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Katherine slid from the bed and walked from the room, she opened the door to the bathroom and walked inside. She lifted a towel and looked toward the large claw foot tube.
“Would you like me to draw you a bath mistress?”
“Yes please Coral. That would be wonderful. Have you met Bianca yet?”
“Not yet mistress, but soon.” Coral said as she made her way to get the hot water and fill the tub. Katherine made her way back into her chambers and saw that Darcy had yet to move from the spot she had left him. She walked to the bed and crawled into it next to him, her lips lightly kissing his neck.
“Wake up lover, soon we shall assemble our army and destroy those that are willing to end the peace between humans and demons.”
“Who would do such a thing?” Darcy asked as he pulled her closer and flipped her over so he was on top of her, his hands holding her arms above her head. Katherine looked at him wickedly and tried to pull her arms free.
“Why not have some fun before we join the others.”
“Because I have a bath waiting my love.”
“But I want to have some fun.” Darcy said, pouting. Katherine smiled and kissed him quickly before sliding from the bed and heading from the room.
“Go have some fun with Bianca, she seems lonely.”
“I could do that, but I do not want to break the poor thing.”
“Believe me lover, she won’t break, but promise me she wont be hurt?”
“I promise. Take your bath and I shall return to the room shortly. Then we will join the others in the foyer to speak about the upcoming war.” Darcy said, he walked across the room and pulled her form back into his arms once again. “ I hate the idea of having you leave my side, but for this I shall.”
“You truly love me?”
“With all of my being. There was something that I had failed to tell you. I have known for years that I would find you; that I would come to be with you. It came to me in a vision. Something like what our dear Bianca sees, but I had thought I’d be changed before she was. But I feared the unknown.”
“Fear nothing, for we shall never be apart. This is a vow I make.”
“And a vow I make to you, I shall never allow Nickolas to harm you in anyway.”
“So be it. I will return soon.” Katherine replied kissing his lips before disappearing into the bathroom. She slowly slipped the robe from her body and slid into the large tub and let it’s hot water surround her aching body. She closed her eyes and let her world disappear around her; she let her senses continue but blocked out everything that would disturb her bath. She seemed to relax and missed the sound of the large oak door opening and someone entering the room.

He stood near the tub, he knew that she was exhausted and had let her powers continue for too long. An evil smile play across his face as he looked at her. He remembered her beauty and that had been his reason for taking her at such an age. The beauty would be forever preserved in that state. But the more she shared her gift the more she drained from her own being. His hand slowly moved over her neck and began messaging her neck. Katherine, thinking that Darcy had entered, never opened her eyes but let him continue his task.
“Tell me Katherine, do you miss me?” He asked, his voice laced with anger.
“How did you get in here? You are to be invited into my home.”
“Remember dear one, this was my home first. I do not need to be invited into my family home.” Nickolas growled, he grabbed her by the throat and lifted her naked form from the water. He held her struggling form in front of him.
“I have not missed you. I have hated you every day that you were gone. The day you left me was the day my hate for you began.”
“But yet there inside of your cold heart was love for me.”
“Once, but not any longer. I will destroy all that you’ve created since leaving me.”
“How? Will you live that long?” He asked laughing. He through her body across the room and she slammed into the far wall and slid to the floor. Katherine had yet to feed so she was weak and he knew it, he could easily kill her. But just as she thought that her life was to end that very night the door burst open and Darcy entered the room, what seemed to be electrical current flowing from his hands.
“Move away from her, or die where you stand.”
“You must be her newest interest, she will loose that interest as quickly as she made you.”
“No, there is a destiny that you failed to see Nickolas, leave this house or die.” Darcy shouted. In the doorway stood the others including Bianca all ready to kill the one that had injured their creator. Nickolas knew he was out numbered and decided that he best leave before his own immortal life ended that night. Nodding he turned and left through a small side door that no one had seen. Katherine had forgotten over the years that there were secret entrances to the old mansion. Nickolas was gone as quickly as he had appeared. Darcy moved over to Katherine’s side and wrapped a towel around her and lifted her into his arms.
“He shall pay for this.” Darcy growled as he carried Katherine back down the hallway to her chambers. He laid her on the bed and looked at her, she was unharmed but yet she did not move.
“We must find her some thing to feed on. Do you have anymore of those special treats?” Darcy asked looking toward Henry.
“No, that was a special feed, the boy had wondered on to the grounds and she decided to keep him till she found the right moment to give him to one of us.”
“Then we must hunt, she is weak and our encounter this evening did not help her.”
“I am fine.” Katherine stated looking up at them.
“How did he enter without your knowledge mistress?”
“I had began meditating and that caused my senses to shut down. I did not feel or sense his presence until he spoke to me. How did you know he was here?”
“I felt your panic and anger.” Darcy said.
“And I could feel a stranger in the house.” Bianca answered looking around
“We are a family and when someone new has entered the house we know of this.” Henry told her.
“Good, for now we must finish the task at hand. Let me dress myself and we are going to plan this war, Nickolas has gone to far. He will never enter my home again.”
“I will assemble the needed ingredients for your spell mistress.”
“Good, get my book as well, we will all do this chant together.”
“Yes, mistress.” Henry replied as he turned and left the room. The others slowly left her alone. Darcy almost refused to leave her alone.
“Stay outside if you wish. I shall be fine, Nickolas will not return this night.”
“And if he does I shall end his existence.” Darcy vowed.