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Chp 10



All of a sudden, the doorbell broke the silence. "Coming," Alex said. He gave the guy some money and told him to keep the change. I went in the kitchen to help him out. "Hey can I talk to you for a second, in private," I said. "Sure," he said hesistantly. He took my hand and led me to the closest room that had a door, the pantry.

"What's wrong baby?" he asked holding my hands and staring into my eyes. "I have something to show you. I want to show you before Nick and Rose seen it," I said laughing. "What is it?" he asked curiously. I lifted up my hair and showed him the hickey. He looked at me and smiled. "Don't you smile at me mister," I said laughing at him. "Well I couldn't help myself. You are too beautiful and I just couldn't stop kissing you," Alex said leaning in to kiss me. He started working his way to my neck and kissed me where the hickey was. "I'm sorry but, you are breath-taking," he whispered in my ear. I melted in his arms. "Ok we gotta stop or we'll never get dinner tonight," I said. "My dinner is right here but if you insist," he said winking at me.

When we came out of the pantry, Nick and Rose were already eating. They turned to us and just laughed. "Oh shut up Nick," Alex said laughing. "I didn't say anything dawg," he said still laughing. "Dude, you don't have to," Alex said getting plates for our dinner. We sat down at the table and started eating.

"Hey after dinner I'm going with Jennifer and help her start packing," Alex said. "Start packing?" Rose asked. "Yea Alex asked me to move in with him, I will explain in detail later," I said looking at her. "Oh ok," she said and went back to eating. "Well I'll probably go too then," she continued. "Do you care if Nick comes?" she asked looking at him. "Sure if he wants," I replied. "Yea I'll come. I don't have anything else to do," he said.

After we finished eating and cleaned up, Rose and I went in my car and Alex and Nick came in Alex's Escalade. Alex threw in some empty boxes he had laying around the house. On the way to the house I figured I better explain to Rose what is going on. "You said you wanted to move here right?" I asked her. "Yea. Nick took me and looked around with me today," she said smiling just thinking about him. "Well I'm not moving far but, I don't want to sell my house to someone I don't know. Would you like to buy my house?" I asked her. She looked over at me with a surprised look. "Are you serious?" she asked. "Yea. You are the only one I trust to take over," I said. "Yea I'll buy it. I'll go to the bank tomorrow and get a loan for it," she said with excitement. "Awesome but, you gotta help me move," I said laughing. "Oh alright," she said laughing. "Do you need a job too?" I asked. "Yea actually I do," she said. "Well I could find you a spot at the clinic," I said. "Seriously?" she asked. "Yea besides you have just as much experience as I do and I could always use an extra pair of hands," I said. "Awesome, I'll go by there tomorrow too," she said. "So what's the news about you and Nick?" I asked changing the subject. "Well yesterday was awesome. He asked me to be his girl," she said gushing over him again. "Really? Congratulations girl," I said with excitement for her. "Thanks," she said. We then pulled into my driveway. "Soon this is gonna be your driveway," I said looking at her. "I know, this is so unreal," she said getting out. Alex and Nick were right behind us and pulled in soon after.

Once we got inside, Alex and I went upstairs because I figured I would pack my clothes first. I walked into my bedroom to pull out my suitcases. Alex came up behind me and put his hands around my waist. "I'm so excited that I'm going to be seeing you all of the time now," he said turning me around to face him. "Yea me too, I can't hardly contain my excitement. I mean this morning when I woke up, I felt right at home, it was weird," I said staring into his big brown eyes. He then leaned in and kissed me. "I'm glad because it is your home now," he said smiling.

While Alex and I were upstairs getting my stuff packed in the suitcases, Rose explained to Nick that she was moving to West Palm Beach and that she was going to be buying my house. She also told him that she was going to be working at the clinic with me. Nick looked down and smiled at her. The thought of her being closer to him just made him smile. He leaned in and kissed her passionately.

"Ahem," I said coming downstairs with suitcases in my hands. Rose and Nick just looked up at me and smiled then went back and continued kissing. "Remind me not to leave them by themselves for very long," Alex said laughing. We walked out the door and loaded the suitcases in Alex's Escalade. When we got back inside, we all started packing up the boxes Alex brought with him. Before we knew it, it was getting pretty late.

"Are you ready to go back," Alex said holding me in his arms. "Yea I guess so. I have to get up early tomorrow," I said getting up. "Rose, I will see you tomorrow girl," I said giving her a hug. "Ok yes you will. Goodnight," she said. "Goodnight and thank you for helping me," I said. "Oh your welcome. Anything for my best friend," she said. We just smiled at each other.

"Dawg, I'm gonna go with you, then I will come back to stay with Rose," Nick said getting up. "Are you sure, I have plenty of rooms," Alex said. "Yea, we talked about it earlier," Nick said looking over at Rose and winking. "Alright, that's cool," Alex said. "Goodnight," Alex said giving Rose a hug. "Goodnight," she replied. With that Nick, Alex and I left and headed back to his house.

Once we got there, Nick gathered up his stuff. "I'll see you two tomorrow," he said. "Ok dude, I'll call ya," Alex said. "Sweet. Goodnight guys," Nick said giving me a hug and heading out the door.

"Finally, alone at last," Alex said coming up to me with a smile on his face. "Wait a minute, I have to," I tried to say but was stopped by his kiss. His kiss was growing even more intense. My body was starting to get warm and tingling all over. He could feel me getting weak so, he picked me up and carried me upstairs. He gently laid me on the bed, his lips not ever leaving mine.

He got up and turned on the television that was mounted on the wall and popped in a movie. He then crawled in bed next to me and took me in his arms. Alex looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. We didn't exchange words. We knew exactly what the other was thinking, glad to be in each other's arms from now on. We laid there watching the movie until we both dozed off to sleep.