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Author's Chapter Notes:

Yay! Here's more! I love this fic - even if that is being kinda biased - lol. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Only own Catarina, Marietta, Rembrandt, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything TMNT related. Thank-you!

The next morning, Rembrandt woke up to the smell of toast and bacon cooking. He had never smelt such heavenly aromas. He jumped up from Leo's bed and ran out of the room. He skidded into the kitchen and stared at the oven.


"What is that?" he asked, going straight to Mikey's side.


The orange-bandanna'd turtle grinned at him, glad to have an appreciative food consumer. "It's bacon and toast and eggs," he replied, sliding his spatula across the skillet.


"What's that?" asked Rembrandt, looking up at the older turtle, expecting an answer.


"Um…pieces of pig, baked flour, and chicken embryos?" he said, not certain of how to describe breakfast foods. He looked over at Donatello who was contentedly munching on a piece of toast. "Hey, Donnie, wanna explain breakfast?" Mikey asked.


Donnie shook his head, "Nope. You're the cook."


Mikey pulled a face and then nodded at the plates, "Hey, grab a plate, I'll fill it up."


Rembrandt snatched a plate and handed it to Mikey. The turtle in orange put a couple of eggs on it, a piece of toast and some bacon. Rembrandt was already stuffing the bacon into his face when he sat down at the table.


Leonardo smirked at him, "Like it?"


"Meah!" exclaimed Rembrandt through a mouthful of toast.


"Y'know ya can put jelly and butter and stuff like that on it, right?' asked Marie as she walked in and saw him munching down.


"What are those?" he asked, confused.


"Man, Marie, help him!" Mikey said, exasperated with the new turtle.


Marie grinned and sat down to next to Rembrandt. "Hey, you, this is jelly…" she said as she moved the jelly over towards him. "And this is butter, and here's some honey! It goes on the toast."


"Really? What does it do to the toast?" Rembrandt asked suspiciously.


Marie laughed, "Makes it taste better, you goof."


Rina walked into the kitchen, tightening the newly cleaned white and blue bandanna around her head. "Morning everyone!" she said, smiling at them as she sat down at the table.


"Morning, Rina! Whatcha want for breakfast?" asked Mikey, flipping a piece of bacon. She shook her head, "I'm not really hungry, thanks though." She looked at Rembrandt and smirked, "You need a bandanna…"


"What's....?" Rembrandt started, only to be cut off.


"These things," Marie told him, pointing to her own bandanna. "They help tell us apart, though some of us you c'n tell apart just by how we act or our voices. Well, really, I think Sensei just gives these out so we can look cool and not feel so naked."


Rembrandt nodded, as he quickly opened up the jar of honey. "How....?"


Marie laughed. "Here, lemme show yah!" She told him, grabbing a slice of toast for herself, a knife, and some peanut butter. "See? You stick the knife in the jar, scoop some out, an' spread it on the toast. Simple."


Rembrandt nodded, and copied what she had done, only using honey instead of peanut butter. Once he'd the honey on his toast, he took a bite. "Mm.....heavenly!" He murmured.


Mikey smirked as he kept making the eggs and bacon. "I'm glad somebody knows good food when they taste it," he joked, then eyed his other sister. "You sure you don't want anything to eat?"


"No, I'm fine, really," Rina replied, smiling softly at her brother in orange. "If I get hungry, I'll eat later. Promise."


Mikey nodded, satisfied with the answer he'd gotten. "Marie? How yah want your eggs?"


"Scrambled with cheese!" Marie exclaimed happily. "And soft bacon, Mikey! I don't like the crisp stuff."


"Picky, picky," Mikey teased.


"Ah, shaddup," Marie replied, tossing a piece of toast crust at him.


Rembrandt laughed at them, as he finished up his breakfast.


"Wow! You were hungry!" Marie exclaimed.


"Would you like more?" Rina asked Rembrandt softly. "We've got plenty, I'm sure."


"Really? Wow!" Rembrandt said. "I've never been able to have seconds before."


"Well, here you can have seconds, thirds, heck fourths if you'd like," Mikey replied.


