Hey, Do You Know Me? by LenniluvsBrian
Summary: A young turtle learns the true meaning of Christmas. This is my TMNT version of the story.
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My Brother Teaches The Second Grade by LenniluvsBrian
Author's Notes:
Hey y'all! Here's more! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Lisa Brokop owns the song Hey Do You Know Me. Mirage Studios owns TMNT & Master Splinter. My sisters own themselves. I only own story idea & myself. Thank-you!

Note: The girls are all 7 & 8 - so he really teaches second & third - lol.

Hey, do you know me, I teach the second grade
I always get there early
And I always stay there late
I give them all I can for who they are and who'll they'll be
Hey, do you know me

Donatello was extremely frustrated, as he was stuck teaching his sister’s their studies. He knew it was close to Christmas, but that wasn’t reason enough – least not to him – for them to slack off such as they had been doing the past week.

“What’s wrong, Donnie?” Lenore asked, as her other sisters filed out of the room. “Aren’t yah gonna come play?”

“I can’t. Not right now,” Donatello sighed. “Why not?” Lenore demanded.

“I have to grade those tests you guys took – and more than likely failed – before I can do anything else.”

“Why would we fail?”

“Lenni, you girls have been driving me around the bend since you realized Christmas was almost here.”

“Oh! Like when Daydream fell asleep midst a daydream, an’ when Danceingfae fell outta her seat! An’ when HexADecimal dropped her text book, then Arista did the same!” Lenore exclaimed, giggling. “An’ Ziptango and’ I were dancin’ ‘round the room ‘cause we got excited! An’ when…”

“Yes! All those times you acted out and up, instead of paying attention to your studies and learning what was being taught,” Donatello interrupted.

“Oh…” Lenore trailed off. “We didn’t mean to make yah mad, Donnie. We were tryin’ to make yah laugh.”

“Well, save it four outside of the classroom!” Donatello snapped slightly. He softened though, when he saw the look upon his baby sister’s face.

Lenore looked hurt and upset all at once. It had been her idea to try and make Donatello laugh. She missed the old Donatello – the one who would play with them and make them laugh with his odd antics.

“Lenni,” Donatello said softly. “I know you all meant well, but please don’t do those things during class-time. You guys need to learn these things in order to be a fully trained ninja.”

“Don’t wanna be a Ninja no more,” Lenore grumbled softly, her head hung. “It’s no fun.”

Donatello went over to her, and crouched down to her height. He lifted her chin up with his fingers slightly, so that she was looking him in the eye. “Honey, I know you love to play and watch cartoons and make us all laugh – you’re like Mikey in every way when yah do those things. But, you need to be a ninja too – whether or not you like it. We all have to be ninja, whether or not we like it. But, you’ll get used to it. I promise.”

Lenore sighed. “Just wan’ you to play with us.”

Donatello gave her a hug. “I know. And I’m sorry I haven’t played with you guys in a while, but I’ve been very busy with your schoolwork.”

Lenore hugged him back. “Can you play later?”

“How about after dinner, until you guys have to go to bed?” Donatello suggested. “That sound good?”

Lenore nodded her head eagerly. “Yes!”

“That’s provided you girls let me grade your tests in peace before dinner.”

“We will!” Lenore exclaimed, before running out of the room. “DONNIE’S GONNA PLAY AFTER DINNER! LEAVE HIM ‘LONE FOR NOW!”

Donatello was surprised when he heard the girls shriek in delight – it wasn’t usually him they wanted to play with. He stood up and went back to his desk to grade their tests – the tests he had given that day, and that they were supposed to have study for all week

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