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The guys loved hanging out with the kids and enjoyed watching Kat interact with them. They decided to stay for a little while after school to talk to the kids who made the video for her. AJ was still in a foul mood but the kids and other guys just ignored him. Kat wanted to apologize but she wasn't sure exactly what she would be apologizing for.

 They spent about twenty minutes with the kids before Madeline told them that there was a project they needed to work on.

 "It was great to meet all of you." Brian said.

 "It's nice to meet you guys too. Thank you for coming to visit our teacher." India told them as she packed up her stuff.

 The kids started to walk out but Jace turned around and looked at AJ.

 "I wish you were nicer to Ms. Brady. You're her favorite."

 The guys were stunned and Kat was bordering between mortified because Jace said it and humbled that the kids liked her enough to have her back.

"Wonderful." AJ mumbled under his breath. "I'm her favorite."

 Howie kicked AJ hard in the shin and mouthed "Outside now!" The two men left the room.

 "I apologize for what Jace said. You never know what's going to come out of teenagers' mouths." Kat whispered quietly.  

 Kevin shook his head. "We're the ones who need to apologize. J's been a jerk all day. He's not usually like that. He's having some issues...."

 "But that's not an excuse for his behavior." Nick interjected.

 "It's fine. I understand."

 “Thank you for being gracious about his behavior but it’s not fine.”  Brian said to her.

 Before things got any more uncomfortable, Kevin offered to have Kat be a guest at the show they were doing that night.

 “I appreciate the offer but you don’t have to do that. I don’t think my presence there would be such a good thing, especially for AJ.”

 “Well, it’s not up to him. We would love to have you and a friend join us and we’re not taking no for an answer.” Brian replied with a smile.

 Kat smiled back. “I guess I have no choice then.”

 “Nope.” Nick said. “Why don’t you give us your address and we’ll send a car for you?”


Kat changed her outfit nine times before she settled on a blue cotton sweater and tank top and a black pair of slacks.

 “You look fine.” Brenda said exasperated. Kat was still staring at the other outfits.

 “I can’t take this anymore! Stop changing outfits or I’m not going with you!”


 “No buts! The outfit you have on is beautiful, you look wonderful and if we don’t finish getting ready, we’re going to miss our ride over there.”

 “Okay, okay.” Kat put her hands up in the air. “No more changes.”


 The girls were just finishing up when they heard the doorbell ring and when they answered it, they were shocked to see that the guys had sent a limo to pick them up.

 “Wow! These guys are impressive!”

 Kat laughed. “Are you sure you’re not getting a little excited about the show.”

 “Oh totally not. It’s going to be such a drag.” Brenda teased her friend. “Let’s go!”


The show was amazing and the guys have given them great seats right in front of the stage. They had even given them backstage passes so they could come back after the concert.

 Kat and Brenda found Brian on the phone in the hallway looking agitated but, when he saw them, he waved and pointed to one of the dressing rooms. They walked in and Kevin sounded like he was on the same phone call. They noticed that AJ was absent from the group and Kat’s stomach sank. She didn’t want to cause any problems between the guys.

 “Maybe we shouldn’t be back here. We don’t want to invade your privacy.” Kat said to Nick.

 “No.” he sighed. “It’s fine.”

 “What’s the matter?” asked Brenda.

 “Easter is this weekend and we’re going to be stuck here doing press stuff. Leighanne and Kristen aren’t thrilled about it.”

 “I can understand why. It’s lousy being away from your family on the holidays. You probably are used to it.”

 “Unfortunately we are.” Nick said. “We’ll probably go out to eat or something.”

 Brenda broke into a smile. “I have a better idea.”

 Kat looked at her and realized what she was thinking. She was going to strangle her friend if she suggested what Kat thought she was going to.

 “Kat and I are going to visit her family. Her aunt has a big Easter thing and she loves to have the company.”

 Kat wanted to die.

 “Thank you for the offer but we can’t intrude on your holiday.”

 “It’s no intrusion.” Brenda said. “Her aunt has a huge house and Kat’s family always loves to meet her friends.”

 Howie smiled. “So now we’re friends huh?”

 Kat almost passed out from embarrassment.

 “Of course!” Brenda said. “Like Brian said earlier, we won’t take no for an answer.” She paused. “In fact, Kat can call her aunt right now and check with her.”

 Kat gave Brenda a look that basically said “I’m going to kill you when we leave!”

 “Would you mind having us tag along?” Nick asked, turning to face Kat.

 She couldn’t get her mind to move fast enough so Brenda answered for her.

 “She doesn’t mind at all, do you?”

 Kat shook her head no. “Is this going to be a serious problem for AJ? He wasn’t happy to visit today and spending more time with me might be worse.”

 “Let us worry about him. We’ll duct tape his mouth closed if we have to!” Kevin interjected coming back into the room.

 “Call your aunt now so the guys know it’s fine to come.” Brenda said digging out her phone.

 Kat turned away so the guys couldn’t see her and mouthed “I will pay you back for this!”

Brenda punched in Aunt Gina’s phone number and handed the phone to Kat with a smirk on her face.

 “Hi Aunt Gina.”

 Everyone could only hear her side of the conversation.

 “I’m fine. How are you?”

 Brenda smiled.

 “Yes, Brenda and I are still coming down for Easter. That’s actually why I was calling. Would you mind if I brought some other people with me?”

 Kat nodded her head and mouthed “She said it’s fine.”

 Brenda grabbed the phone.

 “It’s five guys Aunt Gina. Do you know who the Backstreet Boys are?” she asked and handed the phone back to Kat.

 “Yes Aunt Gina. She said the Backstreet Boys and no, I am not going crazy. They’re standing in front of me right now.”

 Kevin and Howie started laughing.

“No, I swear I’m not hallucinating.” Kat wanted to crawl into a hole right now and die from embarrassment.

 Now Nick and Brian were doubled over laughing.

 “Thanks Aunt Gina. We’ll see you Sunday.”

 Kat hung up and told the guys they were more than welcome at her aunt’s house. She gave them the address and told them dinner was at one. They thanked her for letting them tag along and she actually prayed that they were doing it to be nice and they weren’t really going to come. She wasn’t sure she could handle any more humiliation.

 Unfortunately for her, she wasn’t that lucky.