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Chp 3


The night of my date had finally come. I spent all afternoon trying to calm my nerves. I couldn't believe that I was getting ready to go on a date with AJ Mclean, one of the guys in the best band and one of the hottest I might add.

I checked myself in the mirror one last time. Just then the door bell rang. "I'll be right there," I said. I went to go open the door, AJ was standing there in front of me. I was speechless as to how he looked. The last time I seen him he was in jeans and a tshirt. Tonight, he was wearing a nice green polo and jeans and he smelt great too, I might add. Finally, I gathered all I could and said, "Hi, come on in."

"Thanks, your place is great. Took me a while to find it but, it's beautiful," AJ said smiling. "Thanks, I love the ocean. Now all I have to do is walk out my back door and go to it, I love it. Just let me grab my purse and I'll be ready," I said looking at him and smiling. I went into the to gather my things. "Ok I'm ready," I said coming back into

the living room. AJ was sitting on the couch. I had my cd's open and he was looking at them. "Oh sorry. I just couldn't help myself. I'm such a music nut. I see that you are too. I didn't know you like heavy metal and the 80's rock," AJ said with excitement. "Yea I do. That's my favorite kind of music actually," I said. "That's awesome. Well there's one thing we have in common," he said laughing. "Are we ready?" he continued. "Yep as long as you are," I said. "Ok then let's get going," he said.

He opened my door fo me and took me to his car. He drove a Lexus convertible. He opened my car door and said, "My lady," and held out his hand to help me get in. After he went around and got in he said, "By the way, you look absolutely gorgeous tonight." "Well thank you. You look very nice as well," I said smiling at him. He just smiled back and winked at me.

"So where are we going?" I asked. "Well it's a suprise. I will tell you this....you like seafood right?" he asked. "Yea I love seafood," I exclaimed. "Great! Just sit back and enjoy the ride," he said smiling. On our way to the restaurant, I caught glances of AJ looking over at me every now and then. At one point, I caught him and he just smiled. He then put out his hand for me to take it. We held hands all the way to the restaurant.

Once we pulled into the restaurant, he came to my side and opened my door. "I've never heard of this place before. In fact, I didn't even know it was here," I said getting out. "A lot of people don't. It's my favorite place to get seafood though," AJ said closing the door behind me. We walked hand in hand towards the front door. As we were walking in, a fan recognized AJ.

"Oh my god, is it really you? I heard you were back in town but I didn't believe it," the fan said with excitment. "Yea it's true. I'm back for a couple of months," he said laughing. "Can I have your autograph?" she asked. "Sure, no problem," AJ said signing his name. "Who's she? Is she your new girlfriend?" the fan asked. "Yea she is. I met her as soon as I got back in town," AJ said grabbing my waist. "Well that's great!" she exclaimed. "Treat him well," she said looking at me. "Oh I will you don't have to worry about that," I said. "Thanks for the autograph AJ and it was nice to meet you, AJ's girlfriend," she said. "Your welcome," AJ said. "It was nice meeting you as well," I said.

"Well I was hoping you wouldn't have to go through that yet but, better now than never I guess," AJ said laughing. "Yea that's true. Besides I don't mind. I wasn't planning on you calling me your girlfriend just yet though," I said looking at him. "Well you are aren't you? And besides, like I said before, I feel a strong connection with you," AJ said smiling. "Yea me too and it feels good to be called your girlfriend," I said winking and smiling at him. "Good because you're going to hear it a lot from now on," he said grabbing my waist.

"Ah Mr. Mclean, how are you today sir?" the hostess asked. "Doing just fine, Rick. How are you?" "Doing great. Follow me and I'll take you to your usual table," he said grabbing some menus.

Once we got to our table, AJ pulled my chair out for me to sit down. He then sat down across from me. "Rick can we get some iced tea, my usual?" AJ asked. "Sure thing Mr. Mclean," Rick said.

While he was gone, I was looking through the menu trying to figure out what I wanted. "Do you mind if I make a suggestion? Looks like you are having trouble picking something out," AJ asked. "Sure please do!" I exclaimed. "Well their pasta's here are delicious and so is their baked and grilled seafood," he said. "That does sound good, grilled shrimp. I think that's what I'll get," I said. "Good choice," he said looking up and smiling at me. AJ ordered the shrimp scampi.

After we ordered and ate our dinner, AJ had a suprise up his sleeves. We got back to his car and headed towards the movie theater. THe theater was an old one but, still working and open. "They are playing my favorite movie, 'The Princess Bride' I love that movie," I exclaimed. "So do I and I figured you did like it. I went and I asked them to show it. We have the whole theater to ourselves," he said smiling. "Are you serious? This is so cool," I said. "I'm glad you like it," he said putting his hand on my knee. He was driving around to a parking spot. He came around and opened the car door for me and as he helped me out, as I was getting out our eyes caught each others and time seemed to stop.

After our little "moment" we went in, got our popcorn and drinks and sat down waiting for the movie to start. Once we got settled in, they started the movie for us. AJ stretched his arm out and put it around me and I laid my head on his shoulders. All my worries of work and life went away. I was in heaven. I looke up at during some point in the movie and our eyes caught one anothers again. This time we shared at passionte kiss.

After the movie, AJ drove me back home. He walked around and opened my car door and walked me to my front door. "Thanks for the great time. I had a blast tonight," I said holding his hands. "I'm glad you had a great time. I did too. Maybe we can do this again sometime soon," AJ said staring into my eyes. "I would like that very much, AJ," I said. "Call me Alex, all of my close friends and family do," he said. "Oh ok, Alex," I said smiling at him. At that moment, he pulled me closer to him and kissed me with so much passion I was literally swept off of my feet. Once he pulled away, we both had huge smiles on our faces. "I'll call you tomorrow," he said still holding me. "Ok sound good," I said laying my head on his shoulders. "Goodnight, Jennifer," he said giving me one last kiss. "Goodnight, Alex," I said returning the kiss and smiling at him.

I dug in my purse to find my keys and I watched him drive off. I could hardly sleep at all that night.