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"So, where are those backstreet boys?" I was stepping in the hotel restaurant for breakfast, when I heard that question. I knew instantly it wasn't a fan, but far worse. From the tone of the speaker, and of course her voice, I knew it was the one and only Karen Russell.

Prepare for the nuclear bomb that will hit your heads BSB Camp.


"Karen, don't make a scene" I heard Chris whisper when I approached them.

I hugged my sister from the back, probably giving them quite a scare.

"I missed you" I whispered in her ear. I nearly had tears in my eyes, I didn't know how much I missed her, them, until I saw them.


She turned around hugging me properly. "Me too" She whispered back. Chris didn't know what to do, so, the understanding him, just gave us our space. Karen isn't very much the emotional type, except when it came to me. And not always also, but she has her moments.


"Come on, I was about to have breakfast, why don't you join me?" I offered.

"We will put our stuff in our room, then will catch up with you" Chris said giving me a hug.

"Whatever fits you" I replied smiling. "I have a lot to tell you." I said.

"Not before I find those backstreet boys and torture them first" Karen interrupted.

"Karen we agreed you won't make a scene" Chris reasoned, rolling his eyes.

"I didn't agree to that" She said giving him a look.

"Well you shouldn't then, for the sake of Julie" He replied.

"I am going to torture them for the sake of Julie" She replied as if it was the most logical thing in the world.

"Julie would lose her job if you did" He was still trying to reason with her. I was about to laugh of the way they were talking. You feel like I was watching a tennis match, my head kept going back and forth.

"Then, why did we come here?" Karen said putting her hands on her hips.

"To support Julie, and take her mind of the things that are troubling her" He threw it right back at her, putting his arm around my shoulders.

"Guys, we will talk while eating. Now, both of you go to your room. Wash up, get settled" I stepped in. "Don't forget I will be waiting in the restaurant"

"Sure, see you then" Said Chris, Pushing Karen towards the elevator.


When I stepped into the restaurant, I spotted AJ setting alone, ordering his breakfast. When he saw me, he waved at me. I went straight his way. Even though I was supposed to avoid him, I just couldn't. He was my friend on tour, no matter what. Let them think whatever they want.


"What are you having, miss?" The waiter asked.

"Pancakes and Guava Juice, please. Oh and can you bring a lemon with that" I replied with a smile. He looked confused, but he wrote my order anyway.

"So, who were the people you were hugging outside?"

"My sister and my boyfriend" I answered smirking. We always said that when people asked us. It was a prank we made in college, saying that Chris was my boyfriend. It was fun when they saw Karen kissing Chris; they always thought that we were a threesome anyway.

"Really, I didn't know you have a boyfriend" He said surprised.

"Well, now you know" I answered smiling. The waiter interrupted us, putting our breakfast on the table.

"I don't know how you drink that" AJ joked as he saw me squeezing the lemon in the guava juice.

"You don't even drink guava, you wouldn't know" I said licking my fingers then making a face when I tasted the lemon, making AJ laugh at me. In an instant, his face turned serious. "Why didn't you tell us that you had a boyfriend before?" He interrogated.

"I don't know, it just didn't come up" I answered stirring my Guava lemon juice.

"Really?" he snapped, "oh, let me think, if the guys knew that you have a boyfriend from the beginning, non of what happened yesterday and the days before would have happened"

Then it struck me. That was a brilliant idea. Saying that Chris is my boyfriend, for real, not some prank. AJ is a genius.

"I'm sorry" I tried to look and sound sorry.

"It's ok" he sighed, then started eating.

I felt a hand on my back, when I turned and saw Chris's face; I jumped and gave him a hug, and whispered, loud enough for AJ to hear, "I missed you".

"I just saw you outside Julie" He said confused.

"Well can't a girl miss her boyfriend" I replied giving him a "please-understand-and-go-with-the-flow" look.

"Not again" He whined.

"Something wrong?" AJ asked

"Nothing" I answered squeezing Chris's hand.

