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Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell's Last Show
Pop Stuff Online - Tobias Winterson

At last, after four months of waiting, answers have begun to surface. Pop Stuff Online received an exclusive press release today from the Backstreet Boys' manager, Kevin Richardson, revealing that the concert scheduled to take place at Turner Field on Tuesday is going to be Brian Littrell's last show. The release did not go into details about Littrell's health condition.

The concert is expected to be broadcast live on Fox and CBS, as well as in various countries around the globe. (Check your local listings.)

Tickets are, again, available online exclusively at the Backstreet Boys' website.

Rumors have been confirmed that free standing room only admission will be available, but space is limited and will depend upon the amount of seats sold through the Backstreet Boys' fan club.

All proceeds are being donated to the St. Jude's Children's Hospital.