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Chapter 5

As they left the mansion, Draco turned to Bree with a sneer.
“Will we be meeting the unsavory people that you call friends?” he asked with contempt, “They make me feel dirty.” Bree was furious, all that talk inside of changing, must have just been talk.
“What of your changes Draco? Have those been forgotten so soon?” she looked deep into his eyes, looking for the truth. She found it, he wasn’t so keen on those changes, he had only wanted her to trust him. He was after all in Voldemort’s inner circle (replacing his father), and Voldemort wanted her. So she learned that it was all a ruse to obtain her trust.
“Draco, do you know why the Dark Lord wants me?” she asked. After the ease in which she had obtained information without Draco knowing, she didn’t think that he did. He had no idea she was a Legilimens, not a better Legilimens than Voldemort was an Occlumens. She was, however, a better Occlumens than Voldemort was a Legilimens. This is what angered the Dark Lord the most, she was only 17 and he was unable to infiltrate her mind to gather the information that he wanted.
“No I don’t, why does that matter?” he asked. She just laughed at him, he as so thick sometimes.
“Shall we go?” Bree asked.
“Yeah, just let me get my broom and then we can leave.” Bree looked puzzled. Draco was of age, hadn’t he gotten his license?
“Um, Draco wait. I thought we could just apparate. That is how I get everywhere.” once again she made eye contact, he had no idea what she was doing.
“Well I am not keen on the feeling of apparating. I just fly, more comfortable.” Bree smiled at him, he hadn’t passed his test, he would be retaking it that fall. She giggled to herself, he was so bad at lying.
“Right, Draco. We’ll just fly.” Bree hadn’t brought her broom, she would need to retrieve it from home. “Wait here, I will be right back. Oh and yes we will be meeting my friends, and you will like it.” She disappeared with a bang and reappeared a couple minutes later with her broom in tow.
“Shall we?” she said mounting her Firebolt. Draco looked at his Comet 260 with distaste and then mounted; they were off to Diagon Alley.
The trip was filled with silence, Draco did not like the fact that her broom was better, he left his good broom at school for Quidditch. But also he was angry that he would have to spend the afternoon with that little mud-blood snot, Hermione and her mud-blood friend Doug. Not to mention that he would also be spending the afternoon with a blood traitor, Ron, and Harry Potter. This was going to be pure hell.
Bree looked in Draco’s direction and could tell what he was thinking about, the look of contempt on his face told the whole story. He was NOT looking forward to their leisurely afternoon in Diagon Alley, oh well for him. It hadn’t been her idea for him to come along, it hadn’t been up to them at all.
“So will Crabbe and Goyle be there as well?” she asked in an effort to break the unbearable silence that enveloped them.
“Yeah, they were going to meet us in Knockturn Alley, don’t suppose that you are inclined to show your face in that part of town though. Right?” he asked. She looked at him like he was crazy, that place didn’t scare or intimidate her.
“I have no problem running in and out to fetch them, however, I will not be spending any amount of time there. If you want to hang out there then feel free, but I will not accompany you.” She said briskly. Her feelings on the location were of no consequence to him, he couldn’t care less whether she wanted to ‘hang out’ there or not. If she was to be his wife then she would need to learn that his word was law; that was final.
“You do realize that once we are wed, I will not tolerate that tone of voice. You will obey me at all times, is that understood?” he asked, very seriously. She actually laughed in his face.
“You wish Malfoy.” She sped up and laughed, he was in for the surprise of his life after the wedding. She would be sure to make his life miserable, she was not exactly the type to bow down to the Lord of the manor, just because he was a man did not make him better than her and she would make him see that.
They arrived in front of the Leaky Cauldron a little later than Bree would have liked, but at least there weren’t any muggles about. That would have been disastrous; it would really look bad to get into trouble this close to the beginning of their last year.
Bree stashed their brooms in her purse (which was enchanted to hold just about anything that you needed it to, it was Wizard Space) and they entered the Leaky Cauldron. They exited through that back door and tapped on the bricks to enter Diagon Alley. Her friends were waiting at the entrance for her to arrive. Her friends were stunned to see whom she had arrived with, she would explain later.
Hermione threw a dirty look in Draco’s direction before running to Bree and hugging her, they were best girlfriends. They were on the same intellectual playing field.
“I’ve missed you since we last spoke Bree.” Hermione said giggling.
“Oh I know, it has been awful not being able to owl my mates.” Bree replied. Draco tapped Bree’s shoulder.
“I shall return, I have to go and get the guys. Meet me in front of Ollivander’s in ten minutes ok?” he asked eyeing her cautiously.
“Of course, whatever you want Draco.” Her voice was dripping with sarcasm. Her friends just looked at her like she had a bogie hanging.
“What in the bloody hell does he care? Why is he with you?” Ron asked, obviously confused. All she had to do is whip out the rock, and she got their attention.
“I told you earlier in the summer that this was going to happen, I just didn’t think that it would be so soon. I will be watched ALL year. Luckily the HBP hooked us up with Muffliato so he will never know what we talk about, even when he is standing right there.” They all laughed at this, especially since they all knew who the HBP was and he didn’t appear to be on their side right now.
Bree thought that she saw Harry’s expression drop when he saw that she was indeed engaged, but she couldn’t be sure. It was at that moment that Ginny walked by and tore Harry’s gaze away from her. Now it was Bree’s turn to be disappointed, Harry watched intently as Ginny sauntered away, it was quite obvious that she was trying to get Harry’s attention back, neither had taken the break-up well.
Ginny was out of their sight within minutes, and they found themselves waiting patiently in front of Ollivander’s. Bree glanced at her watch, it had all ready been twenty minutes, if Draco didn’t show up soon they were going to go with out him.
Before she had even finished her thoughts he showed up with Crabbe and Goyle following behind him, like the faithful lapdogs that they were. He was the brains and they were his muscle.
“I see that you are able to follow directions after all. Finally seeing your place are you?” he asked, Crabbe and Goyle laughed.
“Don’t test me Malfoy, I am not in the mood.” She said with as much attitude as she could muster. She really just wanted to stick her tongue out, but she knew that wouldn’t go over well.
She looked at her friends, who had positioned themselves strategically so that they could cast the spell quickly. Harry had Crabbe, Hermione had Goyle, and Bree of course had Draco. They took their wands out of their robes, inconspicuously of course, and aimed them. Hermione and Bree were able to cast their spells silently, both having master non-verbal spell casting before the end of the last term. Harry just whispered his, being very careful not to attract Crabbe’s attention.
Draco and company would be able to hear each other but not anything that Dougie, Bree, Hermione, Ron or Harry said…THANK YOU TO THE HBP
They were able to discuss whatever they wanted, Bree wasn’t worried about Draco talking to her, he was doing a brilliant job of ignoring her and judging by the way the three were laughing, whispering, and looking at her, they were talking about her. Most likely insults, so she just threw them dirty looks so they would think that she cared. She didn’t.
They all got their things and said their goodbyes. They would all see each other tomorrow on the Hogwart’s Express, and she knew that Draco would not sink to their level by sitting with them. She would have a little peace for the ride there at least.