"Just don't make it a habit," Leo piped up. "We have food, but sometimes it's hard to come by."


Rembrandt nodded his understanding, just as Raphael and Master Splinter entered the kitchen.


"Morning!" Rembrandt smiled.


"Good morning, my son," Master Splinter smiled. Rembrandt blushed some, looking away sheepishly. He'd never been called 'son' before, but he sure did like it. "Catarina, my child, how are you this morning?" Master Splinter queried, upon spotting his blue and white bandanna wearing daughter. "Are you not partaking in the most important meal of the day?"


"I'm fine," Rina replied for what felt to be the billionth time. "And no, I'm not hungry right now, Sensei. Maybe later."


Everyone sat and ate breakfast happily, none more excited about it than Rembrandt. Once the meal was over, everyone sort of disappeared off on their own; each of them doing whatever they felt like until it was time for practice.


Michaelangelo was happily showing their new brother the television set. "Rembrandt, you're going to love this device!" He enthused. "Trust me on it!"


Rembrandt listened excitedly, eager to learn about everything they felt like showing him.


While the two sat and watched television, Master Splinter retreated to his study to mediate, and to decide what colour bandanna his new son would be receiving. Donnie headed straight for his lab, deciding to make Marie a new tracker, and one for Rembrandt as well - this way, if one of them were to be abducted again, he'd be able to find them easily - least, he hoped so. And if Marie griped about it, he'd kick her in the rear himself! Leo and Raph headed off to the dojo to spar, as both were still frustrated about the previous night. Rina and Marie on the other hand, both headed straight for their room - Marie only going because Rina was.


"Will you quit following me!?" Rina exclaimed, whirling on her sister as they reached the bedroom entrance.


"Hello! It's my room too!" Marie pointed out. "I need to clean my sai!"


Rina rolled her eyes at her sister, but entered the room nonetheless - so much for her private moments of solitude she'd been seeking. Rina flopped down upon her bed, and idly played with a stuffed animal, while Marie sat down upon her bed and began cleaning her sai.


"Kitty?" Marie spoke softly, after a few minutes of silence. "Did they hurt you really bad?"


"I don't want to talk about it, Marie!" Rina snapped a bit, as she was extremely frustrated and everyone was starting to drive her bonkers!


"But I wanna know what they did to you," Marie insisted. "So, yanno...."


"So you can go back and kick their rears?" Rina finished, turning to eye her sister warily. "Stay away from them, Marie. They're dangerous."


"I never said that," Marie replied. "An' besides, I've a right too. They hurt you."


"Marie! For once in your life, will you just listen to what people are telling you!?!" Rina growled, whipping the stuffed animal at her sister, who caught it with startled ease. "If you had've listened last night, none of this would've happened! I wouldn't have had to save you! And we both woulda come home just fine last night!"


"But Rina, I was just trying to help…" started Marie, feeling hurt that her sister was putting the blame on her, even if she deserved some of it.


"Just leave me alone!" Rina shouted, storming out of their room. "You're the last person I want to talk to right now!"


Marie scowled and jumped up. She leaned out of the doorway and yelled, "You have to talk about it sometime, Rina! You have to talk to me! You can't just stay quiet forever, damn it!"


"WATCH ME!" Rina screamed as she walked out of the lair and into the sewers.


"Rina, get back in here!" shouted Mikey, leaning back over the couch.


Rembrandt watched the exchange and then looked at Mikey as the orange banned turtle got up and started to follow Rina. "Um, can I go after her?" he asked, "I think I know how she feels."


Mikey glanced at the hallway where Marie was punching the girls' bedroom door in frustration and then the door that Rina had left out of. He guessed that the girl hadn't gone far; she wouldn't endanger herself like that. She was probably right outside the door…


"Okay, Brandt, but don't let her go out of sight of the door," he said.


Rembrandt nodded, "Got it."


Mikey headed down the hallway. Marie was pummeling the door angrily, one punch flying after the other. "Marie, you're going to get splinters in your hand," he said, leaning against the wall.


