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Daphne sat patiently at a table, other people with their visiting loved ones around her, a door opened and she saw Damien appear. She smiled and stood up to greet him as he came near her.

“Hey mom” he said hugging her.

“Oh hi sweetheart” she said as she hugged him tightly.

They then sat down across from each other at the table “Oh here, from grandma, she wanted to let you know she’s thinking about you…just something to lift your spirits a little” she said sliding an envelope across the table.

“Thanks, so where's dad? As if I already didn't know” Damien said to her “He still telling everyone I got early admission to Princeton?” he asked.

“I'm sorry honey, he couldn't make it this time” Daphne ssaid to him sadly. “He’s just been so busy with the new building in construction and everything, don’t worry, maybe next time” she said.

“Sure” Damien said to her smiling sadly.

“You know he’s been talking to Mr. Benson and he thinks he'll be able to file some sort of an appeal."

"Don't bother mom, the judge will throw it out anyhow, after all I went after the school's golden boys no way they're letting me out of here" he said.

“So…how are you?” she asked.

“Great…life in prison, it’s just what everyone thinks it is” he said to her.

“Oh honey” she said caressing his cheek “Just try to stay positive okay?” she said.

“I’m trying to” he said to her.

“Alright everyone, time’s up” a guard announced to the room.

“Guess I better go” Daphne said standing up from the table.

“Okay” Damien said.

“I’ll see you next week?” she asked.

“As always, bye mom” Damien said as they hugged.

“I love you sweetie and your father does too, just remember that okay?” she said.

“I know, I love you too” he said.

“Come on Winchester, time to go” a guard said coming up behind him.

“Bye mom” Damien said before the guard escorted him from the room.


"Bradley Jason, I don’t know where you are right now but you do not stay out all night and you most definitely do not stay out all night without calling! You do not turn eighteen until February! Now you and the other blonde one get yourselves home before I come find you!" Brian said hanging up. His phone began ringing "Hello?!" he asked irritated.

"Is this how we're greeting each other from now on?" Nick asked.

"I've been calling all morning, where have you been?!" Brian asked.

"In the studio remember?!" Nick asked.

"Did you get my message? We have a serious problem here" Brian said.

"Haven't had time, what's wrong?" Nick asked.

"It's the boys" Brian said.

"What'd they do now?" Nick groaned.

"They're gone" Brian said.

"Gone? What do you mean gone? Gone where?" Nick asked confused.

"I don't know; no one does" he said "They never came home last night or this morning" Brian said to him.

"You talk to Nat?" Nick asked.

"Course! She came over last night all pissed off because Neilson and Bradley stood her up at the movies". "Are the others there with you?" Brian asked.

"They went to get some lunch; did you call the cops?" Nick asked.

"Not yet, I don't know how long they've been gone for and you can't file a missing person's report for twenty-four hours" Brian said on the phone.

"Alright, I'm going to try calling Neilson, we'll try to get the first flight back to LA" Nick said.

"Alright I'll see you guys later" Brian said hanging up.

Nick clinched his eyes shut and pinched the bridge of his nose, he then tapped on the screen of his phone and put it back to his ear.

"Hey its Neilson, leave a message, later" Neilson's voice said.

"Damn it" he said to himself, hanging up and dialing once again. "Come on Neilson" he said as the panic started to increase. He dialed once more and put his phone back to his ear "It's me, I need you to get us on the first flight back to LA... it’s an emergency" he said.

"Come and get it" AJ said as the door to the studio opened.

"We've got a problem" Nick said standing up from the chair.

AJ and Howie sat back on a large leather sofa "Did you want something else? because it's too late now" Howie said.

"It's not the food!" Nick said "It's the boys" he said as they looked up at him worriedly.


"Bill, hey" Natalie said rushing into a diner, a man stood behind the counter.

"Morning, Nat you're in here awfully early" Bill said to her.

"Yeah it's an emergency, have you seen Bradley or Neilson at all?" she asked.

“No, not yet at least" Bill said to her.

"Okay what about Kyle? or Harry? Adam?" she asked.

"No I haven't seen them for a while" Bill said to her.

"Okay" Natalie said.

"Something wrong?" Bill asked her.

"I don't know but it's not looking good, if any of them come in here can you please call me? We're having trouble locating them and we're kind of worried."

"Yeah course" Bill said.

"Thanks" she said as she ran out.


"Okay there has got to be some kind of explanation" Vicki said to him.

"No, this doesn't make sense, something is not right here" Brian said to her.

"Okay, okay so what do we do now? Nat can't find them anywhere; we're not having any luck tracking them down by phone so...?" Sasha asked.

“There’s only one thing left to do" Brian said picking up the phone dialing "Yeah hi, I think my son is missing" he said on the phone.


"Mr. Porter? Hi, uh Adam McLean's dad here" AJ said "Yeah I'm good, listen I'm sorry to call so early but I'm experiencing a little miscommunication has Gavin seen or heard from Kyle or Adam?" he asked "Oh, okay, thanks if they show up or Gavin talks to them can you please call me? okay thank you, yeah bye" he said hanging up "haven't been with Gavin" he said.

