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Wow, what an exhausting day!" I exclaimed as I fell onto the bed in the room I shared with Ames.

"Yeah girl, you tore up the streets and shops today! You must have walked away with 20 bags!" She noticed.

"Well, it was 21, but who’s counting?" I laughed. Amethyst and I started sorting through everything that we had bought when the phone rang.

Ames was the first one to it, so she picked it up and said, "Yello? … Uh huh, hold on a sec Bianca … Hey J, do you wanna go out tonight? We’re planning on going to that club downtown. It’s supposed to be hott!" I nodded and shrugged my shoulders, so Ames turned back to the phone, "Yeah, we’ll be ready by 10:00. Yeah, we’ll meet you in the lobby. Alrighty huns, we’ll be there! Buh-bye!"

"Well, since we’re going out, I need to take a shower! I’ll be out in a few!" I said and ran to the bathroom.

About an hour later, I was out of the shower with newly shaven legs, blow-dried straight hair with crimps in certain areas, and freshly painted fingernails. Ames went into the bathroom and started her getting-ready-ritual, and I looked at the clock. It read 8:40 p.m. Well, I still had an hour and 20 minutes to get ready.

I searched through my bags for the outfit that I had bought earlier and eventually resurfaced holding up my knee-high leather boots, a white jean mini skirt, a black belt, and a black leather halter top. I quickly put on the ensemble and admired myself in the mirror. "Damn girl, you look hot!" I said to myself.

I walked over to the vanity and combed through the plethora of make-up that Ames and I shared and decided that I was going to really do up my eyes tonight. I started with a smoky charcoal eye-shadow and black eyeliner, and then I got out my black and white mascaras. I did a base coat of black and then tinted the tips of my lashes with the white. I put on a little blush to add color to my face and I chose a nude lip-gloss with a high shine clear coat.

To complete my outfit, I put on some medium sized silver hoops, a skinny silver band on my right ring finger, two silver bangle bracelets on my right arm and a faux-diamond necklace that dipped into the plunging neckline of my shirt. I stepped away from the mirror and took a long look at myself. "Damn girl, you look REALLY hot!" I thought to myself again.

By the time Ames was done getting ready, it was time for us to head down to the lobby and meet the other girls. We got off the elevator at the same time and immediately walked outside into the warm August air. After walking for a few blocks, we saw the club and the line to get in.

"Honies, I am not waiting in line to get into this club. I’m gonna go talk to the bouncer." Said Bianca. And there she went. She stood all of 5’2", but wore heels that made her look 5’7" at least. She was the tiniest of all of us, but certainly the most powerful. The next thing I knew, she was pointing at us and the bouncer was waving us in. When I walked past him, he gave me a creepy wink, but I brushed it off since he was letting us in ahead of everyone.

"Great going girl! How did you get us in so quickly?" Savannah asked.

"Well, I promised the bouncer that Jade over there would provide him with a good time, if you know what I mean." Bianca said and winked.

Nick’s POV

You did what?" I heard shrieking a few feet away from me.
"Well, it’s not like it’s ever going to matter anyway girl. We’ll find a way to get you out of here before el creepo comes looking for you." The short red head said to the group of girls she was with.

"Whatever B. I am not doing anything sexual to that guy, especially considering that I don’t even know him." The brown-haired girl said. She looked awfully familiar, and her voice sounded the same.

I took a few steps closer and realized that it was Jade. Damn, that girl looked HOTT tonight! Wearing that necklace should be considered a sin. I could feel the denim surrounding my package get tighter as I thought of where it led. Cool it Carter. Now.

I walked up to her casually and pulled her by the arm, leading her to the dance floor. The surprised, yet pleased look on her face turned me on even more, but she stopped me once we got to the floor.

"What are you doing here without your girlfriend?" She asked.

"We got into a fight. I just needed to get away." I said and tried to pull her closer to me.

"Uhn uh Fish Bones, I’m not doing this. I’m not going to be some girl on the side. I want a man who’s going to love me for me and is not going to dick around with another girl at the same time. Besides, you’re drunk and you’re going to regret anything you do tonight because of your impaired state." She said. She was right unfortunately.

I had been drinking to forget about Kirsten and pretend that she didn’t even exist for tonight. Too bad I was going to have to face her in the morning. Hell, I was going to have to face her when I got back to the hotel tonight. Maybe Jade was right. I’d have to leave her alone tonight if I wanted to stay out of trouble. But the question was; did I really want to stay out of trouble?

Jade’s POV

I could see him staring at me after I pushed him away. Honestly though, I was serious. I didn’t want to be his on the side girl, I wanted to be his.

Wait. Did I just day that? No way. I don’t even know the guy! "Yeah, but you want to get to know him, don’t you?" A voice inside of me questioned. "Shut up!" Another one said back. I just shrugged and went off and found my girls again.

"Hey, where did you disappear to?" Savannah asked me.
"I was just talking to someone." I replied and grabbed her arm. "Come on, let’s go dance!"

We were out in the middle of the floor dancing and having a great time when I spotted Nick. He was dancing with a girl with straight black hair and he was all over her. Kissing her shoulder, licking her neck. "What an f’n player!" I thought to myself.

I stopped dancing long enough to move closer and hear his conversation.

"Kiki, I’m so sorry that we fought earlier. I love you. We can spend the whole day together baby." I heard him say. So this was Kirsten? She was pretty, why would he want to cheat on her?

"How can we do that? We’re going to be on a plane for 13 hours tomorrow. You have no choice but to sit next to me." She replied and stormed off over to the bar. Well, that was settled, I guess that’s how he could cheat on her. Or at least want to. But, I, Jade Trinity Carroll was not going to be the girl he cheated with. At least I hope not.