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Alissa pulled over at the beach and started sobbing. She had no idea AJ was back and definitely had not planned on running into him. The fantasies that played out in her head about them getting back together were suddenly coming to a screeching halt. He could barely look at her and he didn’t say anything but hi. She knew that it was completely over between them now and it killed her.


She cried for a while and then tried to make herself calm down before she started driving again. Shit! Alissa all of a sudden remembered putting the sonogram picture of the baby in the mailbox. She hoped AJ didn’t see her put it there. He would probably go ballistic that she was talking to his mom and that she was still close to her.


Drying her tears, she headed back to Brooke’s. She was grateful that Brooke and Lucas were out with Anne so that she would have a little time to pull herself together. 


They got back about an hour later and Brooke knew right away that something was wrong. She asked Lucas to put Anne to bed and give her a little time with her cousin. Alissa was sitting on the couch watching TV so Brooke sat down next to her and held her hand.


“What’s the matter? And don’t start with the everything is fine crap.”


Alissa took a deep breath. “I wasn’t going to say nothing. AJ’s back.”


Brooke gasped. “Are you kidding me? I thought he was long gone.”


“Apparently not.”


“Did he come here?”


Alissa looked at her cousin like she had two heads. “Are you crazy? No he didn’t come here. Why would he? He made it perfectly clear that we were done and the look on his face today confirmed it. He couldn’t even speak to me.”


Brooke looked confused. “Back up for a minute. If he didn’t come here, where did you see him?”


“I went to Denise’s after my doctor’s appointment to give her a sonogram picture.  AJ pulled in as I was leaving.”


“You got a new picture? Denise must have been thrilled.”


“She wasn’t there. I left it in the mailbox.”




“Yep. I’m pretty sure AJ saw me put it in there and he must have looked at it.”


“Good! It’s about damn time! That boy is going to be a dad and he needs to realize that you both are having a little boy. He needs to man up and understand that this is real and he can’t keep running from it.”


Alissa shook her head. “I don’t know how he reacted. I left and I haven’t called Denise yet to see if she got it. I’m kind of afraid to do it.”


“Why? I’m sure she’s thrilled. Too bad if it upset him. He needs to grow up! He….”


Alissa cut her off. “Please don’t start arguing with me. I agree with you but it’s been a hard enough day as it is and I just want some peace.”


“Ok sweetheart. I’m sorry.” Brooke hugged her and left to give her some space.  She didn’t know how much more of this she could take without finding and strangling AJ.