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Author's Chapter Notes:
Thanks to everyone who sent me a feedback, your encouregement helps me write more...
“So… How was today’s session?” Mr. Richardson asked us when we reached the hotel’s restaurant.
“We didn’t have a session” Nick said then giving his order to the waitress, and let's not forget, flirting.
“Why is that?” This time Kevin was addressing me, throwing a glare at me in the process.
“We couldn’t do it” I answered taking a sip from my juice.
“Again, why is that?”
“There was no room in the bus Mr. Richardson.” I snapped.
“Why? The bus was comfy enough last time I checked”
“I tried to open my table in the middle of the so called “living room”. It didn’t work, we tried the bunks, Nick wasn’t comfortable and I was banging my head in the top bunk. It …just…wouldn’t…work” I snapped again.
“Well she is right Kevin, I was there, and I saw it all” AJ said trying to lighten the mood a little.
Nick had an amused look on his face; AJ was worried but even less than the other two boys. As for Kevin, if looks would kill I’d be six foot under right now.
The rest of the breakfast went smoothly, with me and Kevin not talking to each others at least.
I went up stairs to go to my room. Suddenly Mr. Richardson came out of nowhere to tell me to have the session with Nick now, instead of the wasted one we had this morning. I wanted to refuse, but since it was the second time Kevin was angry with me, I didn’t want a third time. In the end I approved.
On my way to Nick’s room I heard weird noises. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, but when I knocked and found Nick answering the door with an embarrassed face and a sheet covering his bottom half, I knew what these voices were. Doesn’t this boy have a rest?
“Is something wrong?” He addressed me.
“Kevin told me to start a session now. Didn’t he tell you?” I replied.
“No, but can this wait um… another 15 minutes, well I’m kind busy” He said ready to shut the door.
“Well… ok. When you are done, you will find me in AJ’s room. Call me there”
“Oh! I see. I’ll make it 30 minutes then, to give you more time” He said with the same weird smile he gave me this morning.
“It’s ok, just call me when you are done” I said “we will probably watch a movie or so”
He mumbled something. I guess it was “yeah right”. Then he shut the door while I was about to ask his…
What the heck is he talking about?
After I watched half the movie, Nick still didn’t call. My curiosity was eating me concerning why Nick was acting weird around me and AJ lately.
“AJ, do you know what is behind Nick’s sudden change of behavior?” I asked while eating strawberries.
He looked my way, away from the TV, and gave me a confused look “What are you talking about?”
“Can’t you see that Nick is acting weird around us lately” I said “weird looks, weird smiles… or is it only me?”
He cleared his throat, and let me tell you, when you confront someone and he clears his throat it means that he is going to lie.
“I still don’t know what you are talking about”
“AJ!” I gave him a “stop the bullshit” look.
“Really, I don’t know what you are talking about”
“Fine, but this isn’t over yet” I said waving my index figure at his face in a joking manner. He laughed and told me to shut up, that he wants to finish the movie.
Just as he finished the sentence I heard a knock on the door. AJ opened it and Kevin came rushing in.
“What are you doing here?” He nearly screamed.
“What is wrong Kevin?” AJ asked.
“Miss Russell here should be in Nick’s room doing his massage, not acting buddy-buddy with you” Kevin answered looking at me.
“Mister Richardson I won’t let you…” I tried to talk.
“Listen miss, you work for me. You do everything I say. You work on my schedule, not yours” He spat.
“I work for Mr. Carter; I work by his schedule, sir. He was busy when I went to his room, right when you told me by the way” I snapped back.
“Check your contract lady; see who your boss is, whose name is on the contract. Now if you don’t mind, marsh right now to Nick’s room, I don’t care what he is doing. You only have 30 minutes before we leave for the next interview” He lectured, pointing his finger to the door.
“Come on Julie” AJ said offering his hand to me.
“You are not going anywhere, I’m going with her” Kevin said looking at AJ.AJ understood the look Kevin gave him and said “Ok”. He helped me up anyway.