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“You’re a stupid bitch Alissa! Look at you and that ridiculous broken arm! You probably did it yourself to get some attention from some new guy! You found someone new, didn’t you!” Adam yelled in Alissa’s face.


“Get away from me Adam! I don’t have anything to say to you and I want to leave!” Alissa backed up and tried to walk around him.


Adam moved and blocked her path again. “You’re not leaving! I’m not done with you!” Adam grabbed Alissa’s broken arm and yanked as hard as he could. He enjoyed seeing the pain on her face and pulled again just because he could.


Alissa screamed out in pain while tears flooded her eyes.  All of a sudden, she felt Adam release her arm and yelp in pain. Once she could see through her tears, she found Adam face down on the sidewalk and heard someone yelling.


“Pick on someone your own size asshole!” AJ yelled standing over Adam with his fist clenched, ready to hit him if he went after her again.


Adam stood up and spat on the ground in front of Alissa. “Naw, I’m done with her. For now.” Adam walked away with this crazy grin on his face. Turning around one more time, he yelled “Have fun with her. She’s a real prize!”


AJ turned to face Alissa and instantly felt sorry for everything he‘d said to her. She stood there wiping tears off her face and looking like she just wanted to disappear.


“You ok?” AJ asked quietly moving closer to Alissa.


“I’m fine. Thank you for stopping him.”


“I’d say anytime, but I’m hoping this is the only time.” AJ said seeing a small smile cross her face.  “You know, I don’t think the whole tears thing works for you. You’re much prettier when you smile.”


Alissa laughed and said, “I’ll remember that next time some lunatic grabs my arm and starts yelling in my face.”


AJ laughed. “Do you need a ride or something?”


“No, thank you, my car’s in the parking garage around the corner.”


“At least let me walk you over there.” AJ said.




They walked up to the third level and Alissa pointed out her car. “That’s me over there. I should be fine. I don’t want to keep you since I’m pretty sure you have better things to do beside babysit me.”


AJ started to say something, but Alissa cut him off. “I really appreciate what you did for me and I’m sorry I gave you a hard time yesterday. I guess my cousin’s right and I can be a little moody. I didn’t mean to take it out on you.”


“No, it was my fault. I’ve never been good at apologizing and I should know by now that the less I say the better!” AJ laughed. “Don’t worry about what I need to do. Let me just walk you over and make sure you get in safely.”




Alissa opened the door, slid into the driver’s seat and started to close the door. AJ rapped on the window and held up his index finger.  Alissa rolled down the window.


“Do you have your phone with you?” AJ asked.


“Yeah, it’s in my purse.” Alissa dug around in her bag and pulled out her cell phone.


“Can I see it for a minute?” AJ said and when she handed it over, he programmed his number into her list of contacts. “Would you mind calling me when you get home, just so I know you made it home safely?"


“You don’t need to do that. I’ll be fine and I don’t want to disturb you.”


AJ smiled. “You’re not going to disturb me. I know I don’t have to, but I’d like to. You can even just text me. Just let me know you got back without any problems.”


“Ok.” Alissa said. She backed out of the parking spot and waved goodbye to AJ as she headed toward home.


AJ just smiled and went back to his truck. Maybe he didn’t need some studio time today.