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Howie looked around the room he was in. He was tied to a chair and wondered why he was wanted.

" Well Mr Dorough do you know of your sisters deception?"

" What are you talking about? Where is Trista?"

" Oh Don't worry she's safe in her little cage."

" A Cage? What?" Howie asked anger filling his normally soft eyes.

" You'd be amazed the reason we cage her. But since your her brother, we should find out if your like her."

" Trista and I arent blood. She was adopted when I was six."

" Oh Really? Trista failed to tell us that. And that means that you'll have to be punished for it."

" What?" Howie said as two men grabbed his arms.

" We'll return your beaten and bloody body to your sister."

" Leave me alone." Howie said trying to break free, he hissed as pain shot threw his body as he was hit in the stomach. Howie looked up as the men approached him holding a metal rod. They began to beat him mercilessly until Howie stopped moving all together.

" Take him back to his cell. And then bring me Trista."

" Yes sir."


Trista looked towards the steel door as two men entered dragging an unconscous Howie.

" What did you do to him?" Kevin shouted.

" He's been punished for Trista's lies." They said dropping Howie on to the hard floor. They then turned their attention to a caged Trista.

" Try me boys." Trista said as her eyes glowed a deep blue as what looked like electrical current came from them.

" Oh don't worry we arent coming in there."

" Then let me out."

" Nope. Atleast not while your awake. Time for a nap." One said pressing a button, the small glass room filled with a gas. Trista slammed her fists against the glass before slumping to the floor unconscous. Kevin stood and tried to get to the men.

" Get away from my girl." Kevin growled.

" Oh that's interesting. She had said he was the fiancee." He siad pointing towards Alex. Kevin narrowed his eyes. And wondered why Trista had said she was engaged to Alex and not him.

" What does that have to do with anything?" Kevin asked.

" Oh the boss will love to know this. Get her out of there."

" Sure" Said the other. He entered the cage and lifted Trista into his arms. Kevin growled looking at the men while he tended to Howie.


" What about the boy?" They asked as they came back with Trista.

" Put him in her cage. She'll meet him when she's done here."

" Yes sir." He answered dropping Trista onto the floor. He looked towards the dark haired boy that sat bound gaged and blindfolded in the corner. The blind fold was for their own protection as his and Trista's powers mainly came from their eyes.

" Well Randy time to meet your new cell mates."

" Now make sure he's comfortable."

" Oh dont worry I will." He answered as he lifted him. Randy tried to break free but it was no use the chains they used to bind his hands were stronger than he was.

" Now Billy remember they are the ones that will be making us our army."

" What of the brother and his friends? Keith they wont let us hurt her freely."

" Not sure yet. But Billy I know if we breed them since they have the same powers they will produce the most powerful children the world has ever seen. Now take him in there. I want some time with her." He said. Billy smiled evilly and left the room with young Randy.