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Author's Chapter Notes:

Well, felt like posting more for this once, since it's been like two months since the last update-lol. Enjoy!

Only own Catarina, Marietta, Rembrandt, baddies, & story idea. Mirage Studios owns everything TMNT. Thank-you!

After looking into the skylight, Marie climbed down the side of the building. She found a window that led into an empty office building. Pulling her manikiri out of her belt, she started swinging it around to get velocity. When she was satisfied with the speed, she let loose and the metal ball flew into the window, shattering it. She slipped into the room, wondering if that had actually been a good idea. Well, hopefully they didn't have a sensitive intruder system. She was careful as she stepped around the tiny sliver of glass. She didn't want any of that stuck in her foot. She was certain that the man she was looking for would be in the middle of the building and underground. That had been where they had found Rina and that was what she remembered. She had only been a toddler, not any older than three, but she still had a somewhat hazy memory of the outlay of the building.
She let her feet take her down the hallway. Any camera she saw, she took out with her shuriken, a quick shot through the lens. Of course, by now someone would know there was an intruder in the place. She let out a hiss as she heard someone walking down the hallway. She didn't want to deal with anyone besides that guy. Scowling, she moved back into a hallway and stayed quiet. Luckily, the guy must have been an idiot because he didn't see her in the shadows. Marie let out her breath and hurried on down the hallway. She carried on for a while longer, slipping into hallways and doorways when she heard people coming. She once had to knock someone unconscious because they spotted her, but that was about it. When she got to the level where the lab was, she pulled her sai out of their holders. Now she was going to find him and make sure he never came after her family again!

Leonardo and Mikey walked into the den.


"What?" asked Mikey, looking from Raphael to Donatello. He wasn't sure who looked more upset.


"Look at these!" Raphael shouted, shoving the notes into Leo's hands.


The oldest turtle glanced them over and then snapped his head up, "Where is she?!"


"There," Donnie said, shaking his head as if he couldn't imagine it.


"Wait, where?!" asked Mikey, his eyes widening as he tried to look over Leo's shoulder to see the papers.


"We have to go get her," Leonardo said, staring at Raphael.


The turtle in red rolled his eyes, "Naw, we'll just leave her there. Idiot." He made a fist and punched his hand into the wall. What was wrong with Marie!? "What'd she do, sell her brains for stupidity?" he snarled, pummeling the other fist into the wall.


"Wait, huh?" Mikey asked, still not knowing what they were talking about.


"The wall didn't do anything to you," Donatello said calmly. He knew that Raphael taking out his frustration on the wall wasn't going to help anything.

Meanwhile, Catarina and Rembrandt found their way into the living room, unable to stay in the dojo after a yell like that. Rina glanced from Raphael to Leonardo and put her hands on her hips,


"What'd Marie do this time?"


"She's at the lab?!" Michelangelo shouted as he snatched one of the notes from Leo's hands and saw what was written and sketched all over it.


Rina's mouth dropped open in shock, mirroring Mikey's own reaction. "What the hell?!" she screeched, ogling at her oldest brother, "Are you serious? You better be joking, I swear…"


"He's not," growled Raphael, throwing another punch at the wall, "ARGH! When I catch her, I swear, I'm gonna…GRAH!"

Rina looked to Donnie who solemnly nodded. "Well, aren't we going after her?" Rina asked.


"You two are definitely staying here," Leo said, pointing at Rembrandt and Rina. Before Rina could protest, he held up a hand, "Look, you're in no condition to go anywhere, especially there. And, Brandt, no offense, but you don't know enough about stealth or fighting to go on this mission. I want you both to stay here with Master Splinter."


"But Leo!" Rina cried, unable to believe that he was going to hold her back.


"That's final," Leo said, giving both of the younger ones a stern look.


Rina threw up her hands as Master Splinter walked into the room.

"What is all this noise about?" asked Master Splinter. All of them began speaking at the same time:


"Sensei! Marie's insane!"


"Leo won't let me go!"


"Whoa, dude, Sensei! Guess what!"


"Marie, that little idiot…grrr…"


"Marie's gone, Master Splinter, she's headed back to get revenge."


"I don't really get it…"


Master Splinter narrowed his eyes and held up a hand. "Silence!" They all went quiet though Leo and Rina were glaring at each other. "Would someone care to tell me what is going on?" he asked, looking at his children.


"Sensei, Marie's gone back to the lab in order to maim, possibly kill, the man that kept popping up in her nightmares when she was sick," said Donnie, holding out his portable scanner for Master Splinter to see.


Master Splinter glanced at the device and then looked up expectantly at Donatello.

"Oh, um, she's the yellow dot. We're the purple one," explained Donnie.


Master Splinter sighed and put a hand to his head. His headstrong daughter had gone off on yet another foolhardy adventure. "Please, my sons, find her soon. Bring her home," he said and all four boys bowed to him and then headed for the door.


"Leo!" Rina shouted furiously.


"No, Rina, stay here!" he replied, giving her a look that definitely said that she wasn't to follow.


