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Of all the things she hated. She hated these gifts but mostly she hated lying to her family and friends about them. She looked threw the tinted glass window and looked at her family. The five men she had and would always call her family. All five unconscous and strapped to metal tables. She reached up and placed her bound hands on the glass.

" I'm sorry." She whispered.

" Trisha tell us which one is of your blood."

" They are all my family."

" Tell me the one that is your blood." He said pressing a button, he watched their bodies arch as electrical current ran threw their bodies.

" Stop Please stop!"

" Then tell me which one is your family."

" Never." She hissed looking at him. He only seemed to laugh evilly and turn up the voltage. She could hear their pain filled screams threw the glass.

" Stop! I'll tell you. Just stop hurting them"

" I'll stop once you tell me."

" Him the one in the middle. He's my brother. The one on the end is my fiancee. Please just stop hurting them." Trista cried. She heard him laugh as he turned the machine off and their bodies relaxed.

" Bring me Mr. Dorough."

" Leave my brother alone."

" Trista my dear you're not the one giving orders around here."

" Leave him alone or I'll..."

" You'll what?" He said grabbing her by the throat and lifting her off the floor. Trista gasped and clawed at his hands. Her eyes began to change color.

" Oh I dont think so my dear." He said plunging a needle into her neck. He dropped her now unconscous form onto the floor.

" Drop her into the glass cage. Make sure that you turn on the current."

" Yes sir and of them?"

" The cage is inside the cell they are being held in. She can watch us torture them."

" Yes sir. And the brother?"

" Bring him to me." He said. The other man nodded and lifted Trista off the floor and left the room.

Trista paced the cage she was in like a lioness. She looked at the four men that were unconscous on the floor outside her prision. She could see they were starting to wake up.

" Trista baby are you ok?"

" Alex I am alright. Are you?"

" A little over charged but fine. My angel they didnt hurt you?" Alex asked walking up to the glass cage. He started to place his hands on it when he got a shock.

" Don't touch it." Trista said watching him shake his now slightly burned hand.