made a disgusted face that made her chuckle, “Sounds boring.”

“It is sometimes, but basically we have to make a business model for a fictional business and how we intend on keeping it in the black.”

“In the black?”

“Economic term meaning that you’re making a profit. Being in the red means you’re in trouble.”

He grinned and leaned over giving her a light kiss on her cheek, “You’re adorable when you talk about school.”

She smiled weakly, “Yeah but I have to get this done tonight, you don’t mind about going to bed alone right?”

Aaron got a dismayed look on his face.

“Come on now, don’t be sad, it’s just this is worth half my grade and it’s due tomorrow.”

He sighed and wrung his hands for a moment, “I was kinda hoping though to be with you tonight.”

She stopped and sat back against the couch and raised an eyebrow at him. “Umm be with me how?”

“Well you know I’ve been thinking a lot lately and well maybe tonight we uhh…”

“Not tonight baby.” She said curtly with a sympathetic look. “I just have too much to do tonight and I’d want to give you my full attention.”

He shook his head and stood up, “But you have no problem having a one night stand with my brother.”

Kellie got a completely shocked look on her face as if she’d be slapped with a block of ice. “Aaron I cannot believe you just said that to me.”

“What upset that I called you on it?”

She closed her laptop and stood up, “No just upset because
I thought you were okay with it. It happened before I even liked you.”

“Okay yeah I’m okay with my brother fucking my girlfriend.”

“Before I even dated you, it was ONE DAMN TIME!”

“Why did you do it? Why did you decide hey a threesome what a novel idea, then when you’re with me you’re all like ‘lets wait I want it to be special’.”

“Alyssa asked me to, as a present for Nick. He’d seen a video of Ali and I drunk and in a lip lock okay. He told her of this fantasy of his and she asked me.”

“So why did she ask you, why not Lori or Jenna or hell even Angela?”

“Because hello Angela’s a lesbian, Lori was 4 months pregnant and engaged, and Jenna HELLO she’s a fucking porn star, talk about performance anxiety!”

“So Alyssa naturally thought of you? I’m sorry Kel but you seem like a complete contradiction. You preach to me about how you want to wait with us so you can make sure that I want you and not to just get off but then you…”

“It was in the past okay? I’m speaking from experience here, yes Nick was a decent lay but my God it’s not like I’m following him around like a sick puppy dog because he just happened to get me off.”

“Oh so you enjoyed it?”

“For one night yes I did, that’s all it was and ever was going to be, just one crazy but fun night. Why are you so jealous of that fact it’s not like Nick took my virginity or anything. So if you think you were going to get something that no one else has gotten then you’re sorely mistaken Carter.”

Aaron got a dark look on his face, “Then why are you making me wait?!”

Kellie sighed and shook her head, “You just don’t get it do you? I didn’t care about Nick, it was just a favor to Ali that’s it end of the discussion. But it seems no matter what I tell you, you’re not going to listen to me. I think you should go.”

“What? You’re making me leave because I called you out?”

“I’m making you leave because you’re too dense to see why I’m making you wait. Go away and don’t come back until you understand why.” She said going over to the door opening it for him.

He shook his head and clenched his teeth, it royally pissed him off that she wouldn’t just tell him but he figured to just let it go for now, maybe she’d tell him eventually.

Four days later…

Kellie rubbed Alyssa’s shoulder as she tried to maintain her sobs. “I cannot believe you!” Olivia shouted.

Kellie looked around seeing all her female friends there. Lori who had a murderous look on her face yet didn’t say a word. Olivia who was pacing and venting about how Alyssa royally fucked up yet again. Kellie leaned in and whispered, “At least he can forgive you.”

Alyssa shook her head, “I don’t know how he can you know?”

“Men can’t live with em, can’t shoot em either.” Kellie huffed.

Jenna gave her an odd look from the opposite side of holding onto Alyssa. “What’s eating you?”

“Aaron and I had a fight but that’s not the point right now it’s comforting this one.” She answered tightening her grip on Alyssa’s shoulders.

A few hours later once everything had died down Alyssa came over to Kellie in the kitchen. “What happened with you and Aaron?”

“He tried to get some and I shot him down because of my business model that I had due.”

“He got upset over that?”