"Rina, please, just stay here," Donnie said as he went out the door.


"Promise?" Mikey asked and she hesitated before giving a grudging nod. "Good."


Raphael pointed a sai at the two younger ones, "You follow us, and I swear I'll give ya both such a beatin' yer ancestors'll feel it!" He didn't feel like losing anymore younger siblings tonight.


"We won't!" said Rembrandt, nodding his head.


Rina flopped backwards onto the couch, "Go, would you?!" He closed the door behind himself.

Marie was heading down the hallway when she was spotted by a group of thugs.


"There…only one?" a short guy asked, looking up at the guy who was leading them.


The guy shrugged his shoulders, "Guess it's a stupid one."


The other two chuckled before walking towards the young turtle.


Marie saw them coming and took up a fighting stance, "C'mon, you big lugs, I take you down then I can get to the big guy. C'mon!" She slashed her sai together and nodded towards them.


The short guy looked up at the bigger one who nodded. He pulled out a dart gun and leveled it at Marie. "What makes you think we'll waste our energy on a punkette like you?" he asked as she stared at the gun.


Well, that hadn't figured into her planning. Maybe she should leave that sorta stuff up to Leo and Rina…

"Don't you insult me!" Marie shouted, waving her sai at him, "I've had it up to here with insults from you people."


"And I've had it up to here with mutant turtles!" yelled the man.


"Shoot her," said the guy beside him. He nodded and the gun went off.


Marie dodged the first one, but the second caught her in the forearm. She let out a shout and tried to pluck it out. Pure anger drove her forward and she tossed a sai at the lead man. It hit him in the shoulder and he shouted in pain. Another dart pierced her shoulder and she stumbled to the ground. No, NO! She wasn't there yet! It couldn't end like that! Darkness overtook her vision and she was down for the count.

After the guys had been gone for a while, Rina tossed a look over at Master Splinter's study. He had retreated to there once the boys had left, probably to meditate on Marie and give her and their brothers strength. She was certain that he wouldn't be out for a while.


"C'mon, Brandt, let's go," she said, jumping up from the couch.


The turtle in grey glanced around but followed her anyways, "Where are we going exactly?"


"To go help the guys," she said, opening the door as quietly as possible.


Rembrandt raised an eyebrow, "But you told Leonardo that you wouldn't…"


"Hmm, I said we wouldn't follow them. We won't, we'll go a different way," she said as she led him down the hallway to the garage.

"Sounds like a plan," he said with a smirk.


The Battle Shell was gone, of course, but they had neglected to take the Shell Cycles. Rina found Mikey's and climbed on.


"Something tells me they won't like this idea all that much…" said Rembrandt.


Rina grinned as she handed him the orange helmet and grabbed her own. "Yeah, but they'll appreciate the help, especially if we only help if needed," said Rina before jamming the helmet down on her head.


Rembrandt followed her example, "Okay…"


"Hold on, Brandt!" she shouted before revving the engine and shooting forward out of the garage.


The turtle in grey barely had enough time to reach out and grab Rina's waist.

Marie woke up in a small room, shackles on her wrists and ankles. Her eyes were fuzzy, but she could make out the room. It was mostly a light grey, but one whole side was that double-sided mirror-window stuff. She glared into it and after a while she could make out the shape of a man on the other side. It was him! She let out a shout of anger and rustled her chains in aggravation.


"Let me out!" she said groggily, trying to stand to her feet. Her manikiri, shuriken, and sai were gone. Her sai! Raph's old sai… "Dammit! I hate you, let me go, I'll kill you! I'LL KILL YOU!!" she screamed, slamming her chained wrists against the floor. She was too tired to get up and hit the window. However, her lungs were working just fine. "YOU BASTARD!!"

"Hmm, this one is overly aggressive," Dr. Martin said as he leaned over to his colleague.


"The lab just called, they said that T29's tracker is returning here," a female doctor said as she hung up the phone. She looked into the room at the young turtle that was having a justified tantrum.


"Perhaps sedatives are in order," Dr. Martin said offhandedly.


The woman pursed her lips and shook her head. "She should still be feeling the effects of the tranquilizer, Doctor. I'm certain we don't need to give her any more," she said.


He smirked, "It couldn't hurt."


The female doctor, Ann Kelly, shook her head, "We could accidentally overdose her."


"No great loss, there's two of them, remember?" he said as he stood up from his chair.


"Sir, what are you planning to do with this one?" the female doctor asked. She had been excited to get a female last night, and this one was an entirely different one. She wanted to study it as well, but Dr. Martin had claimed it as his. He rubbed his chin, one hand on the door.

"We'll get the other one soon enough and she can act as the mother to the next generation. This one…well, I want to study it. We don't necessarily need it alive," he said, leaning against the doorway, "Especially since its offspring would probably be insubordinate."


Dr. Kelly bit her bottom lip, "But sir, if we use her genes as well, then we can create a greater DNA base than what we have now."


Dr. Martin nodded, "I've already thought about that. We can harvest her eggs and then implant them in T36 or human females, like we did to make the last batch. But, as I said, her offspring would be useless except for experimentation."


