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Nickolas looked up at the sky and watched as the lightning flashed and then suddenly felt a surge through his body.
“That Bitch.” Nickolas screamed as he stood, Nathaniel looked at him strangely from the place he had been sitting.
“Is there something wrong master?”
“She put a binding spell on me, I will never be able to enter the mansion again.”
“That doesn’t mean I can not.”
“Yes it does. Anyone that is connected to me cannot enter the mansion or its grounds. She is the only one that is immune to that spell since she’s the one that cast it.”
“Katherine is that powerful?”
“Yes, that was why I chose her those years ago.” Nickolas said looking at him.
**** FLASHBACK****

Katherine stood on the balcony looking at the garden; she wished that her cousin the king had not told her that she’d have to remain in the castle because of the recent attacks.
“Yes uncle?” Katherine said turning to look at the older man that stood, she could see the golden crown that sat upon his head, he once held the task of being the king of the very land she was looking over but now he let his son, her cousin, rule the land and in some ways Katherine felt that her cousin is ruling badly.
“Have you visited with your cousin today?”
“No uncle I haven’t. James has been wondering the halls and yelling at everyone.”
“So I’ve heard. I had you living here to keep him calm. You are failing in that princess.”
“Yes uncle I know this. I hear there is a lord from England visiting. Has that not helped James’ anger?”
“I doubt that the lord’s visit is helping it any. The English lord is here to ask for your hand.”
“My hand? There are so many more beautiful women within the surrounding bounds of James’ kingdom why ask for mine?”
“You are a princess, and he wants a princess.”
“I’ve seen this lord, and in my opinion he is boastful.” Katherine said, her uncle let out a deep laugh.
“That is the reason you can never find a husband my dear. You are so opinionated. Always thinking but never acting.”
“I act the way I feel. Why should I change that?”
“I also hear you’ve been visiting with the wizard.”
“Do not always believe what you hear uncle.”
“Visit with James today.”
“Yes uncle.” Katherine said hugging her aging uncle. He turned and left the room, leaving Katherine to her thoughts for a moment. She turned and walked toward the window once again. She looked out to see the well-dressed Englishman standing in the large gardens. She could see that he was handsome, but could she marry someone that she didn’t know? She wondered if that was what was happening. Katherine pulled on her long robe and walked out from the room, two guards stood at attention and then followed her down the hallway toward the king’s chambers. Katherine knocked on the large oak door and waited a moment. The door opened and she walked inside.
“You wanted to see me?”
“Ah, father went to you?”
“Yes, he says you seem distressed cousin, what is wrong?” Katherine asked walking toward him.
“Our kingdom is in need of peace.”
“Who are we at war with? The English have left us alone for years.”
“For now, but if this union between you and the English lord comes to pass, that peace will continue.”
“Are you so sure?” She asked.
“No, but it is worth a try?”
“Cousin, why should I marry him for that reason? I should be allowed to marry any man just to help save our kingdom? If you can not save it on your own why should I do it?” Katherine asked; the anger she had been holding in started coming to the surface.
“Calm down Katherine. I never meant for you to become angry. Have you seen Lord Craven today?”
“He was in the garden this evening. He saw me standing on my balcony, something about him is frightening.”
“Like what?”
“I am unsure but something about Lord Craven is frightening. When do we get formally introduced?”
“Tomorrow, there is a special ball and dinner.”
“Ok, I shall retire to my room for the night and we shall discuss this tomorrow.”
“Ok, I am sorry that I’ve upset you.”
“It’s nothing. James just keep the kingdom in mind, not your own gain.”
“I know. Goodnight cousin.” James said, Katherine bowed slightly and left the room closing the door behind her.
“Does she meet what you want in a wife?”
“She has great power, I can feel it.”
“She studies with the wizard of the castle. She learns dark magic daily.”
“Let her learn. She will be a very powerful sorceress. And then that power will be mine, and your kingdom will be the most powerful in the region.”
“Good, she has always been a thorn in my side, and my father holds the world for her. He feels that she would have made a better queen than I do a king. With her gone I will no longer have her here to take away what is mine.”
“Yes, and you will be the most powerful King in the region and I will show you how.” Nickolas said.
***** END FLASHBACK*****