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Dmitri and Vinnie dragged Bradley from his room, their big hands tightly clamped around his arms. He struggled against them.

"Don't make this harder than it already is kid" Dmitri growled at him, he opened a door to another room and opened it.

They pitched Bradley inside "What does crazy papa Winchester want with me now?" he asked angrily.

"Let me go!" Neilson said struggling again Paulie and Ronnie "Let go of me!" he said still trying to wriggle himself free.

"Neilson" Bradley said, Neilson looked up at him.

"Bradley" he said as Ronnie and Paulie let go of him "Oh thank god" Neilson said throwing his arms around Bradley and squeezing him tightly, Bradley hugging him back."What'd they do to you?" Neilson asked noticing the bandage wrapped around his arm.

"They sliced my arm open" Bradley said to him.

"What? Why?" Neilson asked.

"Probably for his own sick amusement" Bradley said bitterly.

"You okay?" Neilson asked.

"It hurts like hell" Bradley said to him.

"Damien's dad gave me a piece of your shirt with blood all over it, I thought he killed you" Neilson said.

"What about you? He kept threatening to kill you if I didn't do what he wanted" Bradley asked.

"No, I'm alright" Neilson said to him.

"Thank you gentlemen, I can take it from here" Derek said coming into the room.

"No problem boss" Dmitri said as he and Vinnie left.

"Well well Bradley J. and Neilson...best friends together again" he said.

"What the hell do you want?" Neilson asked him "Why are we still here?" he asked.

“Oh I think I can answer that, uh it seems Damien’s whole ‘my daddy doesn’t love me’ act in court really got to his old man here” Bradley said to Neilson.

"So this is part of some stupid revenge plot?” Neilson asked.

“As annoying as he may be…Bradley’s right” Derek said to Neilson “This whole project is a gift to my son...I'm finally giving him what he's always wanted" Derek said to him. “You know Neilson I was moved by your testimony in court about how Bradley urged you to leave him to die but you wouldn’t” Derek said “Let's discuss that shall we?"

"What's to talk about? Damien raised the gun towards Neilson and fired, I pushed him out of the way and got shot" Bradley said to him.

"Are you all caught up now or do you need a minute?" Neilson asked.

Derek turned to look at him “You know you often hear the concept of taking a bullet for someone you love but you don't actually see it happen."

"Will you please just stop talking in riddles already and just tell us what you want?!" Bradley said to him irritated.

"I know one person who probably appreciated Bradley's act of greatness dearly...a pretty young girl named Natalie" he said as he moved behind them, they looked at each other nervously. "I see that got your attention…maybe I should send for her as well."

"NO!" they yelled at him.

“No you’re right I don’t need the extra trouble” he said. “So…Bradley…how close are you and Natalie exactly?” Derek asked.

“What?” Bradley asked.

"It’s a simple question.”

“I don’t know…we’re friends…what does that have to do with anything?” Bradley asked irritated.

“So you’ve never had any romantic feelings towards Miss Cappel?” Derek asked.

“What? No! She’s like my sister!”

"Oh you are such a wonderful liar."

"It's the truth!" Bradley said to him.

“What are you getting at here?” Neilson asked.

"You know Bradley last I checked best friends didn't keep secrets from each other" Derek said to him.

"Bradley…what is he talking about?" Neilson asked him.

"You want to tell him or should I? or better yet, I'll get my men to bring Natalie down here and she can sort all of this out..."

"No! Alright, fine, you win" Bradley said to him. Bradley groaned and took a deep breath “Okay” he said "It was a few months ago, before the shooting , you guys were going through a rough patch, you were fighting all the time" Bradley said. "You went out I guess to cool off or something and Nat came over looking for you"

"...and?" Neilson asked.

"I told her you weren't home and asked if she wanted to hang out until you got home, so we went upstairs to my room."

"Go on" Derek said in amusement.

“Shut up! I want to hear this” Neilson said to him angrily.

"It's not as bad as he's making it sound" Bradley said to him.

"What else happened?!” Neilson asked.

"We were sitting on the floor playing cards...we had a couple drinks and..."

"Oh my god...you slept with Nat?!" Neilson asked in disbelief.

"No! no! it didn't go that far!" Bradley said to him “It was one kiss that got a little physical…as soon as I realized what was happening I stopped it and told her to leave, that’s all!” Bradley said to him.