"I don't care," she growled, letting loose another punch. He sighed and reached out a hand to stop her. She glared at him as he caught her fist. She pulled back, making him let go of her hand. Grumbling, she slumped against the door and lowered her eyes. "Why won't she talk to me?" she asked softly, rubbing her now aching knuckles.


"She doesn't want to talk to anybody right now," said Mikey, reaching out and ruffling Marie's hair.


"But I just wanna know…" said Marie.


"What, so you’d be more angry?" asked Mikey, shaking his head, "That's not gonna help anything. Besides, I think she'll tell you one day. Just not right now."


"Ugh, her and her code of silence," grumbled Marie, rolling her green eyes. It didn't matter. She'd go back to that place soon and hurt them for what they had done to her…and her sister.


"Isn't it almost time for practice?" Mikey asked, glancing towards the dojo.


"Yeah," said Marie, looking at the clock in her and Rina's room.


"Alright, head down there and punch something that was made to punch," he teased, giving her a shove in that direction.


Marie sighed and nodded before going back into her room to grab her manikiri and sai.


Out in the sewers, Rembrandt had found Rina. She was sitting outside the doorway, her shell pressed against the wall.


"Hey," he said, sitting down cross-legged beside her. "I can't believe you didn't eat this morning. That food Mikey cooked was amaaazing," he said, smiling at the mere memory of it.


Rina smiled, "Yeah, I know. I just wasn't hungry."


"Yeah, I remember when that used to happen to me," he said, giving a sigh that made him sound older than he was, "There were some times that I just didn't want to eat after they did stuff to me." He grinned, "But I couldn't imagine not eating now. Especially with chocolate, wow."


Rina smiled at his enthusiasm; it was the first real smile she had managed since she had gotten back home. "Did you enjoy watching TV?" she asked. She liked the conversation that didn't involve asking how she was or what had happened.


Rembrandt already knew; she didn't need to explain to him. "Yeah, we watched VH1. There was really nice music on it," he said.


"Awesome, that's what you can say instead of nice," she told him, deciding that they could move onto some slang terms.


"Awesome…" he said, testing it out.


Rina nodded, "Yep."


They talked for a little while longer, Rina teaching him some slang while he quickly picked up on it. The door to the lair opened up and Donatello stepped outside.


"It's time for practice. You two should come back in," he said. He was glad to see that they hadn't gone any further than the door.


Rina nodded and the two of them went back inside.


In the dojo, Master Splinter had a surprise for Rembrandt. After the others had bowed in respect, he called the new turtle up to the front. He held out a strip of grey material and had Rembrandt turn around.


"I have decided that you are grey, a color of balance. Hopefully, you will help balance this family." The others smiled at each other; grey would be a good color for him.


“Thank-you, Sir,” Rembrandt spoke, turning and bowing low, as he’d been paying close attention to the others.


Master Splinter smiled at the young turtle and nodded his approval. “Go stand amongst your family, my son,” Master Splinter told him.


Rembrandt flashed him the happiest grin he’d ever had reason to give, and hurried to take his place next to Catarina and Michaelangelo.


Normally Rina and Marie stood next to one another during practice, but they were currently not speaking and Rina was still furious with her sister for not having had listened when she should’ve been the previous night.


“Now, we shall begin,” Master Splinter informed them. “Leonardo, you are to help Rembrandt with some easier aspects of ninjitsu. Everyone else shall practice their katas and sparring, as well as their control.”


Everybody nodded and set about doing as they had been instructed, Leonardo and Rembrandt moving off to one side of the dojo as to be out of the way of everyone else.


Rina moved away from her siblings as well, needing and wanting her space as she was starting to feel overwhelmed with their concern and paranoia. Sure she had been captured, sure she had been traumatized, but it was her it had happened too – not them! She didn’t need them asking if she was alright every five seconds – not unless they all truly wanted for her to go completely insane! She grunted as she pulled her kaiken out and began one of the many katas she knew for it. She needed her peace, and right now this seemed to be the only way she was going to get it. She got into her stance, then began, silently counting and muttering each move in her head as a distraction to all the eyes she could feel on her as she started her one turtle performance.


