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Story Notes:
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It was just about midnight when she crept quietly into her room. Thank God for that twenty four hour 7-Eleven, she thought as she set the bag on the floor and made sure the deadbolt was in place. After a few close calls with police officers, Sam had decided that it was in her best interest to only leave the apartment at night, on the rare occasions that she left at all. She had learned to adjust to life on the run and always kept an eye on her surroundings and every person she crossed paths with.

After putting the groceries away in the small motel fridge, she headed into the shower. Stopping to look in the mirror, she was surprised to see the person staring back at her. Her once healthy body was now slimmed down to the point where her neck bones were starting to show. Her eyes had bags under them and she looked as though she hadn’t slept in days. To tell the truth, she couldn’t really remember the last time she slept. Every time she laid her head down, she would doze for a minute and then hear a noise or have a dream that would startle her awake and keep her up for hours; at this point, she had become too afraid to sleep.

Looking around the small bathroom as the water started to heat up, she sighed. The paint was peeling off the walls and the water pipes groaned every time they were used. The toilet was barely in one piece and the sink was being held together with some red duct tape. This wasn’t the way she wanted to live but she didn’t have many options at the moment. The motel where she was staying was the type that generally rented by the hour, didn’t ask any questions and took only cash for rent. It was a dump but the only place around where she didn’t think anyone would find her. At least she prayed every night they wouldn’t.


“AJ? AJ? Earth to AJ.”

He snapped out of his thoughts when Nick finally slammed his hand on the table in front of him.

“What?” he snapped.

“They’re almost here.”

The guys had set up a meeting with their management about possibly starting a new tour and the record company had requested a meeting with them as well. They wanted them to meet some candidates for different media staff they were hiring so that the boys would be comfortable working with them.

“Oh right.” AJ replied.

“What were you thinking about?” Brian asked.

“Something he shouldn’t be.” Kevin answered for him. “We have work to do AJ and you need to be on your game. The past is the past and it should stay that way.”

AJ glared at Kevin; he was always bringing the situation with Sam up and reminding AJ of how big a mistake he made. Knowing the she had lied to him the entire time they had known each other was incredibly painful for him and he didn’t need Kevin rubbing his nose in it every time he was distracted.

“Maybe I was thinking about something else. Did it ever occur to you…”

Howie cleared his throat as their manager brought in the first candidate. AJ was still fuming but he would have to deal with Kevin at a later time. It took them the better part of three hours but they got through all of the potential staffers and settled on the couple they thought would be the best fit for their group dynamic. The two women would be spending the afternoon with them, learning the ropes and getting to know everyone.

They were all in the lounge talking, when they noticed a group of people had started to gather around the TV set. Not wanting to miss anything important, the guys, and their new staff, took a place on the edge of the circle and listened to the broadcast.

“There is a lead in the case of Samantha Murray who is accused of murdering her husband, Massachusetts ADA Ryan Murray. Police have released information saying that she may be back in the state of California. They have reissued a warning that Mrs. Murray may be armed and dangerous and has a history of mental health problems. If you have any information on her whereabouts, please contact the state police at….”

The people started to scatter until it was the guys and their new assistants left. AJ just stared at the screen in disbelief. He couldn’t believe he had spent so much time with this woman and he didn’t know her at all. They had shared a life together and from what he could tell, it had all been a lie.

“You have terrific taste in women AJ.” Kevin muttered under his breath.

He was about to unleash all of his pent up anger on his brother when one comment stopped him in his tracks.

“I hope she got away.”
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