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“Call the ambulance.” Nick shouted at Billy as he supported Brian.
He dragged Brian to the couch while Billy called 911. Nick sat beside him, and waited nervously for the ambulance to arrive.
“The ambulance is coming.” Billy told Nick.
“Do you know where Leighanne is?” Nick asked him.
“I think she must be with Baylee in a doctor’s appointment.”
“I’m calling her.” Nick replied as he brought out his cellphone.
“Hello?” Leighanne’s voice rang out.
“Hello, this is Nick.” Nick said to her.
“Oh, hi Nick, is there something wrong?” Leighanne asked Nick.
She knew that Nick would be dropping by to their place and she was worried that something would have happened to Brian, since Nick was the one who was calling instead of Brian himself.
“Yes, Brian just passed out.” Nick told her.
“Brian passed out? Where? When?” Leighanne asked him worriedly.
“We were drinking orange juice in your kitchen when he suddenly passed out.” Nick explained to her.
“Where are you now?”
“We’re here in your house. Wait, I got to go. The ambulance is here.”
“Okay, bye.”
“Bye.” Nick replied before hanging up.
He opened the door to let the paramedics enter. They put Brian in a stretcher, and they brought him to the ambulance, which was waiting outside.
“Can I go with him?” Nick asked one of the paramedics before they brought him in.
“No, sorry.” the paramedic replied.
“Ok.” Nick said quietly.
He had a mix of worry, fear and alarm, and he didn’t know how to react in this kind of situation. He talked quietly to Billy and they rode in his car going to the hospital.

Brian woke up in a hospital bed. He felt weak and frail, compared to a hour before when he was feeling great. He could hardly see the people who were gathered around him.
“How’s his condition?” he heard Nick’s voice ask.
“He’s suffering from a high fever, but we are unable to detect the cause of it, at the moment.” he heard an unfamiliar voice reply to his question.
"Will he be okay?” he heard Leighanne’s torn voice ask.
“He’ll be okay.” Kevin replied.
His vision then started to clear and he could see Nick, Leighanne, Kevin, and a doctor looking down at him.
“Hi Brian.” Nick greeted him nervously.
They were all nervous to learn about the cause of Brian’s high fever, fearing it might be caused by something greater than the fever itself.
“Where are the others?” Brian asked weakly, but the only words that were heard were ‘Where’ and ‘others’.
“Howie, AJ, and Billy are waiting outside.” Kevin replied to his question.
At that moment, Howie and AJ opened the door to the room and Kevin conversed with them quietly.
“Brian has a high fever. They still don’t know the cause of it yet.” Kevin told them.
AJ and Howie nodded sympathetically and approached his bedside.
“Hey, how you doing?” AJ asked Brian trying to cheer up his mood.
“I’m fine.” Brian struggled to reply as he felt his temperature increase and sweat build up all over his body.
Then a nurse entered the room and approached the doctor who was in charge of Brian. They talked briefly and the nurse showed a document to the doctor. The doctor nodded and the nurse left. Brian could tell by the look in the doctor’s eyes that he wasn’t going to like what he’s going to hear.
“Brian, you’ve been diagnosed with leukemia.” the doctor told him seriously.
Everyone was shocked and worried. Leighanne could not hold the tears no longer. Brain could feel his body become weaker by the sound of it.