Master Splinter watched all his pupils like a hawk, more than ready to correct something that had been mis-constructed during the performance of their katas. He was their Sensei, and they had to learn the proper techniques if they were to ever succeed in ninjitsu. He couldn’t help but smile though, as he spotted his oldest son, instructing his now youngest son on how to block and counter-punch effectively. It seemed the young turtle they had brought into their home with open arms was going to be a quick learner indeed, as he had the curiosity of an innocent child – which, in ways, he still was.


Soon enough, it was time to spar and everybody paired up. Mikey and Rina were paired up, as were Raphael and Marie. Donnie got to sit out for a bit, until Leo was finished showing Rembrandt the punch he had been teaching him.


Rina was quite relieved to see who she’d been paired up with, as she knew Mikey wouldn’t drive her bonkers, unless unintentionally right then. They shared the same concept – forgive and forget, and if you can’t forgive, at least forget and move on.


Marie smiled some as she realized she’d been paired up with the brother she idolized to no end – he was her hero, and always would be in her eyes. They sparred for quite a bit, before Raph became annoyed with the way his sister was fighting.


“C’mon Marie, I know yah c’n fight better than that!” He taunted. “I’d expect these kinda moves from Rina today, but not you.”


“Stuff it, Raph!” Marie snapped, giving him a Look of annoyance herself. She didn’t like to be goaded while she was trying to spar.


“Are yah sure that Bastard didn’t abduct you instead? I mean, Yeesh!” Raph continued, wanting to see for himself just how much anger the young turtle held in. “For all we know, he took you instead and drugged yah or somethan.”


Marie growled, her fists clenching her sai in absolute anger – she was becoming extremely furious, as all she could see was that – that man – who had hurt her and her sister repeatedly. She was not going to let him keep doing it time and time again!


Raphael dodged a move she struck out. “C’mon Marie; yer fightin’ like a wuss now. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were nothin’ but a weaklin’.”


Marie saw absolute red then like never before, her eyes narrowing extremely dangerously as she charged her beloved brother in red with a pure cry of fury.


Raphael recognized that blind rage as Marie rushed him. He moved easily out of the way as she let her anger control her movements. If one thing was true, it was that ninjitsu and anger didn't go together. They just were not compatible. Of course, it had taken him a really long time to realize that and he still didn't know how to reconcile his anger with being a ninja. Obviously, he was doing better than his younger sister.


"So, you think being angry is going to make it all better?" Raphael snapped as he grabbed her fist and shoved it to the side.


She didn't reply as she leapt at him again, hands outstretched. He snatched her up and threw her to the ground, holding her hands against the mats. She flipped over and kicked him in the side.


"Stop it, would yah?" growled Raph, pinning her down, "You're not gonna win, and yer probably gonna hurt yourself."


Marie let out a scream and thrust her fist into his plastron.


"Marietta, Raphael, stop this nonsense!" said Master Splinter, walking towards them.


Donatello stepped up beside him, putting a hand on his sensei's shoulder. "I'm not sure you want to get into that right now, Sensei," he said.


The rat looked from him to his two children who were wrestling on the mats. He wanted to break them up, but this battle seemed necessary. The other siblings watched the pair as Marie tore into Raphael, putting the older turtle on the defensive.


Marie was furious. She wasn't weak, she wasn't anywhere near it! She was going to go take that man down and make him pay. But first she had to teach Raphael a lesson. She wasn't weak, and he needed to know that. She was surprised when he drove her into the ground and forced her arms behind her head.


"Lemme go!" she screeched, trying to kick him.


He held her down and leaned down beside her, "Calm down. Right now."


"No! LEMME GO!" roared Marie, trying to pull her arms free.


Rembrandt was staring at the mini-battle that was occurring in the middle of the dojo. He was starting to think that Marie had two personalities, the bouncy, happy one and the angry, violent one. He liked the happier one better. He glanced over at Leo and saw that the turtle in blue was looking at his sister with what could only be disappointment.


"Marie, just stop it," Leonardo said, shaking his head at her.


Marie replied with a series of unintelligible grunts and grumbles as she struggled to free herself from Raphael. Raphael was nearly sitting on Marie who was moving all over the place. Maybe she would give up after a while…