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When Bree woke up that morning she was ecstatic, she was going to see her friends today, they would all in Diagon Alley waiting for her. They were going to get their school supplies.
She walked down the stairs and into the kitchen for breakfast; she was surprised to find the kitchen empty with no breakfast in sight. “How odd.” She thought to herself, especially since they had house-elves that made sure there was food when Alamadrea didn’t cook. Bree looked around the kitchen wondering where everybody was. She called out to here favorite elf, she would know where everyone was.
“Yunnie!” she yelled into the empty room. With a loud crack a small house elf appeared.
“Yes young mistress, what do you wish of me?” Yunnie asked with a bow so low that her long nose brushed the ground.
“Do you know where my parents have gone off to? Oh and where is my breakfast I am starving.” She said.
“They have gone to the Malfoy estate for the day and I am to respectfully request that you join them when you wake. That is why there is no food, it is waiting for you elsewhere.” She smiled hoping for some bit of praise from her young mistress. Bree smiled, Yunnie was a friend. Bree and Alamadrea treated their helpers with respect and love where as Roland (Bree’s father) treated them the same way that the Malfoys did, like shit.
“Thank you Yunnie, could you make me a quick snack before I leave though. I am famished, I couldn’t possibly apparate on an empty stomach.” She said with a smile, knowing that the elf would do anything that Bree wanted. Bree kissed her hand and then tapped Yunnie on the top of her head and went upstairs to shower and dress. After she was finished she went back downstairs to find that the elf had made her most favorite snack in the world, Orange Sweet Rolls.
Bree looked around at the empty room and said, “Thank you Yunnie they are delicious.” She ate a couple of them and then continued packing her things, tomorrow she would have to catch the Hogwart’s Express and she wanted to be prepared.
Back to the current problem, her father obviously thought that if he got her to the Malfoy’s Estate that she would forget about meeting her friends in Diagon Alley, he was wrong of course.
Bree walked out the door and poof she was gone. She re-appeared in front of the Malfoy’s large, dark mansion. It even looked like it smelled musty, yuck!
She reluctantly walked up to the large, oak front doors and grasped the knocker. She gave it three good knocks and waited. The door opened slowly, she entered the large Foyer and was escorted into the parlor by a house elf. She entered the parlor and saw that her parents were indeed there, and there was a lot of food. Her parent’s weren’t the only ones there either. Narcissa’s sister Bellatrix Lestrange was there as well as Severus Snape and some other prominent Deatheaters. Lucius, of course, was absent; Azkaban didn’t let people out for parties. Even if it was the Engagement party for his only son.
Everybody turned around when she was announced; luckily she had dressed nice and taken extra time on her hair and make-up. She was expecting to see Harry today and wanted to look nice. Good thing because she had just walked into her surprise engagement party.
Draco was beaming, she looked so beautiful and she was all his. Whether she loved him or not, that would come in time. He flipped the little ring box open and looking at the massive heirloom diamond that he was about to give to her and hoped that she would at least appreciate it.
Bree was so uncomfortable, and not pleased to see Snape either. He may be a hero, to this group, for what he did but she could not forgive him. She hadn’t even allowed him to explain anything to her, she didn’t want to hear it; the pain was still too fresh.
Narcissa approached Bree with her arms open, Bree reluctantly allowed herself to hug the woman that she would have to call mother from now on.
“Oh Brianna! We are so thrilled that you came so quickly. We are celebrating your engagement to Draco today, SURPRISE!” Narcissa was giddy with excitement, Lucius would be so happy; they had always hoped that the Wolfe and Malfoy families would be linked by marriage. The children of this union would be truly blessed, of course only in the circles that the Malfoys traveled, but blessed nonetheless.
Draco looked beautiful as well, his hair was slicked back as always; he was wearing a navy blue suit and tie, it really brought out his blue eyes. He looked so amazing that Bree was able to forget that she didn’t want to marry him, he approached her smiling. He saw that she was mesmerized by his appearance. He loved it, he reached for her hand and got down on one knee, she was actually smiling.
“Be my wife.” He said as he flipped open the box. Her eyes fell on the massive diamond and her mouth fell open. “Oh my fucking God! That thing is huge.” She thought to herself, could she actually be happy right now?
“Yes, I will Draco.” She said smiling and accepted the heirloom. He slid it onto her left ring finger and then kissed her hand. She had no idea that Draco could be so sweet and romantic when he wanted to. And right now he wanted nothing more than to make her feel wanted and loved.
They ate cake together and accepted well wishes from people, then made their way to the foyer to be alone.
“Draco, this is so unlike you. Why are you pretending that you like me? You haven’t given me any dirty looks or anything.” Bree didn’t like the uncomfortable feeling that she was getting, it was so unlike Draco to act like he cared.
“I know that you hate me Bree, but we are getting married and I just thought that I should make a few changes, it would be really awful to be married to someone and to know that they hated you more than anything else in the world.” He said.
“I don’t hate you, especially not more than anything else in this world. I hate the things that you say and the things that you do, Draco. But if you can make some changes then I can also. I know that we are getting married and I want it to be full of happiness and Love Draco. Not hate, deceit, and lies.” She said. She couldn’t believe it, but she was going to cry. She never realized, until now, how much she wanted Draco to like her. They both smiled. Narcissa and Alamadrea walked toward them, talking along the way.
“Why don’t the two of you get out of here? You need to buy your supplies for school right?” Narcissa asked. Bree nodded.
“Yeah we do but…” she was cut off by her mother, and the look on her face begged Bree to not mention that she was going to meet the Potter boy.
“I think that you and Draco will have fun in Diagon Alley.” Alamadrea was pleased that the day had gone so well and was not about to let Bree ruin it by being careless about mentioning her friends.
“Of course mother, that would be fabulous.” Bree answered and it was settled. Now she would have to explain to her friends and Draco why they all had to hang out together. This was a good chance to use the Muffliato spell…on Draco of course.