“Yeah and he’s like well you have no problem fucking Nick.”

“Whoa burn. What happened?”

“And of course I’m like I don’t care about Nick, it wasn’t about wanting to do him anyways it was merely just a favor to you and that’s it. And the fact that he got me off is only because my body reacted naturally as anyone else would have.”

“Yeah but telling Aaron that Nick was able to make you orgasm…not a good idea Kel.”

“Why they’re completely different people.”

“Yeah but Aaron is probably afraid of not being able to rise to the challenge of being better than Nick.” Alyssa reasoned. “It doesn’t matter that you don’t feel anything for Nick, which you don’t right?”

“Of course not, it was just a wild night with two of my closest friends, a fond memory of how wild I could be.”

“Okay good, that’s what I was so afraid of when we went through with it that somehow things would get awkward.”

“Hell no, I’d walked in on you two having sex a few times and hello I am the one who proclaims that everyone is at least a little bi-curious even if they won’t admit it.”

“So I think Aaron was more mad that Nick got to have you first. He’s always kind of been that way. He was pissed when Nick got me, it’s this whole sibling rivalry thing.”

“Yeah maybe you’re right.”


“Nick you forgave Alyssa for fucking another guy!?” Aaron asked completely shocked by his brother’s behavior.

“What? Come on it was just a stupid mistake. Under any other circumstances she wouldn’t have done it.”

“But still another guy made her come, was able to go where you’ve been.”

“Why are you so, uptight about this?” Nick asked.

Aaron sighed and flopped down into a lounge chair. “Kel and I had a fight.”

Nick raised his eyebrows in surprise, “About what?”

“Why she has no problem fucking you but wants to wait to sleep with me.”

Nick rolled his eyes, “Dude what the hell? I thought you were fine with that crap.”

“I was until she’s like ‘I have to finish this paper’ and won’t pay any attention to me!”

“Oh my God, you realize you sound like you’re two right?”

“Shut up I knew you wouldn’t understand. You get everything before I do, fame, money, girls, hell you went out with Ali before I could even have a chance to. And then to fuck Kellie? That’s just not fair Nick!”

“I’ll admit I had fun that night with the two of them, hell anyone would. But I’m not going to apologize for it. It happened in November, you two started dating AFTER you turned 18 in December. It happened because I told Ali about a fantasy I’d had about the two girls. And the only single friend she had that wasn’t a legendary porn star is Kellie. She was okay with it, hell she even had fun too, but she doesn’t love me bro. She’s my friend period as soon as it was over there were no regrets, no awkwardness between the three of us because we’re good friends and we trust each other. Kellie yes was good but there was no emotion, no love no lust, nothing okay?”

“Then why is she waiting to be with me?”

“Because she loves you bro that’s why. Haven’t you ever heard the saying good things come to those who wait?”

Aaron rolled his eyes, “Yeah.”

“She had no feeling with me, it was a one time wild night that none of us regret but we aren’t going to do again because the fantasy was fulfilled end of story. She’s waiting with you because she wants it to mean something with you, wants it to be special. The only special thing about Kellie, Ali and myself that night was that I got want I had wanted and so much more and it made me want to be with Ali even more because a woman who will sacrifice like that to satisfy her man is someone to keep around.”

“So what are you saying that I should ask Kellie for that?”

“Hell no, just realize that she’s making you wait because she wants you to care about her the way she’s beginning to feel about you. She doesn’t want you to just be another notch in her bedpost or vice versa. She wants to be with you okay?”

“Why can’t she say that though?”

“Dude she has been, you haven’t been listening, more like you’ve been picturing her naked.”

“Yeah and it sucks you know what she looks like already.”

Nick chuckled, “Believe me man you won’t be disappointed one bit. She’s a lot like Ali, a bit more submissive than her but she does have a wild streak in her.”

“Yeah well at least you didn't give her the syph or some shit like that.”

"Ha, ha very funny bone head. But no I'm clean thank you.

Aaron laughed, "Well that's a relief."

“It’s also not like she’s a virgin you know, I was like the third or fourth guy she’s been with. She and Lori lost their’s way before Alyssa ever did.”

“Good to know.”

“So are you going to stop being a punkass about this and apologize?”

“Yeah, I suppose I should.” He replied with a small grin.
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