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AJ awoke with a start and realized he had been asleep for almost 12 hours. What the hell happened? As he started to clear through the fog, he realized he had spent the last 2 days hidden in his house trying to avoid anyone and everyone. Based on the smell wafting up from the kitchen, someone else didn’t get the hint.


“Hi sweetheart.  I made you breakfast.” Denise smiled at her son, grateful that he had decided to get out of bed after 2 days. “I’m glad you returned to join the land of the living again.”


“Not that I had much of a choice.” grumbled AJ. “You weren’t going to leave until I came down, were you?


“Not a chance!”


“Look Mom, I know you didn’t come over here to make me breakfast. What do you want? I love seeing you but I need some space right now and I really don’t want to talk to anyone. Not even you.”


“Well, unfortunately for you then, I am done taking that as an excuse. You need to pull yourself up and decide how you are going to handle things. You can’t crawl under blankets and hide. You also can’t drink this problem away. I found the bottle in the trash.”


AJ turned away from his mother and said, “I thought about it but all I did was pour it down the drain and throw the bottle out.” He turned back around. “I promise ok.”


“Alright, I believe you, but you can’t keep doing this to yourself. You have to find a way to deal with this.”


AJ sighed and sat down. “Any suggestions?  I’m open.”


Denise sat down next to her son and thought for a minute. “What if you tried to talk to her again? What if you tried to explain to her how you feel? Here’s a crazy thought: How about you introduce yourself to her properly and ask her to ignore the fact that you went off on her like a nut.”


AJ laughed out loud and Denise was so happy to see a smile back on her son’s face.


“I think you should try to talk to her and see how she responds. At least it will help you that you made some attempt at fixing this.”


“I hate to say this but you may be right. I’ll call the hospital and see if she’s still there.”




Brooke and Alissa had been home from the hospital for a few hours and they had finally settled Alissa into her new room. 


“Was Lucas able to bring over my stuff from the condo?” Alissa asked as she was putting things away in the bathroom’s closet.


“We got everything on the list and don’t worry, I picked out the clothes!” Brooke laughed and continued to put things away in the closet. 


“Oh good, at least I’ll match. Well maybe!”


Alissa ducked behind the door as the sneaker came flying through the doorway.


“Kidding, just kidding!”


Brooke snorted. “You really think you’re a comedian, don’t you.”


‘”Maybe that concussion gave me a better sense of humor!”


Brooke laughed and said, “Hey, I got a bunch of movies on DVD that I figured we could watch them until Lucas comes home and we can get dinner. Pop some popcorn and hunker down for some girl time.”


“They had better be action, horror or comedy. I don’t want to watch any of those romance movies you like.  Those happy endings don’t happen in real life and I am in no mood to pretend like they do!”


Brooke turned around and stared at her cousin. “Well, hello Ms. Moody! You were in a fine mood a moment ago and now you’re ready to take off my head!”

Alissa came over and gave her cousin a huge hug.


“I’m sorry Brookie, just having a rough time adjusting to being in someone else’s place. Forget what I said. We can watch whatever you want.” Alissa smiled and went back to putting things away.