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之之之Chapter 2坐坐坐

Heather and Nick looked at each other again. There was a full five minutes of silence before Nick said “Um.”

“That’s probably the best way to describe the situation. What are we going to do?” Heather asked.

“Well, we could just wait until you can have a boyfriend until we talk about it,” Nick said.

“That wouldn’t work. It’d be on our minds the entire time and that would just suck because it would influence our friendship.”

“Um, guys, I’m just gonna go in the other room for a few minutes because I really don’t even wanna influence you guys’ decisions and you totally have to figure this one out for yourselves,” Alex said, walking into the connecting bathroom. They heard the door lock.

“I’m still wondering what to do,” Heather said. “This might help. Why did you move your head like that?”

“I wasn’t comfortable in that position and I really didn’t know where you were gonna kiss next so I took my chances and moved my head. Obviously the wrong way,” he lied.

“So there’s no problem, right? It was just an accident?”

“Yeah. No problem at all. Let’s get Alex back out here and continue our game.” Heather knocked on the bathroom door. Alex peeked her head out. “Solved,” Nick said. She took one look at his face and knew instantly that he hadn’t told her the truth. But she had told him that she wouldn’t tell his secret and intended to keep that promise, as much as she thought it should be said. They continued with their game of Parcheesi and then went to sleep.

之之之Graduation Day坐坐坐

“Joshua Bomberger,” the teacher announced. The kid they all knew as Josh went and took his diploma from the smiling principal. He shook her hand and went in front of the audience of all the families of the graduating students. He stood there for a second and allowed all the cameras to flash, then moved back to the end of the row.

“Nickolas Carter,” came over the speakers. Nick sucked in his breath and walked toward the principal, who he had always found somewhat annoying. She had thought him the same, considering he was always in trouble.

When he went to shake her hand and take his diploma, she held onto his hand for a second longer. “Well, Nickolas, you actually graduated. Congratulations,” she said.

“Well, gee, Mrs. Smith, I really don’t know to take that as a compliment or an insult,” he said, smiling.

Her smile faltered for a second, then regained its confidence. “Why, a compliment of course.” She let go of his hand and he continued on his way.

之之之Later that afternoon坐坐坐

“So what ya’ll doin’ this summer?” Alex piped up.

“Absolutely nothing, besides shopping for a new wardrobe. I need new clothes for jr. high. But besides that, this will officially be the most boring summer of my life,” Heather complained. Then her face brightened a little. “But at least I get to shop.”

“I’m doing pretty much the same,” Nick said.

“So I guess we’re gonna be hanging out all summer?” Alex asked.

Heather and Nick smiled and Alex couldn’t help but think of what a cute couple they’d make. “Has it ever been different?” she responded. They were still in their graduation clothes, sitting around in Nick’s living room. Heather’s purple hair stood out among everything else. She seemed to like it that way.

“Look, I gotta go home and change outta this dress. Meet me at the park around five?” Alex asked.

Nick nodded. Heather looked at her watch. “You wanna ride home? My mom will be here in about fifteen minutes, and I’m sure she’ll be glad to give you a ride,” she said.

“Sure,” Alex said.

之之之In The Car坐坐坐

“I have a crush,” Heather whispered in Alex’s ear.

“Really? Who?”

Heather blushed and studied her hands. “Nick,” she said shyly. “But you can’t tell anybody.”

“Promise,” Alex responded, thinking of how they had a crush on each other but didn’t know it. What could she do to help them? She had promised both of them not to tell their secrets, but they liked each other, so would it really be a bad thing to tell one of them what was going on? Alex decided not to tell and just let time do that for them.