"So where is Karen?" I directed my question to Chris.

"She will be down in a minute" He answered, then took a seat beside me. He waved for the waiter, and then took a sip of my juice. He made a face "How you drink that is beyond me" He joked.

"It tastes great, and I love it. Ask for your own juice then" I stuck my tongue out, I am a baby, I know.

"Don't give me that unless you intend on using it" He said wiggling his eyebrows. I blushed.

I heard AJ clear his throat as if saying, I am still here.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce you, silly me. AJ, this is Chris, my boyfriend. Chris, this is AJ, my friend, and a backstreet boy" I said giggling.

They shock hands with the "it's nice to meet you, you too" introductions thing, when suddenly we heard

"So, Here is one Backstreet boy" Karen said when she approached the table.

"Leave this one alone, he is the nice one" I replied.

"Ok, so where are the bad ones?" She asked looking around.

"One will be in here in..."AJ answered her then looked to his watch "5...4...3...2...1"

"Hi guys". Kevin said as he approached our table "We have new faces here today" He commented.

"This is Karen, Julie's sister. And this is Chris, Julie's boyfriend" AJ introduced. Karen smiled, and looked at me as if she was trying to read my mind through my eye. I gave her an "I will tell you all about it later" look. That is the greatest thing about the three of us; we understood each other just by looking in the other's eyes.


"Boyfriend, we didn't know you have a boyfriend Julie" Kevin said smiling, I didn't know if it was a smile of relief or a simple "I am happy for you" smile. But with Kevin's record, I think it was the first one.

"Well, you never asked. And it never came up" I blushed. I was lying through my teeth, and they believed me. No scratch that, I guess they chose to believe me. This way I would keep my clutches away from AJ.

While Karen and Kevin were ordering breakfast Nick, Brian and Howie approached our table. Nick was stumbling, an apparent hangover clouding his eyes.

"Who are those?" Nick asked indifferently

"Nick, be nice" Brian advised like a mother to her son.

"What? A person can't ask a simple question around here?" Nick snapped.

Karen's eyes were shooting daggers towards Nick; he either didn't notice or chose not to. The only thing that was keeping Karen from speaking her mind was me and Chris each holding her hands.

AJ made the introductions again, both Howie and Brian welcomed them, with a hint of surprise in their eyes, they just didn't comment upon it. However, Nick looked astonished.

"You have a boyfriend?" Nick asked me.

"Yes, is that a problem?" I replied.

"No, but your boyfriend is ok with you massaging naked guys? And travelling with at least 5 guys alone, not to mention you spending your nights on tour with AJ. Dude, how do you take that, I wonder?" Nick addressed Chris. Stunned and angry faces were the reaction Nick got from, practically, everyone on our table.

"What the fuck is your problem?" Karen snapped. It was about time also. She actually took more time then expected.

"What the fuck is yours?" Nick snapped back.

"You are"

"Karen, calm down" Chris reasoned.

"No, I won't, I won't let him sit here and speak about you like this" She addressed Chris.

"What are you their mother?" Nick fired.

"Stop it, Nick" Kevin said trying to be calm.

"No, don't you see..."

"SHUT UP" Kevin yelled banging his hands on the table. Heads turned our way, but after long moments of silence, they stopped looking at us. Nick stood up abruptly, making his chair scratch against the marble floor, then left the restaurant.

"I'm sorry for that, when Nick is hung over, he acts like an ass, it is just that he have headaches, and his brain is not working well" Howie babbled trying to apologize to Karen and Chris.

"It's ok. It's not your fault" Chris said, and Karen merely nodded.

"Maybe when you see him again, you will know that he isn't that bad" Brian tried to lighten the situation.

"Oh, no thanks. First impressions are enough for me" She answered.


"Nick is in trouble, right?" I leaned and asked Karen.

"Oh, yeah! A big one...but he is not the only one" And she looked at me. I must have looked like a deer caught in the woods.

OH BOY. I hate when she does that.



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