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“Who’s that?”

Nick looked at Xenia as he sat opposite his brother, Aaron, and his cousin, Kevin. They flew all the way from London to answer his desperate call of help. The two are on a vacation by that time and Nick took the chance he got to ask them to come over in Scotland. He met Xenia’s look and winked at her. His hormones are raging whenever he gets close to that woman. But he tries to ignore his desire for Xenia’s ravishing beauty before it could lead him elsewhere. There are more important matters that concern him right now.

“Xenia Wilkins,” he replied as he winked at the woman. Xenia raised an eyebrow and rolled her eyes in reply to him.

“The woman is not smitten,” Kevin laughed. Nick just grinned. His cousin-slash-lawyer drinks his glass of water. “So are you getting married?”

“No!” Nick quickly replied. His face grew serious. “Who told you that?” Kevin just shrugged. Kevin is their cousin from their father’s sister, Anne, who married a Richardson in Kentucky. Despite their large age gap, they unbelievably grew close with each other. Nick looked up to Kevin as a big brother. “I’d never settle down, not at least in a near future. I asked you to come because I need help to understand these papers, Kevin.” He gave his cousin the stack of papers he brought along for their meeting.

“Europe suits you well, Nick.” Kevin noticed as he took the papers from his cousin.

“Uncle Marcus said that a woman named Justine has been hanging around and trying to hook you up,” Aaron added as Kevin started studying the files. Aaron is the youngest among his siblings, and is the only brother. He looks like Nick when he was at his age. Currently, he is an incoming freshman at the Columbia University.

Nick just laughed at that. “Justine? No way!” He turned towards where Xenia and her cousin are. The two are having a good laugh over something. He loved looking at the way Xenia’s eyes smile and her the way she talks. She could be an effective speaker. She could possibly get anyone’s attention whenever she spoke. He couldn’t dislike her for long. Xenia has a sweet, irresistible nature. She didn’t mean her joke on him when Aaron’s Jaguar had a problem on the first time they met. Nick sighed in frustration of not having time to get closer to her. He is bound to family duties and he got to settle everything first before focusing on Xenia. He turned back to the men in the table. “Kevin, Aaron. What do you think should I do to get through this problem?”

Aaron drew a deep breath. “I never imagined that it could happen, Nick. And I guess there’s just really one way,” he told his eldest brother.


Xenia struggled for the bag of goods she bought at the groceries. Leah took Alix to the pediatrician, while her husband, Alvin, is still on a conference in Wales. Xenia volunteered to buy something for the kitchen and decided she would like to prepare her cousin some pasta recipes she learned to cook.

“Need help with that, Miss?”

Xenia peered through the bags she’s carrying on her arms. She saw Nick who looked dashing although his eyes were hidden beneath his dark sunglasses. He’s even wearing a suit, which makes Xenia wonder where could he be going today. Nick had this melting smile on his face once again. Xenia couldn’t help it but smile.

“Thanks. Just to my car, please.” Nick began taking the heavy bags from her. They went to Xenia’s car and placed the bags at the trunk.

“Where’s Jordan?” Nick asked her about her chauffeur she’s with when they first met.

“Jordan is at home, tending the stables.” Xenia replied. “Thanks.” She closed the trunk once everything’s done. They stood looking at each other. “It seems like you’re on a special meeting today, or are you going on a date?”

“This early? No.” Nick chuckled. “I’ll be catching up a plane bound to London. I got to meet my Dad and get on to some business with him. I didn’t even got the chance to have breakfast at home so I decided to dropped by the grocery when I craved for some cinnamon biscuits.”

Xenia nodded. “Nice choice. Top it off with some fresh milk. You’ll be energized for the day.”

“Thanks.” They still remained there standing. It was like feeling as though they are contented in just looking at each other.

“Xenia, hi.”

Both turned to see Daniel, Xenia’s Sales Manager. Daniel and Nick shook hands after Xenia immediately introduced the men to each other. “What’s up, Daniel?” Xenia asked her work colleague. Nick watched as the other man takes a serious glance at Xenia. The man must have liked the pretty brunette.

“Oh, just dropping by for some weekly groceries.” Daniel replied. “How about you, Nick? Looks like you’re on a special mission right now.”

“Looks like it. Anyway, I have to go. Bye, Xenia.” Nick waved goodbye at her then started towards his car. Xenia followed him with a look and wished that he’d stay longer. But he really has to go, and Daniel is here who seemed wanted to start a conversation with her. She turned to Daniel.

“As for me, I really have to go home now, too. Nice seeing you here, Daniel.”

Daniel let out a frustrated sigh in which Xenia noticed but would rather ignore. “Bye, Xenia. Take care while driving.”

“Thanks, I will.”


“I saw Nick today, he’s leaving to meet his Dad in London.” Xenia started after one bite from the garlic bread she had on her plate. Leah smiled teasingly. “What?”

“Well, I know for sure that you liked that man.”

“I find him cute, but as I said before, cute is for dogs. So I find him charming.” Xenia replied. “Do you have anything else that you knew about Nick, Leah?”

“All I know is that he’s Mr. Marcus’ nephew. He’s been going here back and forth from New York for almost four months now. He told me once that he had a house in London and that’s where he usually stays for almost six years for some family matters. He didn’t told me what is it but I think that Nick’s family is kind of really wealthy. He’s just too low-profiled, as well as Mr. Marcus with regards to their status.”

“I don’t think that I’m a true New Yorker because I haven’t heard of him, or is it really just because I was so busy going here and there for my extra-curricular activities. I’m not really aware of the people circulating within the NYC’s society. I don't even stay in New York in a long time. I always go someplace.” She drinks her juice before she continued. “They knew how to get along with other people, huh?”

Leah nodded. “Plus, I find Nick a really nice person, aside from being charming. I learned from Alvin that he’s a benefactor for one of the children’s homes in London, as well as in Edinburgh and Aberdeen. He most likely wanted to share his blessings to the less fortunate children.”

“At least, being handsome has its points beyond skin deep.” Xenia said.

“But he’s also been the prospect of many women around here, Xenia.”

“Justine, I know.” Xenia shook her head while her cousin chuckled.

“Justine, I think, is the former girlfriend of the Duke of Dawson living on the estate right now.”

Xenia whistled. “Really? Well, it seems like Justine really had an easy way towards high-powered men. Nick already had his attention on her.”

“I don’t think so. Because if Nick likes her, then why would he even bother to flirt on you whenever you met?” Xenia cast her cousin a glare. Flirt? She watched as Leah focused her attention to Xenia’s fettuccine.

“Why wouldn’t he? Any rich guy like Nick could have any women he would want with his good looks and charm.” Xenia retorted. She didn’t notice that she’s already making a mild massacre on her own garlic bread with the thought of Justine and Nick together. “Justine is actually quite a good catch. She’s a total onlooker.”

“But still in my own opinion, he’d rather have you than those other women. He’s safe with you. And you looked good together.” Leah finished. Xenia bit her lower lip as she stared down at her garlic bread. ‘But will I be safe with him?’ she thought. She never felt so hopeless and jealous like this before. She hates it and scared of feeling as if there are connections established between them when apparently, there's really none.