Dr. Kelly sighed; oh well, Dr. Martin seemed determined to have his way with this one. Before he stepped out of the door, he turned back to look at Dr. Kelly, "Oh, and have the teams on a look out for the four adult males we saw. I want them also. Have the tranquilizers ready and prepared."

Meanwhile, Donatello was once more hurrying the Battle Shell back to where they had just been the previous night rescuing their other sister. He couldn't believe just how crazy Marie was, to think she could out-smart all these scientists on her own. She'd obviously not been thinking clearly at all!


"We're here," he said for the second time in less than twenty-four hours.


"We stick together and watch each other's backs," Leonardo instructed, as they all climbed out.


"She's near where Rina was last night," Donnie stated, eyeing his tracker, not realizing that Rina’s blimp was now on the move also. "We better hurry, because if they sedated her and she woke up......Well, it won't be good - especially with her temper."


Raphael growled, as him and Michaelangelo hurried on after their brothers, to once more go and rescue one of their sisters.

"YOU LET ME OUTTA HERE!" Marie screeched, as the evil scientist entered the room. "YOU NO GOOD, HONOR-LESS COWARDLY SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


"Well, well, well, T35," the scientist chuckled. "It seems we meet again - though, I don't remember you being this feisty."


"Things change, dumbass!" Marie growled, struggling angrily with her restraints.


"Yes, that they do," the man smirked, checking some machines to ensure his evil plans would work. "I have decided not to impregnate you, but to dissect you and torture you instead."


"Well, there's a relief," Marie muttered sarcastically. She yelped, as he turned quickly and hit her thighs with the whip he now brandished - he had brought it into the room with him, only she hadn't seen it. He continued to whip her legs, eventually growing displeased as she remained silent after the first strike.

Marie grit her teeth together as best she could, trying to ignore the pain she was feeling. "Raph...." She pleaded silently. "I'm sorry......"


"Sir, T29 has arrived," a woman spoke, entering the room briefly, trying not to show that she disagreed with what he was doing to the young turtle girl.


"We're here!" Rina exclaimed, quickly parking the shell cycle in the back on the Battle Shell, as she knew how to open it with ease and drive on in - she had been getting secret lessons from Raph, after all. "Let's go see if we can help!"


Rembrandt nodded, and quickly hopped off the bike and followed her as quickly and stealthily as he could - considering her knew not a thing of stealth, except for what he had seen his new family do.

"Good," replied Dr. Martin, curling the whip up around his arm. “If he's here, I suppose the rest of your little clan has shown up as well. No matter how quiet they are or how well-prepared, they won't be able to evade my tranquilizers." He bent down and grabbed Marie's chin, forcing her to look at him. "I want you to know that it's your fault they are here," he said, glaring down at her, "If I'm honor-less, you are nearly as bad. You have betrayed those pathetic mutants that you call a family. I doubt they'll thank you for that."


She hauled back and spat in his face. His anger flared for a minute then he wiped the spit from his face. "You asshole, get away from me. Don't you ever talk about my family, don't you dare touch them!" she snarled, leaning in close and threateningly.


"Hmm, interesting reaction. I'll have to record that," Dr. Martin said, brushing his fingernails off on the lapel of his lab coat. He walked out of the room and shut the sound-proof door while Marie raged on behind him.

He turned to Dr. Kelly while laying the whip down on the table. "Please, find the rest of them before they overrun the place. If T36, the little one with the blue and white bandanna is with T29, separate them and take the female back to the lab. There's a few more fertility and blood tests I want to run on her before impregnating her. We didn't get to finish last time." He rolled his eyes. Intrusions such as rescue missions hadn't been on his mind when he discontinued the testing. "They're just to make sure her body can withstand it. Otherwise, we may have to keep T35 around for a little longer, though the idea does displease me."


Dr. Kelly nodded and then looked out of the side of her eyes at Dr. Martin, "Sir? Can I oversee the relationship between T29 and T36? I'm interested in the interactions that may occur between the two; we may possibly not have to impregnate T36 with in vitro if they grow fond of each other."


Dr. Martin nodded before turning back to look at Marie, a small smile on his face, "Sure, that can be your little project. This one is mine."


Dr. Kelly nodded and looked with an expression that could have almost been pity at Marie.

In her cell, Marie scowled and rubbed her shackles against the wall. Argh, they were too small it'd be impossible to slip out of them! She sighed and looked down at the huge red and pink welts on her green legs. They ached and she bit her lip against the pain. Man, wasn't he a scientist? Couldn't he come up with something better than a freaking whip? Loser. She looked up at the ceiling of the cell and blinked as tears sprang to her eyes. Oh man…her family was coming to get her. They were all going to get captured and then Sensei was going to worry about them and what would Casey and April do?! She wanted to see her brothers and her sister but she certainly didn't want them captured! Why did she have to go and pull this stunt? Argh, when she got the chance, she was going to kill that doctor. He would never bother them again! EVER!