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A few days later, Alissa was discharged from the hospital. Brooke and AJ had both come by to get her.


Alissa looked over at them and smiled. “You two are finally getting along.”


Brooke looked over at AJ and winked. “I guess I can put up with him for a while.”


AJ smiled. “Thanks Brooke. You and I can hug later.” AJ rolled his eyes. “But all I want to do right now is get your cousin home.”


AJ went over and helped Alissa off the bed and made her get into the wheelchair so he could bring her out to the truck.


“I can walk by myself you know.”


“I know you can but its hospital rules. Sit back and enjoy the ride.” AJ winked at her and brought her downstairs.


While AJ was getting Alissa settled into the truck, Brooke called Lucas to let him know that they were leaving to go home.


“Is everything ready?”


Alissa walked into Brooke’s house and right into the arms of Denise. Kevin, Kristen, Howie, Leigh, Brian, Leighanne and Nick all rushed over to say hello and tell her how glad they were that she had made it through ok.


Everyone stayed for a little while, eating, laughing and getting to know Alissa and her family.  Everybody liked her and she thought that everyone in AJ’s life was really sweet and welcoming. She was finally able to relax a little bit when Nick asked if he could talk to her outside.


Once they got settled on the loungers, Nick apologized.


“I’m so sorry about the misunderstanding and attacking you like that. I was a complete asshole and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t want to talk to me again. I just had to apologize and make sure that you understand that J had nothing to do with this.”


“Thank you Nick and I do get it. I don’t appreciate the way you treated me but I understand why you acted that way. I just wish we had met on better terms.” She stuck her hand out. “Let’s try this again. Nice to meet you.”


Nick smiled and shook her hand and then gave her a hug. She seemed like a genuine person and he felt like such a dumbass for behaving the way he did.