"Just called the library, Harry wasn't in at all yesterday, something is most definitely wrong" Howie said.

"I just talked to Nat, she said she's been all over Los Angeles twice, no sign of the boys" Nick said "And Neilson is not picking up his cellphone at all" he said. His phone began to ring "Yeah?" he asked "Okay great, thanks" he said hanging up "We got a flight to LA" he said to them. "But we got to leave now if we want to make it" he said.

"Let's go" AJ said as they rushed from the studio and back to their hotel. They quickly packed up their things and headed to the airport.


Bradley sat on the flimsy cot trying to finagle with the handcuffs tightly wrapped around his wrist, he looked around the room “What is this place?” he asked himself.

The door then opened and Derek appeared, Bradley looked at him confused "Well hello there" Derek said to Bradley as the door shut behind him, Bradley looked at him warily "Bradley right?"

"Yeah..." Bradley said to him “Aren’t you?…” Bradley asked.

“Damien’s father, Derek Winchester” Derek said introducing himself.

“The devil in the flesh” Bradley said to him.

"Ooh, ouch, my son was right you are a mouthy little thing aren't you?"

"I'm right aren't I? You have me chained to a bed" Bradley said to him "What do you want?" Bradley asked "Why am I here?" he asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough, but if you want to make it out of here alive, I kindly suggest you cooperate with me” Derek said sinisterly.

“Ooh” Bradley chuckled “Oh really” he said “Or what?” he asked.

“Remember your best friend Neilson?” he asked.

“What about him?” Bradley asked.

“He’s in a room down the hall” Derek said.

"You have Neilson?" Bradley asked.

“You do what I say and Neilson is safe, you refuse to cooperate and you will watch while I have him killed” Derek said as Bradley looked at him fearfully. Derek smiled at him and pulled out a phone “One phone call and you watch your best friend die, are we clear?”

"You know what? You want to come after me, fine, but you so much as lay one finger on Neilson Carter and I swear to god I will tear you apart" Bradley sneered at him.

Derek chuckled lightly “I have a feeling you and I are going to get along just famously” he said patting Bradley's cheek and leaving the room.


The day grew on, the sun began to lower into the sky, night falling once again and still no word from the boys, their parents not knowing the mortal danger they were in.

Kellie sat at the desk in her office, a desk lamp being the only light in the room.

“Hey it's Kyle, leave a message” his voice said.

She sighed and hung up when the phone vibrated in her hand “Hello?” she asked.

“Hey” Kevin said.

“Oh hey” she said happily “How are things in Boston?” she asked.

“Great so far” he said.

“It’s late there” she said looking at her watch.

“Yeah I know I’m trying to get ahold of Kyle but he’s not answering his phone” he said.

“Huh what a coincidence I just tried to call him too” she said.

“Any answer?” he asked.

“Nope, I’ve been trying all day, I'm starting to get worried here...eh, it's Saturday, he's probably out with Gavin and Jared or something" she said to him.

"Well I've been trying to call the guys all day too and they're not picking up either" he said.

"Oh they're out of town, they're recording in Tampa I think" she said to him.

“You still at the office?” he asked.

“I'm assisting the DA on a big murder case, its huge we've been working all week on it” she said “Maybe once I’m done here I’ll swing by the guys’ house and see if Kyle’s home” she said.

“Tell him to call me tomorrow” he said.

“Will do, night” she said.

“Night” he said as they hung up.


Detective Dean Stone sat in his office, slumbering away in his desk chair, a desk light casting a sullen glow.

"Dean" someone said coming in, scaring him awake.

"Yeah?" he asked.

"Were you sleeping?" they asked.

"No, course not" he said clearing his throat.

"You got a little..." he said pointing to his mouth.

"Do you want something?" he asked.

"Right sorry, captain wants to see you, something big" he said.

“Right now?” he asked.

“I guess so, don’t worry I’m sure you can catch up on your beauty sleep later” they said to him.

“Shut up” he said pushing them from his office and shutting the door behind him.


“Here it is, the last box” Christina's assistant said putting a large box on to the sales desk, a pile of hangers sat nearby.

“Thank god, hopefully these are the shoes” she slid a knife through the tape on the box and opened it up “It is” she said breathing a sigh of relief.

“I got it” Anna said as the phone began to ring, Christina began to unpack the tiny shoes “Hey, it’s Sasha."

“Oh, can you tell her I'll call her back later? I really want to get out of here” she said taking more shoes from the box.

“She says it’s an emergency, something about Harry” she said handing the phone over.

“Sash? Hey what’s going on?” she asked concerned. “What?” she asked “What are you talking about? What do you mean gone?” she asked “Uh yeah…yeah I’ll be right there” she said hanging up.

“What’s going on?” Anna asked her.

“My son has disappeared” Christina said grabbing her purse.

“What?!” Anna asked.

“I got to go, can you close up for me?” Christina asked.

“Course, hey call me later” she said as Christina left the store