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'Finally it's 3:00!' Bianca thought to herself as she climbed up the stairs of the bus and walked to the back where she normally sat.Once she got there she plopped down beside Mandella and Rachelle "Hey" She said as she sat down,"Hey" they replied in unison."So what do you guys wanna do tonight?" Bianca asked (Mandella and Rachelle were staying over) "I dunno" Rachelle said "we could uh..." "Have a Hot-Guy-Movie-Marathon!" Mandella siad finishing Rachelle's sentence."Perfect!" Bianca said "We can watch a whole bunch of them and have like a little spa-day thing!""Thats a great idea!"Mandella suggested.
"Alright then, thats what we'll do!" Bianca said.

~BSB Tour Bus~
"Ok the reason we're all here is because of this!" Kevin shouted as he lay a peice of paper on the coffeetable."Um ok Kevin,uh exactlly what is 'this'?" A.J. said in utter confusion."Well why don't we all ask Nick?" Kevin said looking at his fellow band member.Everyone turned their attention to the blonde slouched in a nearby chair."Well Nick we're waiting" Kevin demanded "Yeah waiting to find out what 'this' is" Brian said."Well.." Nick started "this is a fan letter, and the reason Kevin is mad is because iI responded to it" he said confident in himself."Urggghhh Nick why did you do a fool thing like that?" Brian asked his best friend,his country accent starting to show "Yeah Nick do you want our manager all over this? Did you hear what happened when Britney Spears replied to a fan letter?" A.J. shouted "No A.J. Im not as caught up as you are on the daily news......what happened?"
Nick asked "The fan....." A.J. started "The fan became a stalker!!!" Kevin finished "Now we don't want that happening to us!" he shouted "You don't even know this girl o.k.!!"Nick said in an angry tone"Yeah well neither do you!!!" Kevin shouted back.It was obvious that Kevin had won this argument, but Nick was'ent gonna give up on this girl he had to talk to her again.......he just had to.

(A/N:Sorry I havent been updating lately I've been sooooo busy I hope everyone likes this chapter!!!!!!)