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Author's Chapter Notes:

Due to lack of energy, more things will be added later! & sorry it took so long before this was posted! I kept forgetting to write this! I suck at updating.*pulls bag over head and goes to corner*

Written by TheDistantHeart

Chapter 2: BSB on the Internet.

2.1 – Stalking BSB

Ooooh this is gonna be FUN! I looooove talking (read: bitching) about little psychos on the internet! MUAHAHAHAHA! *imagine an evil laugh hollering through your house like an earthquake*

I think nearly every normal fan who’s pretty active on the internet, has experienced their fair share of crazies. Whether it be on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace (RIP), Tumblr, a forum, a fanfiction website.. everywhere on the internet you’ll find some fucked up people. In my short time as a BSB fan, I have been annoyed or amused by a lot of crazies.

My best experiences are from Twitter. If you are searching for a piece of entertainment, go search some BSB crazies on Twitter. They do a LOT of things that’ll make you laugh.. or makes you want to punch them in their face.

1. Do NOT send a gazillion tweets asking them to tweet you, say hi to you, say happy fucking birthday to you, when they are coming back to your country, when there´ll be new stuff etc etc ETC! When you tweet your question 3 times.. meh.. you’re getting close to exceeding the tweet limit. When you tweet it 2 times.. acceptable. You’re going the right way. When you tweet it one time: THAT’S IT BABY! I think they’d be highly annoyed when their timeline is full of your endless nagging. Of course, you can ask it the next day or maybe after a few hours. But not every damn second. Please, have mercy! .. No that won’t be me begging you, that’ll be you begging me, if you spam their damn timelines, right before I’ll get you in a plane and throw you out into the middle of the ocean and let you swim with sharks. BE AFRRRRAID.

2. @brian_littrell omg brian I love you so much I have been a fan for 13 years and I will never stop thinking about you! You are my idolll!!!! 1 second ago

@skulleeroz AJ I LUV UUUUUU!!!!!! I WANNA SEE UUU!!!!! 2 seconds ago

@brian_littrell pls i want to meet you! :) I am your biggest fan!!!!! 3 seconds ago



@howie_d howieeeee!!!!! TE AMOOOO!!!!! Please come back to españaaaa!!!!! 10 seconds ago

Ok ok. Howie needed some love too. But really, stop it. It’s not like they will tweet you back and say “I LOVE YOU TOOOOO!!!!!! MARRY ME NOW!!!!”. It looks stalkerish and it makes you look like a teen. Even so, if you’re a teen, cut it out. It’s annoying as heeeeyull! You’ll only embarrass yourself in front of them. IT’S TRUE! I MEAN IT! FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY FUCKING HEAAAAART!!!!

Uh.. yeah.. let’s continue.

3. Here’s a thing I’ve actually seen. Don’t create fake profiles on of the guys on Facebook and send messages between “his” and your account back and forward like you two are a couple. Great, you can live in your own pink fantasy world. But remember that you’ll have no social life. This is probably one of the worst things you can do. It will probably reach the top 10 of craziest shit fans have done. Sure, you think you look cool “dating” one of them. But it’s not when you slip and people find out. If that happens, you should bury yourself alive. No funeral, please. We can cry though. Oh no, one piece of entertainment less! *sob* Or.. we can celebrate. VICTORY TO THE SANE FANS! LET’S HAVE A PARTAAAAY!!!

4. Don’t follow people who know the Boys in hopes to get close to them or in hopes the Boys will follow you. It’s okay to follow Leighanne, just because you like her or if you think her tweets are funny. Same goes for Rochelle and Jen. If there’s a guy who’s AJ’s friend, you can follow him for his tweets. But if you seriously think their friends, family, whothehellever will get you closer to the Boys, you’re dead wrong! Just accept that there's 0,00001% chance you will become close friends with them. Your duty is to just be a nice normal fan. Yeah you can crawl into a corner and bawl your eyes out but that’s the truth!

5. Don’t try to find their personal contact details. It won’t be all over the internet unless one of them is just being incredibly stupid and accidentally drops their phone number on twitter because they thought they were sending a personal message to someone! *glares at a particular blonde* Even if you do manage to find out their address, don’t try to break in (you really think they don’t have a security system? Have fun in jail!) or get a piece of grass and keep it in a jar just because it’s from their frontyard. (IT’S JUST GRASS! Fucking sheep!)


Chapter End Notes:

*pulls bag off and comes back from corner* At point number 2 I didn't mean to insult the Spanish fans! I LOVE SPAIN!!!! I don't think Spanish fans are psychos! At least not all! .. *pulls bag back on and goes back to corner*

*comes back from corner and screams through bag* Oh yah.. REVIEWS ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED! :D *runs back*