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“He’s an idiot! I told you he was an idiot! Why didn’t you wake me up? What possessed you to even talk to him again?” demanded Brooke over lunch.


“I don’t know ok! I went out thinking a walk would clear my head and I turn around and he’s there. Like he appeared out of thin air! I didn’t even know what to say!” Alissa yelled back. “What should I have done?”


“You should have gone back in the house and slammed the door in his face!”


Alissa just shook her head. There was no use talking to Brooke when she was acting like this. She didn’t like the situation any more than her cousin did but she had no idea what to do about it.


After Brooke calmed down, Alissa said “I don’t think I am going to have to worry about any more conversations. He was being a jerk and I was really in no mood to listen to what he had to say. It’s probably just as well. He said what he needed to say and it’s done.”


“I hope so!”


Alissa stood up and thanked her cousin for lunch. She was going to take a walk downtown to get some fresh air and said she would be back to the house for dinner.



AJ decided to take a drive downtown and see if he could get some writing done at the studio. He couldn’t stand being in his house and alone with his thoughts any more. He had just parked his truck and he thought he heard a voice he recognized. He rounded the corner out of the parking garage and noticed a man and a woman arguing. The woman looked familiar to him but he couldn’t figure out why. All of a sudden, her name rang out and he knew exactly who she was.