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After what felt like eternity, Kevin felt the feeling in his lower half begin to slip away. His butt was numb and if they didn’t move soon he was going to scream. He pulled back from Nick gently and took the younger man’s face in his hands. He dropped a kiss on his nose, both cheeks and then a soft, sweet kiss on his lips. “I love you baby, let’s go get you cleaned up.” Kevin said gently unwrapping himself from the blonde. Nick nodded and shifted off his lap, standing and offering his hand to help Kevin up off the floor. Kevin stretched, popping and groaning as his body came to life again.

“You’re getting old.” Nick giggled listening to the noises Kevin’s joints made.

“Who are you calling old?” Kevin said, turning to glare at the younger man. Nick giggled and took off running to the bathroom, Kevin hot on his heels.

Kevin caught Nick around the waist as the younger man reached the sink. Kevin was still naked from his previous shower, Nick clad only in his boxers and thin t-shirt. Kevin pushed the younger man into the bathroom vanity and watched as the slow sexy smile spread across his lover's beautiful features. Nick gripped the counter as Kevin pressed into him from behind. "Are we done fighting now, because if so I have several ideas of what else we could be doing instead." he whispered seductively as he bent down to lick and bite the skin right behind Nick's ear. The skin that was always so sensitive, smelling so much of the other man. Nick groaned and relaxed back into him as Kevin wrapped one arm solidly around Nick's waist. "Mmm, were we fighting?" he mumbled as he pressed harder back into Kevin's body.

"That's what I thought." Kevin whispered against his skin as he took his free hand and slipped it easily inside Nick's boxers. Kevin stroked him a couple of times before pulling him out of the confines of his underwear. Kevin smiled at the blonde in the mirror as his fingers wrapped around him, hard and warm, already leaking and ready for whatever Kevin wanted to do to him. Nick’s head fell back against Kevin’s chest as he gasped at the sudden touch of the older man. His legs wobbled under him and had it not been for Kevin’s arm securely around him he would have surely crumpled to the floor with the rush of emotions that were currently overtaking him. Nick moaned and allowed his eyes to drift closed as he gave into the desire Kevin was creating inside his body.

Kevin slid his hand up and down, pumping the hardened flesh as he ground his own erection into Nick’s ass. He could feel the other man begin to shake gently under his hands. He began placing featherlight kisses along Nick’s collarbone and back of his neck, nipping him playfully as his hand continued to work him closer to his release. “Mmm, baby, you taste like candy baby.” Kevin mumbled as he moved from one side of Nick’s neck to the other. Nick barely managed a reply, his moan overtaking him as he began to thrust into Kevin’s hand.

Kevin picked up the pace, jerking him faster and rubbing his head, collecting the precum for lubrication as he continued his assault on the younger man. Nick was panting now thrusting in time with Kevin’s hand and then grounding his ass back into Kevin’s cock. Every nerve ending was on fire for the other man. “Kev, baby, I’m there.” he mumbled right before his orgasm tore through him and he came hard all over Kevin’s hand and the front of the vanity. Kevin held him upright as Nick’s depleted body sagged back against him. Kevin chuckled and wiped his hand on the soiled underwear before wrapping his other arm around the man. “I love you Nicky.” he whispered holding him close.

“I love you too Kev,” Nick mumbled, his face blissful and relaxed.

Kevin smiled at him in the mirror even though he couldn’t see. He studied their reflection while Nick worked to catch his breath. The contrast of their bodies was beautiful. Nick’s golden tan skin and blonde hair against his whiter and dark haired complexion was striking. Kevin could gaze at them together all day. The way that Nick’s body fit so secure, so evenly and snug against his own as if they were two puzzle pieces made to perfectly fit each other. And fit they did. Their bodies fit and became one in the most erotic and brilliant way that it took Kevin’s breath away. He wanted Nick to experience this, to see what he saw when he looked not only at Nick, but at them together. They were beautiful. Together, they were the most beautiful sight Kevin had ever seen.

“Nicky,” he whispered, kissing the side of Nick’s cheek and nuzzling him gently with his nose. “Open those pretty eyes.”

Nick blinked several times and then opened his eyes, focusing in on Kevin’s in the bathroom mirror. “Look baby,” Kevin started. “Look in the mirror. Look at how you look, how your body looks pressed against me, fitted to me. Look how beautiful you are, how beautiful you are here with me.” Kevin said, his voice dropping low with his desire.

Nick looked, blushed and tried to turn his head away but Kevin was prepared and instead used one hand to grab his chin and turn Nick’s head to make it instead focus on their reflection in the mirror. “Look baby. Look at how I look with you next to me, see how perfectly we fit together? Beautiful.” he said as he nuzzled the back of Nick’s neck and dropped kisses on each shoulder. “Look how close we can get, look how I can nestle so tightly, so right. I bet it’s even more beautiful when I’m buried inside of you. What do you think, Nicky? Do you think so?” Nick didn’t answer but Kevin could feel this breath quicken as he continued to talk.

Kevin moved his hand behind their bodies and forced Nick’s underwear down his hips, still keeping one arm securely around his waist. “That’s better,” Kevin mumbled as he pulled Nick back against his straining erection. Both men moaned as Nick’s ass hit Kevin’s cock and Kevin pushed even closer grinding into him gently. “Now where was I? Oh I know, right about here.” Kevin said as he used his knee to push Nick’s legs apart just a smidge. The movement made Nick spread just enough for Kevin to nestle himself even closer to his ass, causing the younger man to moan and push his hips back into Kevin.

