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Katherine was awakened just before sunset the following evening. Martin stood in the doorway and looked at his mistress, he hated having to wake her before the sun had set completely.
“What is the matter?” Katherine asked, she could almost sense that he had some horrid news.
“Miss Bianca is wishing to speak to you.”
“And you woke me early?”
“ She is rather upset and was wanting to speak to you.”
“Let me change and send her in.”
“Yes mistress,” Martin said bowing and leaving the room. Katherine climbed from the casket and closed the lid, she placed the large lace cover over it and pulled the curtain closed. Moving into the main part of the room, she pulled on a long red silk robe and sat on the edge of the bed.
“Come in.” Katherine said, she looked up at the door as it slowly opened. She could see that Bianca had been crying, since her eyes were red and puffy.
“What is wrong child?”
“He’s gone. I’ve never meant him any ill will, but when we first arrived here I was angry, and I said things.”
“We all say things we do not mean. I bet your father never held any anger against you. Believe that he now looks down on you, knowing that soon your life will be better.” Katherine replied as she held Bianca closer, she closed her eyes and could hear her heart beating louder as Bianca’s breathing slowed. Bianca leaned her head onto Katherine’s shoulder and closed her eyes.
“Tell me about the new life, tell me that I will be happier.”
“There will be a time that even you will be happy, and that you will always forgive me.”
“Forgive you, forgive you for what?”
“I must make a confession child.”
“And what is that?” Bianca asked, her dark eyes looked into Katherine’s eyes, something about looking into her eyes made her heart flutter.
“I am more than I appear, there are reasons I sleep during the day, and there are reasons I ask not to be disturbed.”
“Why, that you’re a vampire?”
“Katherine, I am special in my own way. I knew of this and that is why I continued to come here.”
“Because you wanted to befriend a demon?”
“Because I want to become a demon. Make me like you, so that I may never die and leave you as those that I’ve cared deeply for have done to me.”
“There is a part of me that wants to believe that this is a dream, that you’ve come into my mind and are telling me this, but my heart tells me it’s true.”
“It is true. I love you Katherine, and because of that I wish to remain at your side forever.”
“Then so be it, but you must understand that there is pain before there is everlasting life.”
“I do not care, I’ve lost so much and I wish never to leave your side.”
“Then it shall be done.” Katherine said, she pulled Bianca closer as she softly kissed the younger woman’s neck. Her soft lips and cold skin made Bianca shutter under her touch. Katherine turned Bianca’s face to her own and kissed her lips deeply, she could feel Bianca almost melt into her touch and into her skin. Katherine turned Bianca’s head and sunk her teeth into her neck, she heard her gasp slightly and then go limp in her arms. She released her grip and looked at Bianca; she could easily finish her and let her die right there, but in her heart she wanted to have Bianca for her own, a lover unlike that she was to Nickolas; but unlike Nickolas she’d never leave Bianca’s side. She slit her own wrist and pressed it to Bianca’s lips, she felt her clamp on and begin drinking heavily, finally releasing on her own and looking up at Katherine.
“I feel strange.”
“ Rest, it will be a long while before you are feeling well enough to be up and around. I will speak to Darcy and my helpers. If you need anything ask Henry or Martin, one of them will get you something.”
“I am hungry.”
“I will get them to find you something to feed on. For now rest, for at the next sunset you will see your new world. The world that you’ve chosen to live at my side.”
“Thank you.”
“Anything my love.” Katherine replied leaning down and kissing her deeply. She moved away from the large bed and watched as Bianca slipped into a dreamless sleep.