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Kat was waiting for the boys at the airport the next day. Brenda had some things to do but would meet them at Kat’s house later on that day. She reminded Kat that Nick would be staying with her so that he wouldn’t be in their hair.

Kat paced back and forth at the gate watching for people to start deplaning. The flight had been on time and she was aching to see AJ. Being away from him for the last month was hard and she just wanted to be able to be with him for as long as she could before he would have to leave again.

 After pacing around for 10 minutes, she finally saw people starting to exit the ramp. They filed out and she searched for AJ or Nick. When the last lone person came through, she went up to the attendant and asked if there was anyone left on the plane. The woman went and checked and told Kat that no one else was remaining.

 Kat went back to the TV to check and make sure she had the right gate and time. The flight number AJ had given her was there at the same gate she checked and she started to think she had written it down wrong. She started to dial his cell phone when she was tapped on the shoulder.

 “Hi Kat.” Marcus said when she turned around. “The guys asked me to come get you. There were some girls on the plane that recognized them and started calling their friends.”

 Just as Marcus was finishing the sentence, about 30 girls showed up and went to wait at the airline gate.

 “As you can see, the guys thought it would be a better idea if they deplaned and snuck downstairs instead. They’re waiting out near returns.”

 “You left them alone? They’re going to get mugged.”

 Marcus laughed. “You should know me better than that. Ray’s waiting with them. We should probably get going though before someone else spots them.”

 “Let’s go.”

 Marcus shielded Kat from the crowd and rushed her out to where the guys were waiting. AJ opened his arms the minute that he saw her and she ran into them.

 “I’ve missed you so much babe.” AJ whispered quietly. “You don’t know how happy I am to see you.”

 He pulled back so he could see his face and then kissed her, wrapping his arms around her tightly.

 “I’ve missed you too. I’ve been dying to see you.”

 “Then I’m glad we didn’t have to wait much longer.” he said with a smile.

 “I know you’re happy to see each other but let’s get cuddly in the car before that horde of girls figure out that you guys are out here.”  Marcus nudged them into the backseat of the Escalade and hopped in the passenger side. Once everyone was in, Ray took off towards Kat’s house.


 They barely had time to settle in before Brenda arrived to pick Nick up. She knew Kat wanted as much time alone with AJ as she could get before Christmas Eve. They would be spending Christmas Eve and Christmas with Kat’s family and Brenda and Nick would be joining them.

“Alright Hollow Leg, let’s get you in and settled before we have to go and buy out the grocery store.” Brenda said pushing Nick out the door. Ray and Marcus had decided that the guys would be ok at Brenda and Kat’s houses but they would stay close in case they were needed.

 “C’mon guys. Don’t you want to keep me a little longer?” Nick asked Kat and AJ.

 AJ shoved Nick the rest of the way into the car and closed the door. “He’s all yours Brenda. Have fun!”

 “I will.” replied Brenda with a laugh.

 AJ put his arm around Kat’s shoulder and walked back into the house with her. They had barely gotten through the front door when AJ swept Kat up into his arms and slammed the door with his foot.

 “What are you doing?” Kat asked with a giggle.

 “You have to ask? I was a good boy in the car but everyone’s gone now!” AJ answered and carried her down to her bedroom.

 Kat and AJ spent the next few hours in bed making up for lost time. Kat finally fell asleep wrapped into AJ’s arms with her head on his chest. He held onto her tightly, kissing the top of her head and he fell asleep a few minutes later.


 AJ woke up a few hours later and noticed that Kat was still sound asleep. He thought it was odd since she usually woke up before him but he figured that she was really tired from getting everything ready. Sliding out of bed so as not to disturb her, he threw on his pair of jeans and decided to order some take out so that she wouldn’t have to cook anything. The food showed up about an hour later and AJ went in to wake her up.

 “Hey Sleeping Beauty, time to wake up.”

 He crawled into bed next to her and started to kiss her lightly. Her eyes started to flutter open and a smile appeared on her face.

 “Hey you.”

 “Hey yourself. I was starting to wonder if you were ever going to get up. Usually, you’re the one dragging me out of bed.”

 “Sorry.” Kat replied with a yawn. “I’m just tired lately with all the stuff going on. Plus, I missed sleeping with you. I feel like I sleep better when you’re around.”

 AJ smiled and kissed her again. “Good to know.”

 “It’s actually one of the many reasons I love you.”

 “I love you too Kat.”

She started to sit up and stretched her arms. “What do you want me to make for dinner?”

 “Already taken care of.”

 Kat’s eyes went big and she climbed out of bed quickly, throwing on one of AJ’s t-shirts. He could see the wheels turning in her mind and laughed out loud.

 “Relax sweetheart. I ordered take out. Pizza and salad ok?”

 “Definitely.” Kat said breathing a sigh of relief and sitting back down of the bed. “You had me scared for a minute.”

 AJ faked a look of hurt. “I can’t believe you still doubt my culinary skills.”

 Kat giggled looking at his expression. “I love you so much for so many different reasons AJ. It’s just that your cooking isn’t one of them.”

AJ laughed. “I guess I can accept that.”

 Kat pulled him up into a standing position and wrapped her arms around his waist. Leaning in, AJ kissed her lightly and then pulled her in so tightly that Kat found it hard to breathe. He increased the intensity and then lay her back down on the bed, straddling her. All he wanted to do in that moment was be as close as possible to her.

 “I’m sorry honey but I think dinner is going to have to wait.”