Kevin smiled and increased his hold on the man. “Now Nicky, let’s take another look at how beautiful we are shall we?” he made sure he had Nick’s eyes on him before moving or speaking again. Nick’s cock was hardening again under Kevin’s intense gaze and Kevin grasped him gently in his hand and pumped a couple times, making Nick grunt and push back once more. “Look how pretty your cock looks in my hand baby. Looks like your cock was made just for me doesn’t it? The only way it looks any better is when it’s sliding in and out of me, making me yours. Isn’t that right Nicky?” Nick couldn’t contain the moan that escaped his lips. Kevin was driving him crazy. He was so hard, already, that he wasn’t sure how long he would be able to last. Wasn’t even sure what Kevin’s plan was. He was only relieved Kevin still loved him, still wanted him. He felt himself being swept off in these feelings of need and desire for the other man.

Kevin continued to stroke the other man whispering gentle words love and desire. Nick felt like he was losing control all over again. “I want to see how beautiful you look with me inside you, claiming your body and making you mine. Do you want to see that Nicky? Do you want to see what you look like when I’m fucking you?” Kevin rasped out as he sped up his hand.

The moan that echoed in the tiny bathroom almost made Kevin come right then. He slowed his hand and took several deep breaths to control himself. Nick was shaking with want and nodded biting his bottom lip to keep from moaning out again. Kevin smirked and leaned in to capture that bottom lip into his mouth. Nick returned the kiss in the same intensity, both men battling for control. Finally with a shaky breath, Kevin pulled away and pulled open a drawer in the vanity. Rooting around until he found what he was looking for he quickly opened the bottle and squirted the lube into his hands. He made quick work of lubing himself up and in seconds he was at Nick’s entrance. “Ready baby?” Kevin asked turning Nick back around so he could watch them in the mirror. Nick nodded and gripped the counter, preparing for Kevin. Kevin took a deep breath and pushed inside the tight hot heat he’d quickly become addicted too.

“God baby, you’re so tight. So good.” Kevin ground out once he was completely inside. He was finding it difficult to keep his own eyes open, wanting nothing more than to pull out and thrust back into the younger man with all he was worth. But he waited, not wanting to hurt Nick anymore than he already was. He waited until Nick started pushing against him before he used his free hand to straighten Nick’s frame so he had a clear view of what Kevin was doing. Kevin pulled out gently and thrust back into his young lover, watching the expression change on Nick’s face as he hit his prostate. It was by far the most beautiful thing Kevin had ever seen.

“Look baby,” he said, prodding Nick to open his eyes and stare into the mirror. “Look how sexy you are as I fuck you. You're so hot, so tight. It’s like your ass was made just for my cock. Is that right Nicky? Were you made just for me?”

Nick could barely keep his eyes open, let alone make conversation. The things Kevin was doing to his body, to his heart were so intense they scared and excited him. He wasn’t sure what to feel, what to say next. He started pushing his hips back, meeting Kevin thrust for thrust pushing him deeper inside. Nothing felt better than having Kevin buried inside of him, nothing. So he opened his eyes and watched the look of love cross Kevin’s features once their eyes met in the mirror. He tried to hold on, tried to remember this moment, this feeling forever. But one more thrust from Kevin sent his body shattering into a million pieces as he came a second time all over himself while Kevin emptied himself deep inside. Nick struggled to breath, never wanting this moment, this feeling to end.

Kevin managed to catch his breath and pulled out gently, both moaning at the loss of contact. He pulled Nick’s heated body around and wrapped his arms around him, pulling him close. “You are beautiful and I love you.” Kevin whispered against the lips he loved so much before taking them in a bruising kiss. Nick sighed contentedly against him and pulled him closer.

“I really need that shower now.”


After a very heated shower they were both sated and exhausted. Nick drug the older man towards the bed and climbed in, pulling Kevin down beside him. He checked the baby monitor quickly to make sure both kids were still sound asleep before rolling over against Kevin. The older man smiled down at him and pulled Nick into his arms. “Did you read any of it at all?” Nick asked as he settled into the embrace. He wrapped one arm around Kevin’s middle and snuggled in as close as he could. Kevin shook his head. “Honestly, there wasn’t time and after seeing how upset you got I really had no desire to. Nothing is going to change how I feel about you, about us. I’ll answer the people who personally reach out to me, but i’m not concerned with the rest.”

“How do you get to that place.” Nick asked softly after a few quiet moments.

“What place?” Kevin questioned.

“That peace. The place of not caring what people are saying. I guess I’ve never been able to be comfortable enough in my own skin, as my own person to be able to ignore the things that are said or written about me without getting hurt.” Nick said softly. He took Kevin’s hand in his and began loosely clasping and unclasping their fingers together as he spoke.

Kevin clasped their fingers and squeezed. “Oh Nicky, it’s not something that everyone can do. Everyone is different. I’ve never cared much about other people’s opinions, outside of you and the other guys. I know things are different for you and I’m sorry if I am not understanding enough with you sometimes. I can understand it’s hurtful to read those things. I won’t tell you I enjoy reading it, but those people out there, they don’t know the real me. They don’t know what’s in my heart. I refuse to let them get to me. Now if it were you or one of the others thinking those things, then I’d be crushed. I wouldn’t be half as confident as I am. You can always be confident in the fact that I love you baby.”

Nick sighed happily and snuggled in deeper. “I love you too. I’m going to try really hard not to let any of it get to me. Please just be patient.”

Kevin kissed the top of his head and smiled. “I promise baby.”