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Chapter 42

Nick looked at his watch as he made his way into the house, twelve o’ clock, still early. Turning, he pulled the girl into his arms, kissing her deeply as he fumbled to close the door. He’d met her at a club that night, she offered to show him how flexible she was and he accepted. It was fairly cheesy and stupid, but he really didn’t care. It’d been a while since he’d been with a girl and he was raring to go. They had all night and he didn’t plan on letting her go early.

He focused his attention on kissing her again, and they somehow made their way up the stairs to his room, starting to tare at each others clothes, heading for the bed. Nick pulled away to pull her shirt off, when he noticed he’d left his laptop on all night. He couldn’t stop and turn it off, but he didn’t want her, whatever her name was, to see anything on it either. He searched his brain for some excuse.

“Mmm, hold on baby, I’m gonna go freshen up a bit, just hold that thought,” she whispered, pushing her shirt back down before sauntering over to his bathroom, shutting the door.

He couldn’t believe his luck. Nick bolted over, preparing to shut the laptop down, when he saw the alert that he had some new mail. After a quick glance behind him, he brought up his mailbox and clicked into his inbox, scanning over the new emails. One from his brother, Kevin, and one from Veronica. Smiling, he quickly read the ones from Aaron and Kevin, giving quick replies and then started in with Veronica’s. With another quick look over his shoulder to make sure she hadn’t come out, he started reading.

Date: Tues, Nov 11 2004 4:45:40 -0700 (EST)
From: freesialover@yahoo.com
Subject: Letter and other email
To: chucktaylor11@aol.com


Well I finally got your letter today! So let’s see, I’ll respond to both right now. This may be kinda long, so be forewarned. Ok, I’ll just kinda mix them together and try to answer everything all at once, sorry if it’s kinda choppy.

I guess I’m kinda lucky with having my birthday in July, I definitely wouldn’t want my birthday towards the end or beginning of the year here in New York, it’s rough. The winters are very cold with lots of storms, besides, I like to travel for my birthday, so depending on where I’m going I can usually avoid any bad weather. I try not to go anywhere in the winter though. See if I went to Florida though it wouldn’t matter, cause it’s usually nice there isn’t it?

I feel like I’ve been doing what I didn’t want to do my whole life. It was always about pleasing someone else, my Dad mainly. I just wanted him to be proud of me and if that meant doing what he wanted, I did. Not only that, I was a kid, you’re supposed to listen to your parents, you trust that they’re not gonna lead you astray or whatever.

He knew about that. Nick supposed even parents weren’t right all the time, in fact he knew they weren’t.

My dream, well I don’t really dream anymore, is to be published. It’s so hard and expensive, it’s not really a logical or realistic dream I guess. You have to be good, really good. I love to write, it’s my soul. I just don’t know if I’m that good you know? Deadlines, I’m terrible with deadlines.

She didn’t dream anymore? What’d that mean? Why not? He’d never heard anyone who didn’t dream anymore, everyone had some goal or something they wanted to accomplish in life. What’d happened to make her stop?

People have told me how hard it is and that it’d take me forever to get to the level where it’d matter if I even got there. It doesn’t matter I guess. Even if I did get published, to become known worldwide is damn near impossible. It’s alright, I’m not really aiming for that.

She was so cynical, bitter, it was truly depressing.

No, I’m not spoiled, I never was. I got that a lot. People assumed cause I’m the youngest and the only girl, that I was spoiled rotten. Nah, didn’t happen. My parents never treated any of us different. My Brothers picked on...

Nick jumped when he heard the door open; quickly he closed the email down.

“Whatcha reading?”

“Just an email from a friend,” he mumbled.

He wasn’t ready to share her with the guys and he most certainly wasn’t ready to share her with some girl he barely knew. For right now, he needed her to just be his. Turning, he went to say something else, when the words died.

“I think I’m ready to go,” the girl purred, a seductive smile on her lips as she stood naked before him.

Nick stood, making his way over to her, pulling her into his arms, kissing her deeply as they fell back onto his bed.