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Author's Chapter Notes:
I apologize for the shortness of this chapter!
“I ruined your life?”

Sam just couldn’t understand; what had she done to Sarah that had pushed her to this point?

“Yes.” Sarah replied calmly. “You ruined everything that I have ever worked for.”

Without a thought, Sam sank down on to the bed and simply stared at who she had considered her best friend. The idea of her trying to escape had gone out the window as the sadness crept over Sam. She must have done something awful to Sarah for her to feel the way she did; she just couldn’t grasp what that thing was.

“I’m sorry Sar…”

“No you’re not!” she yelled, “You’re not sorry at all. The minute you met Ryan, you knew you wanted him and it didn’t matter who you stepped on to get him.”


“Ryan was in love with me.” Sarah answered quietly. “Then you walked right into his life, pretending to be so loving and caring when all you really wanted was someone to take care of you.”

“I didn’t…”

“You did!” her friend cried, leaping out of her chair. “You took care of his father because you knew it would get his attention and it worked. He fell for you and that was it, you were the girl he was going to spend the rest of his life with you and I got left behind.”

Sam sat there as she listened to Sarah rant and rave about how Ryan had left her and focused all of his attention on Sam. Nothing she was saying was making any sense at that point; there was no way that she had caused all of this.

“And you were just awful to him.”

That statement caught Sam’s attention and her head whipped up to stare at Sarah. There was no way this could be her friend, the one who saw the bruises, the black eyes, all the scars on her back. This couldn’t be the woman who had given her a place to stay and encouraged her to get help and flee the abuse she was living on a day to day basis.

“I did something to him?” Sam said loudly, narrowing her eyes at Sarah. “He put me through hell every day. I didn’t cause those beatings or his verbal abuse; you saw how cruel he was to me!”

“You deserved every single one of them!” Sarah screamed as she took a step towards her. “All you had to do was behave and listen to him. You were so fucking stubborn, always thinking you were right and looking down on him. I could have made him happy, I would have obeyed him! I even gave you the chance to try again, to be the kind of wife you should have been, when I told him you were staying with us.”

Sam opened her mouth to say something when the meaning of Sarah’s statement hit her; it felt like a sucker punch realizing that the one person she felt she could turn to in a crisis, had betrayed her. Although Ryan constantly threatened her with the taunt that he would always be able to find her using his connections, she had wondered how he really had been able to find her that night. Sarah’s hurtful words made it very clear to Sam that her friend had never been on her side; she was actually working against her to help her psychotic husband.

As anger started to replace the fear in Sam’s mind, she stood up from the bed and took a step towards Sarah. Her tears blurred the gun in Sarah’s hand and she only realized that she was holding it when her friend, now an enemy, fired the first shot. The pain was gut wrenching and Sam stumbled back as the bullet tore through her shoulder. There was no way to describe the feelings and emotions that were flooding through her mind; adrenaline started to kick in and Sam pulled her arm close to her as she took another step.

The gun sounded like a firecracker as it fired the second bullet into Sam’s thigh; the pain was unbearable and she fell back onto the bed, tears streaming down her face. There was no getting out of that room at this point and Sarah knew that as she approached the bed with a sickening smile on her face.

“You should have never been lucky enough to land a guy like Ryan.” Sarah hissed. “He was mine and it would have been better if I had never met you. Thankfully, this will be the last time I ever had to deal with you.”

The pain had finally numbed Sam to the point where she could no longer move and, thankfully, she lost consciousness before the third, and final, bullet was fired.