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AJ hung up with Kevin and started to pack his things. He might as well head back home. What was a few more days going to matter? It wasn’t going to change how he felt. He knew he at least owed it to the guys to finish the album. After that, he could go away for a while without feeling like he was letting anyone down. He closed his hotel room door, checked out at the main desk and headed back home. He called Kevin on the way back to tell him that he would meet the guys at the studio at 6:30. Just let me get through this he thought.


It was 7pm and Brooke was starting to worry. She left her cousin around 3 and hadn’t heard from her since. She knew that her cousin wanted to be by herself for a while but 4 hours! Something just didn’t feel right. She called her cousin’s cell phone again and it went straight to voicemail. She was digging through her bag for her car keys when she heard someone come in. She raced into the hallway and found Lucas coming home from work.


“Lucas!” Brooke yelled at her boyfriend causing him to look at her. She looked panicked and he went over to find out what was wrong.


“I left Alissa by herself at the beach around 3 and she promised to only stay for a little while and then take a cab back but she still isn’t home!” Brooke started to cry.


Lucas pulled her close and said. “It’s ok, she probably just needed some space.”


“She doesn’t need this much space!” Brooke yelled. “You need to take me to the beach so that we can find her and bring her back here!”


Lucas followed Brooke out to the car, backed out of the driveway and headed down to the water. He looked over at his girlfriend who was starting to cry and prayed that Brooke was just overreacting and they would find Alissa soon.