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Author's Chapter Notes:
Hey everyone. Hope you enjoy this chapter. I am still plugging away at this story. Feedback is appreciated :)
Nick woke up in his room, remembering how much he hated hospitals. He wasn't badly injured, just dehydrated and a bruised stomach....plus remnants of a concussion..Nick hated hospitals because he always thought of death. As he lay there, he wondered if anybody had been to see him...but he knew deep down that the others were injured as well and couldn't. It wasn't like they had a choice....like when Brian was at a hospital for his heart surgery.

Nick wanted to go badly, he did...but they were tied up with some performances. He had even planned on seeing him during recovery, but because he was afraid he did not. As a result he found that Brian shyed away from him, which made him feel horrible. He had driven Brian away and it was his own fault, and Nick constantly hated himself for it. Nick blamed himself for a lot of things, including the fact the group dynamic was screwed up.

What he wouldn't give for a bottle of Jack right now to take his mind off things. Alcohol was his go to remedy, but he knew he wouldn't end up like AJ. He could stop whenever he wanted.

"Moping as usual, are we?"

Nick's eyes snapped open to see a figure standing in the doorway. It was a man in a doctor's coat, smirking across the room. Nick felt his breath catch in his throat, he began to reach for the call button.

"Ah, ah, ah....I don't think so." Russell said, knocking it out of his reach.

"What are you-"

Russell laughed at Nick's panicked tone, his fear was music to his ears. Nonody would get in the way this time. It was just the two of them.

"What am I doing here? I think you already know, my good friend."

"You're not my friend, Russ. You tried to kill me." Nick spat.

"Ooh, touchy. You should have thought about that when you killed Chloe." Russell said.

"I didn't kill her."

Russell remembered when he found that she had committed suicide, the anger he felt when he got that letter. Nick had caused all of it.

"You might as well have. It was YOUR fault. Just like everything else. I know how screwed up you really are, kid. You told me how many times you wanted out? I'm about to give you your wish."

Nick lay in the bed, looking at him and thinking. Russell was right, he was miserable...but not enough to do what Chloe did. He could use this to his advantage.

"So what are you waiting for, kill me then. Get on with it. I won't fight you anymore." he whispered. He reached for the call button, hoping he could distract Russell enough before security got to his room.

Nick also wondered briefly why nobody had been guarding his room in the first place.

"What?" Russell said in surprise.

"Kill me. I am right here. If it matters so much to you, get it over with." Nick whispered. His hand hurt like hell trying to reach the button...

Russell frowned at him.

"You're trying to trick me."

"You're afraid." Nick pointed out.

Russell found himself staring at him, angry at himself. It would be so easy to choke him or snap his neck, but something was holding him back.

"N...no I'm not." he reached for Nick's throat but did not tighten his grip.

"Do you know why you can't kill me? It's because deep down you know it won't bring Chloe back. You are afraid because you know it is true, Russ." Nick said, smiling. Russell felt his temper getting the best of him. How could this kid be so smart?

"You know I am right, Russell. Chloe wouldn't want you to do this. She wouldn't want you to kill someone for her."

"Don't tell me what she wants. You have no fucking right." Russell growled, but his hand still did not tighten.

"I didn't know your sister long, but I do know she cared about you. She thought you made some bad choices but you could change.Do you really want to prove her wrong?" Nick said, sweat dripping down his face.

All Russell could think about was his sister's letter, how upset Nick Carter had made her. He would never see her again. He would have to endure his brother's constant mocking, live as a failure for the rest of his life unless he took care of things right now. For a second Russell tightened his grip, feeling the muscles of Nick's neck contract with the sudden contact. Nick began gasping.

"I need to do this for Chloe." he whispered, looking Nick right in the eye. He stared right at Nick's eyes, listening to him struggle for breath, his hand desperately reaching for the call button.

"Don't do it Russell."

He released as soon as he heard Chloe in the back of her mind and let go of Nick's neck. He began coughing.

Russell silently cursed himself but he knew Nick was right. After everything he'd done, it wouldn't bring her back. He took the call button and jammed it down, Nick rubbing at his neck.

"I don't have much time, but let's just say you were right, kid." he said as he noticed Nick's confused expression. He turned and left the hospital room, leaving Nick stunned and everyone on the floor in a panic.

He knew what he had to do now.