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The next few days flew by. The owners of the home had already moved to another place and were excited to get rid of their other mortgage. They signed the papers immediately and Nick dragged Emma furniture shopping with him. After they spent a few hours looking around, they finally settled on everything they would need. The next day was the trip to Target and Bed, Bath and Beyond to pick up all the smaller stuff Nick wanted. Emma tried to pay for some of it and got mad when he told her to put her money away.

“No.” she said defiantly. “I can pay for my own stuff Nick. It’s bad enough you paid for everything else. I’m paying.”

Nick quickly learned exactly how far Emma could be pushed and he relented, letting her buy the smaller stuff.

“Happy now?” he asked on their way to the car.

“Very.” Emma replied with a grin. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Nick chuckled. “Not like I really had a choice.”

“You didn’t but I still appreciate it.”

“I’m glad.” Nick said. “By the way, I’m picking up the moving van this afternoon. Is all your stuff ready?”

“Yeah. Most of its packed in the storage unit and I haven’t been staying at Addie’s long enough to unpack my clothes and stuff.”

“Good. The faster we can get everything done the better.”

“Why the rush?”

“Howie and I are flying down to Florida to meet with one of the producers.”

“Already?” Emma asked.

Nick nodded. “It’ll only be for a couple of days but we need to meet with him while he’s there. He’s in-between projects and we have a small window of time.”

“Makes sense. I guess I’ll just have a nice, comfy house to myself.”

“Funny. I’ll be back in a few days and you won’t have any quiet so enjoy it.”

“Thanks for the warning.”

“No problem.” Nick teased.

Emma bit her lip. “Are you sure this is a good idea.”

“Not again.” Nick groaned. “I already bought the house. Too late now.”

“I just…”

Nick set his bags down in the middle of the parking lot and put a hand over Emma’s mouth. Her eyes got big and he laughed.

“No more talk about whether this is a good idea. Got it?”

Emma nodded and he released his hand. “You’re lucky no one else is out here. Someone might have thought you were a kidnapper.”

“Good point. I’ll make sure we’re alone when I do that again.”

Emma turned away from Nick. She was embarrassed and blushing profusely. Nick, not noticing anything, picked up the stuff and carried it over to the truck. Once it was all stored in the back, they pair headed off to drop all the purchases by the new house. Addie and Howie had agreed to help them move Emma’s stuff into the new place that night and the furniture would be coming the next day.

She was quiet on the way to the house and barely said anything when they dropped their recent purchases off. Nick had no idea what was going on. They seemed to be getting along fine and he hoped she wasn’t having second thoughts about moving in. He dropped her off at Addie’s and Howie agreed to go with him to pick up the truck.

“What’s up Carter?” Howie asked after they left.


“You’ve been quiet for the last ten minutes. What gives?”

“Emma. I don’t get her.”

Howie laughed loudly. “She’s a woman. Join the club.”

“No I mean her behavior today. We had a great time this morning and then as soon as we left Target, she got all quiet.”

“Did something happen at Target?”

“I don’t think so. She was fine till we were in the parking lot.”

“What happened in the parking lot?”

“She started talking about it being a mistake, so I covered her mouth with my hand….”

“That might be it.”

“What? Covering her mouth?”


“I don’t understand why that’s a problem.”

“It’s a little scary.”

“I didn’t mean it like that. And she teased me about it after saying that she thought I might look like a kidnapper to someone else.”

“What did you say to that?”

“I said that next time I would make sure we were alone.” Nick paused for a minute. “Oh, yeah, that probably sounded bad huh?”

“Just a little. You probably embarrassed her.”

“I didn’t mean to.”

“Then just tell her that. I’m sure she’ll understand.”

“I hope so. I don’t want this whole thing to go to hell.”

“Just talk to her.”

Nick nodded and pulled into the rental place. As soon as they finished moving tonight, he would sit her down and apologize.