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"Now boarding flight number 1267 Virgin Atlantic Airlines to New York, New York, United States. Now boarding all rows." A voice came over the loud speakers. The girls and I walked up calmly to the check-in desk and handed the attendant our tickets. She led us each to our seats when we realized that we were all separated.

I was mad at first, but then I figured out that Ames was in the row behind me and that maybe if we weren’t all together, I’d actually get some sleep. Or so I thought until the next person was led to the seat right next to me. Who should it be but fittingly Fish Bones? And of course, the girlfriend. I put on my headphones quickly and ignored his existence. I closed my eyes and waited for the plane to take off.

I woke up about 3 hours later and Nick was still next to me. This wasn’t part of my dream? Perfect. Just perfect. What was I supposed to do with the most amazingly handsome man I’d ever met in person sitting next to me and his girlfriend sitting right next to him? I looked over and saw that Nick was writing on a piece of paper and Kirsten was asleep, holding his arm.

"Hey sleepyhead." Nick said and ruffled my ponytail. I smiled and looked up at him through sleepy eyes. "So, what have you been listening to this whole time?" He asked and quickly shuffled away the papers that he was writing on before I had a chance to see what it was.

"Well, not Fish Bones. I tried the CD store in the airport and they told me that if y’all were any good at all they would carry the CD. So, explain please." I said and crossed my arms expectantly.

"I thought that I told you that we didn’t have a CD out yet. Anyways, as soon as we do, I’ll autograph it and send it over to you." He responded. Damn his face. If it wasn’t so gorgeous then I might just have to shake the smugness right out of him.

"That’s right. Sorry. I guess one of my friends met another guy in your band. AJ, is his name?" I stated.

"Yeah, AJ. He actually remembered the name." Nick said, sounding almost amazed. "Anyways, so what are you listening to?"

"You wouldn’t know her. She’s a country artist." I said and tried to figure out how to change the subject quickly.

"You’re a country kind of girl? I never would have pictured it! I had you picked as a more ‘I’m strong and beautiful’ chick rock. Like maybe Liz Phair or Sheryl Crow or Alanis Morrisette. Not country!" He said and began to laugh.

"Well, country’s just as good as your ‘I’m the happiest pop singer in the world’ stuff. I swear, you look like an *Nsyncer or something!" I said and angrily placed the headphones back over my ears and pushed the play button on loud.

"God Jade, what the hell has gotten into you? He was just commenting on your taste in music, it’s not like he was even insulting it. You need to stop being on edge with him." I said to myself. I looked over and saw that he had returned to writing on the paper. Without him knowing that I was looking, I saw him writing down what looked like lyrics to a song called ‘Shining Star.’

He looked like he already knew the song and was just re-writing the words down. It sounded like a hot song and I had to wonder if it was on the new Fish Bones album.

"Whatcha got there Nicky?" Kirsten asked awaking from her sleep. Damn her.

"Oh nothing sweetie. Just go back to sleep." He said and looked over at me. She just shrugged and fell back against the chair and fell asleep. Thank God I was in the aisle so that I wouldn’t have to go around her if I needed to pee.

Nick’s POV

She got up and walked down the aisle of the plane. I stared after her and my vision became obstructed when AJ sat next to me. I about killed him when I saw his goofy goatee clad face smiling at me.

"You like her man!" He hissed in a whisper.

"No, I do not like her. She’s just a friend." I said, hoping that I at least sounded convincing.

"Whatever Nick. She’s hot. Thanks for filling me in on the whole Fish Bones thing. Her friend is sitting next to me and has asked about 1 million questions about the band. Great name Nickers, what possessed you to think of something like that?" AJ asked me.

"Well, I standing in front of Jade in a bakery somewhere in Spain, and my mind went blank of any intelligent thought. It was the first thing that came to my mind." I replied.
"You had intelligent thought to begin with Nick? Where’s it been all of these years?" AJ joked, playfully punching my arm. "Nah, I’m just playing with you. What’s this dude?"
"It’s the lyrics to ‘Shining Star’. I was thinking about how it’s about Kirsten. I wanted to write it up and give it to her as a present. Like saying that I wrote the song for her." I said.

"Nick, that is so cheesy. Besides, do you really want to say that Kirsten is your shining star? Seems to me like someone else has become the star in your life." AJ said as Jade reappeared.

"Excuse me." She said politely. AJ turned around and saw her standing there and got up.

"No, excuse me madam." He said and kissed her hand. "My name is AJ, but you can call me whatever you’d like." He looked back at me and I just glared at him. What the hell did he think he was doing?! He just shrugged and she looked back and forth between us.

"I’ve heard so much about you AJ. My friend Bianca tells me that you’re 26 and single. How is it that such a good looking man is single?" She flirted back. What was this? Dig-the-knife-into-Nick’s-back day?

"I guess I just haven’t found the one yet." He said and released her hand. "I’ll be back Nick, don’t think that our conversation is over." He walked back to his seat and settled down.

"Oh I won’t." I muttered under my breath and then looked back up at Jade. "So, Jade, what exactly is it that you do? You were so excited this morning it sounded like you were getting a million dollars."

Jade’s POV

"Wow, you’re almost a psychic. We did actually get really big pay raises this morning. Anyways, we um…" I thought trying to figure out how to explain my job to Nick without giving myself and the girls away. "We work with underprivileged girls with low self-esteem and we visit them at camps to help them grow into self-assured women."

"That’s really interesting. And you get a million dollars for doing that?" He asked skeptically.

"Well yeah, and for being a model." I said simply and put my headphones back on and blasted Sara Evans.