"So let me see if I understand this...my girlfriend and I are fighting, I go out to let off some steam and you decide it's a good time to invite her up to your room and make out with her?" Neilson asked.

"No!" Bradley said to him "No, it wasn't like that".

"Why didn't you tell me about this before?!"

"Because it was nothing!” Bradley said to him “It wasn’t worth upsetting you over!” he said.

“Oh Neilson…poor poor Neilson“ Derek sighed “Don’t you get it yet? You're just an obstacle in the way to what Bradley really wants, and that...is your girlfriend" Derek said.

"That is not true and you know it!" Bradley said to him "Neilson, don't listen to him! don't you see what he's doing? he's trying to turn us against each other" Bradley said to him.

"I don't...I don't know what to think right now" Neilson said.

A loud pounding came from outside "Boss, we got a problem" Dmitri said to Derek.

"Can this wait?" Derek asked.

"Your wife is outside" Dmitri said as Derek looked at him fearfully.

“Well boys, I had fun…Dmitri please see to it that Mr. Littrell and Mr. Carter get back to their rooms."

"Yes sir" he said as he left the room.

“Let’s go” Dmitri said pulling on Bradley’s arm.

“Wait” Bradley said.

“Neilson…please do not let that bastard into your head” Bradley said.

“Alright, that’s enough” he said pulling Bradley from the room.


"Daphne darling!" Derek said happily.

"Oh there you are" she said walking towards him.

"What are you doing here?" he asked.

“I called your office to see if you wanted to meet for lunch and your assistant told me you were here, I thought it'd be fun to surprise you" she said smiling.

"So this is the new WinCo Terrace...how...quaint" she said.

"Well we're just in developmental stages right now" he said to her.

"Are these men part of the construction crew?" she asked.

"Uh...actually they're investors" Derek said to her.

"Mr. Winchester!" Kyle yelled as he banged on the door.

"Mr. Winchester!!" he yelled again banging harder on the door.

Derek's face fell as Daphne heard the noise from inside "What's that?" she asked.

"One of the crew members must've locked themselves in one of the rooms again, excuse me dear" he said to her.

"Whoever that is, shut them up now!" he said to Paulie harshly.

"You got it sir" he said going into the building.

"So, how about that lunch huh?" Daphne asked.

"Oh sweetie, you know I would love to but unfortunately I have a lot to do today, we're going over the new building plan" he said to her.

"Oh...well why I don't just spend the day with you here, I'd love to see what goes into all of this" she said to him.

"Oh darling, it would bore you way too much, why don't you treat yourself to a shopping spree on me?" he asked her "And I will meet you later tonight for dinner, how's that sound?" he asked her.

"Oh...okay, sure" she said.

"That's my girl, I'll see you tonight" he said kissing her cheek.


"What do you want kid?" Vinnie asked Kyle.

"I have to speak to Mr. Winchester" he said.

"Too bad Richardson, visiting hours are over, so lay down and take a nap" Vinnie said pushing Kyle down on the bed.

"Now Vinnie, it's alright" Derek said to him "Kyle, what can I do for you?"

"I want to make a deal" Kyle said to him.

"Interesting" he said shutting the door "What did you have in mind?".

"You don't need the others, just me, Damien was my enemy, he hated me the most, I'm the one that put this in motion" Kyle said to him.

"So just let them go home, please, let them go and you can kill me" Kyle said.

"Wow...self-sacrifice...how noble of you" Derek said to him "Tempting offer...but sorry...there's no negotiating your way out of this...Vinnie?" Derek asked leaving the room. Kyle's pained grunts and groans filled the halls, he stood outside the door listening with immense pleasure.

“You think he’s your friend?!” Kyle choked out as Vinnie dropped him to the mattress.

“What are you babbling about?” he asked.

“Mr. Winchester…you really think that a guy like that would be friends with a low-life like you?” Kyle sneered at him “You’re not his friend…you’re his employee…you show loyalty to him but what about his loyalty to you?” Kyle asked. “Because when this is all over with and they finally catch up with him, you can bet that he’ll want to cut a deal and the first person he names as an accomplice in this whole thing will be you and your fellow henchmen” Kyle said. “He doesn’t have your back…you’re disposable to him and you know it” Kyle said. The door then opened and Vinnie came out, slamming the door behind him and locking it.