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Chapter Three: Good As New

Her laughter echoes in the silent hotel hallway as bloody handprints smeared down the painted cement walls. Smiling, she straightens up gazing at her partner Jade, “Hmmmm…I almost forgot the taste of human blood. God how I missed those pathetic yells they make.”

Jade giggles, nodding her head as she ties up her dark brown hair, the blue streaks glitter in the hallway florescent lights above her. “I know. It’s wonderful. Hell it seems wonderful to be alive again. I almost forgot what the land looks like. Things seem to have changed while we were sleeping for so long. But we’re back.”

“Oh yes we are.” Dynasty grins, her light brown eyes scan the hallway around her and snickers. “Man I’m so hungry. I think its time we knock another door, I need another snack.”

Jade laughs, wrapping her caramel arms around her lithe waist. “Shhh…ok fine. But be quiet.”

Dynasty smiles, her loose dark medium brown locks tumble neatly down her shoulders as they had gotten cleaned and bathed in a wealthy victim’s lavish apartment and now both in clean and fresh white summer dresses, they smile and walk down the next apartment, knocking on it innocently.

After a few knocks, they were going to move to the next apartment until the door opens, two small green eyes peer at them from the door crack, smiling. Jade kneels and coos at the child, calling for the girl to come forward. Giggling, the fair headed little girl, opens the apartment door wider gazing at the two estranged women.

Dynasty smirks and peers behind the little child to see a teen boy gazing at them angrily.

“Ashlee why did you open the door? Mom is gonna be mad with ya. Get away from the door, I’m gonna close it.” The teen boy calls out, his tall lithe body steps next to the little girl ready to slam the door on them. Dynasty pushes the door wide and steps in smiling as Jade follows, holding the door as her fangs poke out of her lips. The bright afternoon close to evening sun splashes down in the apartment as the two women step in, grabbing the boy by his throat and ripping the flesh off it quickly with their bites, each woman chewing on the boy’s neck before he knew what was going on. The only sounds besides the soft munching of the broken flesh was the boy’s last gurgle as the little girl watches with amusement at her brother’s death. The pool of blood splatters down on the shiny wooden planks as the little three year old girl claps her hands, giggling at the sight not knowing her brother wasn’t going to wake up from this bite.