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Kat, her cousins Chris, Michael, and Mark were sitting with Brenda on her aunt’s back porch just enjoying the beautiful day.

“I hope Aunt Gina finishes making dinner soon. I’m starving!” Chris said.

Michael laughed. “When are you not dude?”

 Kat had always gotten along with these three the best and she loved getting a chance to hang out with them.

“You guys had better be first in line then since there’s thirty–five people here.”

 Kat’s family was huge and they all came together for family holidays.

 “Apparently, we’re in for some more company.” Mark said pointing to the Traverse that had just pulled into the driveway.

Kat couldn’t think of anyone who was missing. She was wracking her brain and then she suddenly remembered that she had invited the Backstreet Boys to Easter dinner.

 “Oh dear god.” she groaned.

 She watched as the guys stepped out carrying flowers and cookies.

 “Is that who I think it is Kat?” Chris said teasing his cousin. “Ohhhh, Kat’s blushing. She likes a boy!”

She turned to her three cousins. “I will physically harm you all if you so much as utter anything that embarrasses me. Do you understand me?” She drove her point home by punching Chris is the arm as hard as she could.

 The boys nodded.

 Aunt Gina must have seen the car pull in too because she came out onto the porch to greet the new guests.

 “Hi guys!” she said waving at them from the stairs. “Come on up!”

 Brian was the first one up and thanked her for having them over. Her aunt hugged him and said that she always welcomed Kat’s friends.

 Nick, Howie and Kevin came up next followed in the rear by AJ who was not looking at all excited to be there. The guys had warned him to be polite even if he’s wasn’t happy and they made it clear that he would suffer consequences if he didn’t.

 “Hi Kat.” Brian said, hugging her and introducing himself to her cousins. “Hi Brenda.”

 Brenda smiled. “Hi guys. How are you?”

 “Good.” Nick said. “Something smells really good.”

 Aunt Gina laughed. “You got here just in time. Dinner’s ready.”

 With that, the guys and Kat’s cousins made a beeline for the house leaving the women standing there laughing.


Everyone had just finished eating when Chris jumped up from the table.

 “So who’s up for football?”

 Nick, Brian, Howie and Kevin looked puzzled while AJ just sat there not really paying attention to anyone.

“I thought football was over in February?” Nick asked not understanding.

“Not Brady football!” Michael and Mark said in unison.

“Brady football?” Brian was equally as confused.

Kat laughed. “It’s a Brady tradition. We usually pick a sport to play after each holiday dinner. I guess we’re doing football this time.”

 “Just a friendly head’s up. It’s also a Brady tradition that someone gets hurt during the game and could possibly require a hospital visit!” Brenda added.

 “Oh c’mon Brenda, we’re not that bad!” Chris said.

“Yeah right!” she retorted. “Remember when you almost broke my nose during volleyball and almost took out your aunt’s fence tackling Kat the last time we played football.”

 “The girls play?” AJ finally asked.

 “Yes we do.” Kat snapped. “It’s not right to make an assumption that because I’m a girl or not in the best physical shape that I can’t be good at a sport.”

 “Gotcha!” Nick whispered at AJ. “You deserved that one!”

 “Shut up Nick.” AJ said glaring at him. He didn’t like the attitude but he realized it came across the same way his comment did the other day.

 Chris ignored the other conversation. “Yeah, Kat’s got a great arm and Brenda is one of the fastest runners.”

 “Why don’t we play Brenda, Kat, Nick, Brian and me on one team and AJ, Mike, Chris, Howie and Kevin on the other?” Mark asked the boys.

 “Both girls on one team? Is that fair?” Howie asked.

 Brenda and Kat laughed. “Don’t worry about us!”


The guys were amazed at how well Kat and Brenda played.  They had decided to do touch football only because the five guys weren’t ok with tackling girls they hardly knew. Kat’s team was up by three touchdowns and Nick kept rubbing it in AJ’s face. He was trying to egg him on so that he would try a little harder to play. He thought he was being funny.

 AJ, on the other hand, was getting really irritated with Nick. He was to the point that if Nick said one more thing, AJ would knock him into the ground the next time he had a chance.

 “C’mon ladies!” Nick yelled at Howie and AJ. “You guys better step up your game!”

 AJ had enough. As soon as Chris said hike, AJ barreled down at Nick shoulder first. Nick saw he was coming and stepped out of the way not realizing that Kat was right behind him. Unable to stop the momentum, AJ tackled Kat sending her to the ground and knocking the wind out of her.