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The guys finally got Alissa calmed down enough to tell them what happened and they were horrified when they found out what AJ had said.


“I’m so sorry Alissa.” Brian said.


“It’s my fault. I messed up and just sprang this on him.” Alissa said quietly.


Howie shook his head. “It’s nobody’s fault. Neither of you planned this.”


“AJ thinks I did.”


“He’s an ass!” Nick yelled. “He doesn’t know what to think. He’s a moron and I plan on telling him that as soon as I see his dumbass!”


“Please don’t Nick. The last thing any of you need is to spend the tour fighting about this.”


“I agree with Nick. He’s being a jackass and he needs to be put in his place. What he’s doing is not ok.” Kevin said. “We’re going to get this worked out before you leave in a few days.


Just then the room phone rang. Alissa picked it up and her face went white. Tears started to form in her eyes and all the guys heard was her say ok.


Brian put his hand on her arm. “What’s wrong?”

“AJ booked me a flight for first thing tomorrow morning and they have a car service taking me.” Alissa jumped up, ran into the bathroom and slammed the door.


None of the guys knew what to say. They all wanted to wring his neck but didn’t know where he was.  The next few days were free so no one knew when AJ would be back.


Nick tapped on the bathroom door. “Alissa, can you come out please?”


“No Nick. Thank you for looking after me but could you guys just please leave? I really don’t want to talk anymore.”


The guys didn’t want to upset her anymore so they left promising that they would see her before she left in the morning.


Alissa waited a little while after they left and began packing her things. Her heart was broken and she couldn’t bear to be around any of the guys and have them look at her. She felt pathetic and completely destroyed.


The front desk rang the room when her car came in the morning and Alissa slipped out quietly. She didn’t want to rehash everything with the guys again and she wanted to be gone in case AJ came back. Any more fighting with him or having him look at her with disgust would crush her.


She called Brooke from the airport and she was waiting for her when she arrived. Alissa looked like she had been through the wringer and there wasn’t a trace of who she had been. Brooke hugged her cousin and didn’t say anything. This was killing Alissa and Brooke wanted to kill AJ for doing this to her.  She brought her cousin home and then she and Lucas went to get Alissa’s clothes and other stuff from AJ’s house to spare her cousin from having to go back there. Both of them agreed to do whatever they could to support and take care of Alissa.


When the guys went by AJ’s room to say goodbye to Alissa, they found the maid cleaning it. Alissa was nowhere in sight and none of them could blame her. AJ was a completely asshole to her and all they could wait for was for him to show up. And he did, 3 days later.