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"And we're back in 5...4...3...2.." a teleprompter said as the guys sat on a set in a television studio.

"Welcome back everyone, sitting here with me is the best selling boybands of all time, with over 130 million albums sold world wide, ladies and gentlemen, AJ, Brian, Howie and Nick, the Backstreet Boys" she said to the camera.

"Guys good morning and welcome, so good to see you all again, you look great" she said.

"Thank you"

"As do you" AJ and Howie said to her.

"Making me blush" she said as they laughed.

"Thanks for having us" AJ said.

"Thank you for coming, okay now first thing's first, obviously something is missing here, where's Kevin?" she asked.

"Bathroom" Nick said as she laughed.

"Yeah he's been in there for almost three years now" Brian said as she laughed.

"No uh, after the Never Gone tour he sat us all down and told us he was feeling burnt out and he wasn't feeling inspired and just needed a break" AJ said to her.

"So there was no big blow up? no fight?"

"No" Howie said.

"No, we understood and told him you know that if the time was right for him whenever he wants to come back he's welcome, the door's always open for him" AJ said to her.

"And how does it feel just being four now?"

"Weird" Howie said.

"Does it feel weird?"

"A little you know there's...obviously feels like something's missing but..." Howie said.

"Yeah, so let's talk about music, now this is your first album without him, did it feel weird not having him in the studio recording with you?".

"Definitely" Howie said

"I bet"

"Not having that fifth voice kind of screwed us up a bit but I think we're getting back on track" AJ said to her.

"And you guys are wrapping up the Unbreakable tour correct?"

"Yep, we should be done with the tour in a couple of months" AJ said.

"And what comes after this? new album hopefully?" she asked.

"Yep, new album, we're in the process of recording right now" AJ said.

"Yeah we're going to take some time off, work on the new album, get some rest, cool down a bit, spend time with our families" Howie said to her.

"I'm glad you brought up family because I've been doing some research and I was surprised to find out that you're all actually parents".

"yep" Brian said

"we are" Howie said.

"Yes, each of us have a teenage son" AJ said

"My goodness, you all do not look old enough to have teenagers"

"We're not" Brian said as she laughed.

"Now who's is who?" she asked "Mine is Adam, Neilson, Bradley J. , Harrison" AJ said pointing to them all.

"That makes it easy to remember doesn't it?" she asked

"That's why we did it that way" Brian said as she laughed.

"Our fans actually call them the Jr. BSB" Howie said to her.

"Bet they love that" she said.

"Oh they absolutely hate it" AJ said.

"You think they're watching right now?" she asked.

"They better not be, they're supposed to be in school" Brian said as she laughed.

"And then there's Kevin's son, Kyle, he still lives with us, so we're kind of keeping an eye on him while his dad's away, plus his mom's still here in LA" AJ said to her.

"Aww that's great, okay well when we come back we'll have more with the Backstreet Boys, don't go away" she said as they went to commercial.


"Here you go" Vicki said bending down to a little girl with a lollipop.

"Thank you Dr. McAdams" she said to her

"You're welcome, have a good day and I'll see you soon okay?" Vicki asked.


"Thank you doctor, bye"

"Take care" Vicki said as the little girl and her mother got on to the elevator.

Vicki sighed as she stood against the nurse's desk and flipped a clipboard open.

"Slow day?" Marian asked as she arranged flowers in a vase.

"Kind of but you know what? a slow day is always a good day" Vicki said to her, Marian chuckled.

She then checked her watch "And I missed the guys' interview" she said writing on the clipboard.

"Didn't know you were a fan" Marian chuckled.

"Having a baby with one of them helps" she said as they laughed.


A flashbulb went off as Harry took pictures of Kyle with the principal and the football coach.

�Congratulations Kyle�

�Thanks Mr. Wexler�.

�Now if you'll excuse me I have to get back to my office�.

�Kyle, I got a reporter from the local newspaper coming in about an hour, think you can stop by office?� the coach asked him.

�Oh yeah sure� Kyle said to him. The flash of the camera kept going off as Harry continued to snap pictures.

�Alright...okay...Harry stop it...Harry!� he yelled at him.

"Okay" Harry said pulling a small notepad from his pocket "So Kyle, how does it feel to win this year's MVP award? Especially beating your arch nemesis Damien Winchester?" Harry asked.

"My arch nemesis? what am I a super hero?" Kyle asked him

"Got a better word for him?" Harry asked him "So come on, let's hear it".

"Going to have to get back to you on this one, I got to get to class" Kyle said opening his locker.

"Okay but make sure to find me before seventh period, that's when we go to press" Harry said to him �Hey Kyle?� he asked.

�What?� Kyle asked as Harry snapped another picture.

Bradley and Neilson laughed as they huddled over Neilson's desk, Natalie came into the room, looking at them curiously.

"What's so funny?" she asked leaning over the desk "Neilson" she said annoyed.

"What?" he asked as a sketch pad lied in his lap "It's for my art class" he said to her.

"Really, your assignment was to draw the devil in a letterman's jacket?" she asked looking at the drawing.

"Hey who ever said Satan never played football?" he said to her, she rolled her eyes at them and sat back in her seat.

