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Story Notes:
Disclaimer: For the purpose of this story, Howie has not met Leigh. I didn't have the heart to break them up but I needed him single! Please forgive me!
“Damn it!”

Emma Andrews swore as she wiped furiously at her shirt. Her best friend Addie Matthews stood next to her laughing as she watched her trying to dry her shirt.

“This isn’t funny! I need to get this soda out before it starts.”

The two friends had been waiting in line to attend the Backstreet Boys meet and greet in Boston before their show and some girls had started shoving everyone else out of the way to get to the head of the line. Emma, with her good luck, got doused with a soda that one of them was carrying. Karma, however, was apparently on her side today. She and Addie finally made it through the line much to the chagrin of the two idiots who were now in seclusion by the check in table. They glared at the two friends as they walked by.

“You should have gotten out of the way.” Addie said, trying to control her giggles.

“Me? Those two crazy women shouldn’t have been acting like 5 year olds! We have a ticket and they don’t. What was the point of being first when you can’t even get past the check in table?”

Addie shook her head with a smile. “You’re a lot nicer than me hun. I would have elbowed past the two of them.”

“I tried but I’m not exactly the most physical person.”

“You should have yelled at them then.”

Emma laughed. “That probably would’ve worked.”

Emma taught 8th grade English at a local middle school. Her students’ initial impression of her was a tall, lean, brown haired, blue eyed pushover. That was until they heard her yell. Emma could clear a hallway full of unruly teenagers with one shout.

“On second thought, maybe not.” said Addie. “You’d have scared everyone and gotten us kicked out!”

“I wouldn’t want to do that.” Emma replied, feigning horror. “We couldn’t live if we missed this!”

“Ok smartass! This was your idea remember. I recall you sitting there talking about how you’ve been a fan since they started. I’m only doing this for you.”

“Bullshit! You’ve been staring at Howie’s picture for the last month! Don’t act like you have no interest in being here!”

“Shhhh! The guys could be around here and I don’t want them hearing you say that.”

Emma laughed. “Yeah right. They’re probably out back getting set up. I think they have more pressing things to do than wander through the crowd listening to everything we say.”

“You never know.” Addie whispered. “They could be anywhere.”

“Sweetheart, if they were anywhere out here, we’d know. You would see the screaming horde of women swarming them in a heartbeat. You couldn’t miss them.”

“Funny. You better go to the bathroom and dry your shirt before sound check starts. You don’t want to look like you drooled all over yourself!”

“You’re lucky I love you!” Emma said, swatting Addie in the back of her head. “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Addie waved her off and got back to watching the crowd. Emma laughed and prayed there wouldn’t be a long line in the bathroom.


“Ever wonder what’s going through their heads?” Howie asked peering around the curtain. There was an ever-growing group of women getting ready to head in for the sound check and Q & A.

“They’re thinking about how hot I am and how sad it is that I have to be the only good looking one in the group!” AJ answered with a laugh.

“Wow! I didn’t think your ego could get any bigger!” Nick said with a whack on the back of AJ’s head.

“There’s still room.” Brian added coming out to join them. “His head might actually explode by the end of the tour!”

“I hope nobody faints at this event.” Kevin mumbled as he came out on stage.

“Oh come on Kev, that woman passing out at your feet was a compliment. She missed you.” Howie responded.

“Nah Howie, I think it was just the heat.” Nick nudged his brother. “It was a hot day.”

“Remind me why I came back out here with you guys again?”

Kevin’s eyes were smiling when he made that comment. He missed all of them and was happy to be back out here celebrating their 20th anniversary.

AJ batted his eyes. “You missed us, you know you did! You love us!”

Kevin chuckled. “You think?”

“I know.” Nick said with a grin. “Think I have time to use the bathroom before we start this thing?”

“I love you Carter but you’re like the last minute kid.” Kevin was showing his big brother side again. “You have less than 5 minutes so get going!”

Nick smiled and jogged through the roped off area. He hoped he would get there and back without any issues or Kevin was going to have his head.
Chapter End Notes:
This is my first foray into a Nick story and you guys like it!