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As I follow Nick back inside, a million things are running through my mind.

What is he expecting from me? I mean come on he’s Nick. He has confessed to me that he loves sex, so why exactly am I going back inside with him when I know what he wants. And if that really is what he wants do I want to give it to him?

We re-enter the house and I feel like turning around and racing as fast as I can back out to my car, but I know I would be making a fool of myself if I did it. And right as I am thinking about this, he turns around.

“Do you want something to drink?” he offers.

When I think about it, I really am thirsty but there is no way in hell I am going to let him give me alcohol. It doesn’t take much me to get tipsy and the last thing I want is to get drunk and do something I regret.

“I think I’ll just have a water.” I answer.

“Ok.” Nick answers quite calmly.

First I follow him to the kitchen where he pulls out two bottles of water from then fridge, and then we make our way to his living room.

I sit down on the couch and he comes and sits down right next to me; his arms and legs gently touching the sides of mine.

“So how’s Justin?” he asks.

“You mean Jason. I don’t know we broke up. He just wasn’t really anything special and was pretty much a jerk too so I ended it. And it’s not like it was serious or anything.” I tell him.

“Well that’s good then.” he said.


I have no idea what to say. Awkward silences are the worst, especially when you know the other person as well as Nick and I know each other.

Just as I am about to tell him that’s it’s getting late and maybe I should go, he breaks the silence…

“Anna, I miss you. I really do. I’m always thinking about you, and it drives me crazy; but I can’t help it.” He says.

I just look at him thinking he is about to start laughing and tell me he’s joking, but when he doesn’t I don’t know what to think. I have never seen him as serious as this. He is just sitting there staring at me, his eyes fixed on mine.

“Uh I miss you too Nick.” I reply.

This isn’t a lie. I really do miss him, but I think he is telling me he misses me as more than just a friend. But do I miss him the same way? I can’t even think straight.

And then, all of a sudden, he leans forward and his lips meet mine. I was shocked and at first I didn’t even know what to do, but when he kept at it, all I could do was return the favor.

I wrap my arms around the back of his neck, completely giving into his kiss. I feel his tongue gently parting my lips and I let it in without hesitation.

He lowers me down on the couch so we are laying there, our bodies pressed close up against each other while we are kissing passionately as if we are never going to see each other again. As I feel his hand slowly going under my shirt and up towards my breasts, I realize this is exactly what I didn’t want to happen.

I break our kiss and move my head towards his ear and whisper “We can’t.”

“Ok.” He whispers back.

Nick takes his hand out from underneath my shirt, then wraps his arms around me. I move down a little farther so his chin is resting on the top of my head.

I couldn’t believe that he would just stop that easily, but he did. I couldn’t help but wish we were together, wish that we could stay like this forever.

“Thank you” I say to him.
“Anything for you.” He says.

He lightly kisses the top of my head, and within ten minutes, I am asleep.

*The Next Morning*

The sunlight was pouring into the living room through the windows as I open my eyes. It took a minute for me to remember where I was, but I remembered quick enough when I realized my legs and arms were all tied up with someone else’s.

I turn my head to see Nick still sleeping next to me on the couch. Laying there looking at him I realize that there is no other place I would rather be right now than with him. All the questions that went through my head last night are answered with one simple fact…

I want to be with him.

Just as I am thinking this, I am startled by the sound of my cell phone ringing on the coffee table. It’s shrill ring shooys through my ears and instantly makes my head hurt, so I slide off the couch as quick as I can to answer it.
“Hello?” I say quietly.
“Where the hell are you? You are supposed to go to your parents house today remember? They have called like 438 times looking for you and I’m getting sick of telling them you are still sleeping.” Sarah yells through the phone.
“Oh Shit! I forgot about that!”

Then Sarah goes on to keep yelling at me for God knows what reason. I have to hold the phone away from my ear to keep from going deaf. I hear a rustle coming from the couch so I look over to see Nick scratching himself.

Well that’s attractive.

I bring the phone closer to my ear.

“Ok calm down! I’ll be home in fifteen minutes so I’ll see you soon. Ok Bye.” I say without letting her respond.

I stand up and turn back to Nick to see him awake and getting up off the couch.

“Good morning.” He manages to say still sounding like he’s half asleep.

“Hey sorry I woke you up. Nick I’m really sorry but I have to go. I totally forgot that I am going over to my parent’s house today, and if I don’t get home to call them and get ready then I think Sarah is going to murder me, along with my parents.”

“Don’t worry about it. It’s cool.” He says.

So I take my cell phone and my purse from the table and slip into my shoes. Nick walks me to the door, and when we reach it I turn around.

“Thanks Nick I had a really good time yesterday.”

“Me too, it’s sucks that you have to go. But you have to promise to keep your deal that you will spend every free minute with me that you can.” He says.

As I open the door and walk out onto the top step he follows me out.

“I won’t let you leave until I hear an “Ok Nick whatever you say.”” He says in as girly of a voice he could muster up.

I stop and turn around again, laughing. He stops too so I snuggle up to his chest and look up at him.

“Ok Nick, whatever you say.” I answer.

He leans down and kisses me. When we finish and I get into my car, the only thing I can think about is how happy I feel.