"I know you guys are not this vindictive" she said to them.

"Aw would you look at her? she cares about Damien's feelings" Bradley said, she smiled and rolled her eyes at him.

"That's my girl" Neilson said kissing her cheek.

"Incoming" Natalie said to them "put that away!" she said to him as she saw Damien approach the room.

They tried to contain their laughter as he walked past them.

"Something funny Littrell?" Damien asked bitterly.

"no" Bradley said trying not to laugh, Damien then glared at Neilson.

"Sorry" Neilson said giggling, Damien then took his seat trying to ignore their snickering.

"Bradley Littrell!" Natalie said leaning over and hitting Bradley's arm.

"Ow! what?" he asked laughing.

"Neilson Carter!" she said hitting Neilson as well.

"what'd we do?" he asked laughing.

Neilson held up the drawing and shoved it in Bradley's face "boo!" Neilson said as they laughed.

Kyle then came into the room, he looked down at the sketch book.

"Neilson, come on" he said irritated.

"You people have no taste" Neilson said closing his sketch book and putting it in his backpack.

"Damien look I'm glad you're here" Kyle said to him.

"I'm in this class where else would I be?" Damien asked bitterly.

"Look Damien I know how much that award means to you okay...but I didn't intentionally take it from you, you had to know only one of us was going to win and it just happened to be me...it's not like I did it on purpose" Kyle said to him.

"What are you getting at Richardson?" Damien asked him.

"I'm just trying to say...no hard feelings okay?" Kyle asked "truce?" he asked holding his hand out.

"Spare me your sympathy Richardson it's pathetic" Damien said to him.

"It's not sympathy I'm just being honest" Kyle said to him. "We have been at odds with each other for years now, can we please just be done with it and try to be somewhat civil with each other?" Kyle asked.

Damien grinned at him "Go to hell Kyle" he said as he got up, Natalie exchanged looks with Bradley and Neilson as Damien suddenly stood up and stormed out of the classroom.

"Ouch" Bradley said as soon as Damien was out of sight.

"Yeah I knew was going to happen" Kyle said sitting in his desk.

"Kyle that was really mature of you to do" Natalie said to him.

"Seriously do you want to date him or what?" Neilson asked her.

"So...um...what...what the hell was that?" Bradley asked him.

"Look I know you guys aren't fond of Damien, I don't exactly want to be bff's with him either but I was hoping we could finally call a truce or something".

"A truce?" Neilson asked "With Satan?" he asked.

"He's not Satan" Kyle said to them

"Almost" Neilson said

"Yeah his name's Damien" Bradley said as Kyle turned around in his seat to look at him.

"What does that have to do with anything?" Kyle asked.

"Damien? The Omen?" Bradley asked him "Scary movie? little kid is possessed by Satan?" he asked.

"Technically he's the son of Satan" Neilson said to him

"Same thing" Bradley said to him, Kyle looked at both of them.

"...Are you actually saying these words right now?" he asked.

"Scary isn't it?" Natalie asked him.

The door to the school's roof opened, Damien stepped out taking yet another gulp from the glass bottle, he sat down near a smoke stack. The wind blew his hair back as he finished off the bottle.

The front door of Damien�s house opened and he came inside, a bag slung over his shoulder.

�Welcome home master Damien� the family butler said to him

�Reginald� he said

�Your mother and father request your presence in the family room, immediately� Reginald said to him.

Damien followed him to the family room, his mother sat in a chair as his father stood by the fireplace, a glass sitting on the mantle.

�Hey� he said going inside, Reginald closing the door behind him �What�s going on?� he asked, Daphne looked between them cautiously �Well uh�� she standing up and facing him �I don�t know if you saw or not but, your father and I managed to make it to your game tonight� she said.

�Oh� Damien said.

�Daphne, can you give us a minute?� Derek asked.


�Sweetheart, please?� he said.

�Guess I might as well get ready for bed, Reginald, run my bath please� she said as she left the room.

�Yes mam� he heard Reginald reply as the door closed.

�So you saw the game� Damien said.

"Believe me I wish I hadn't" Derek said coldly �You know while I was watching you tonight I kept thinking to myself what Darren would�ve done if he had been playing� Derek said, Damien rolled his eyes.

�Here we go� Damien murmured to himself.

�Something you want to say son?� Derek asked angrily.

�Can we please just have one conversation where you DON�T compare me to Darren?� Damien asked irritated.

�Oh, I�m sorry, but you�re right, you�re nothing like Darren� Darren is an accomplished athlete and you...well�I�m not exactly sure what you are� Derek said coldly as Damien glared at him with tears in his eyes.
�I�ve hired a personal trainer� Derek said.

�What?� Damien asked.

�You will practice every day after school, and on the weekends you will get up at 6 am and train until you become at least half of what your brother is�starting tomorrow, so I suggest you get some sleep� Derek said to him.

"Are you kidding me?" Damien asked angrily.

"See anyone laughing?" Derek asked "You'll thank me for this some day" Derek said to him. Damien then stormed out of the room.

He stood up and walked over to the ledge. Once the bottle was empty he threw it over the edge and watched it fall before smashing into pieces.