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Nick and Lisa returned from they're trip and we began fixing up the cabin that Nick had bought for Lisa. We were so excited that her and the kids would get to be around more often. The boys were scheduled to release a new album in 2009 and they were going to be doing the finishing touches during November and December here in Kentucky.

"Hey Boo."

"Hey darlin, you and Lisa finished fixing up the new Carter domain?"

"Yeah. Boy, I can't believe how much work that place needed. My back is killing me."

"Ahhh poor baby, need a back rub."

"That would be great, but I have to have a shower first. I stink."

"I can help with that too." The sparkle in his eyes getting brighter at the thought.

"Only if you scrub my back?"

"Ok, that can be arranged." We spent the rest of the afternoon making love.

October 2008

"HELLO." I heard Mama Anne's voice echo thru the house.

"In the back, come on in." She walked back to Will's room where I was busy going thru his toys.

"Hey, Kevin anywhere around?"

"Nope, he went flying today."

"Oh, I hope he's careful. It makes me so nervous him doing that."

"I know, me too, but he loves it so much and it's calming for him. I just say a prayer every time he goes."

"Good Idea. Anyway. I didn't know what you had planned for his birthday so I thought I'd come over and see you and the kids."

"GRANDMA!!!" Lexi and Will had seen her from the playroom and came running.

"There are the worlds best grandchildren." She bent down and took them in her arms.

"Hey" Lexi responded.

"Hi, gotta go, I'm beating Lexi at basketball on the playstaion." Will hugged her and took off to the playroom.

"Bye" Lexi followed.

"So about Kev's birthday, you have any plans?" She asked.

"Well, all the guys will be here so I had thought about a bar-b-cue down by the stream?"

"You want to plan something?"

"No, just wandering?"

"Now Mama Anne, you know that if you want to do something for Kevin all you have to do is say so. He's still your son and I respect that?"

"Oh Cass, I know, but he is your husband and you and the kids are his first priority."

"Ok out with it. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, I was looking thru some old photographs the other day and I saw a picture of a birthday party that Kevin had one year at the camp that Jerald ran, and it just brought back a lot of memories. I was kinda thinking about having a party there?"

"Oh, that would be wonderful and I know that it would be something that Kevin would love. Do you mind if I invited all the guys and their families?"

"That would be wonderful. I was going to fix all his favorites and serve it buffet style."

"That would be great. I will take him shopping for the day and get Jerald and Lacey to keep the kids and on the way back we will make a stop by there for the surprise."

"Oh Cass, thanks so much."

"Anytime, after all, I am eternally grateful to you for giving me such a wonderful man to love."

"Do I hear someone talking about me?" Kevin came into the room. "Hey mama." He hugged Anne.

"Now what in the world would make you think that."? I winked at Mama Anne.

"You said something about the man that you love?" He came in and kissed me on the cheek.

"Oh, I was talking about Tim. It's so nice to have a brother in law that you just fall in love with." I giggled.

"Oh think that's funny huh." He began to tickle me.

"Kevin!" I yelled between laughing. "STOP."
"On that note I'm out of here." Mama Anne turned to leave.

"No mama, don't go." Kevin got up and walked over to stand by his mom.

I sat there watching them talk. You could see the love that they had for each other and just knew that nothing would ever come between them.

"KEVIN SCOTT RICHARDSON!" I yelled from the garage. "If you don't get your butt in this car we are going to be late to your birthday lunch." I had dropped the kids off and everyone else was busy getting Kevin's surprise party together.

"Hey darlin." He had come around behind me and whirled me around in his arms.

"Bout time." I said admiring my husband as I held him tightly. The smell of his cologne igniting a fire deep in the pit of my stomach. "You look good enough to eat." I whispered. He was wearing a pair of jeans that outlined everything with a skintight white shirt that made his tan stand out. His eye glistened.

"Hmmm, wanna have lunch here?" He asked in a husky voice.

"As much as I would like to get you out of those jeans, I am looking forward to today's event's, but keep that thought in mind for later tonight."

"Ok, let's go." He got in the passenger side of the Tahoe and put his sunglasses on. "Where to first?"

We headed out to lunch and enjoyed laughing a talking about the kids, next we hit the mall. Kevin usually got around in Kentucky with out a lot of people bothering him and today was no different. He had two teenage girls ask for his autograph, but other than that we managed to be able to just walk thru the mall holding hands like any other old married couple. I bought him a few new outfits for his birthday along with a new leather jacket. As we walked out of the sun was beginning to set.

"So Mrs. Richardson, how bout we head home and finish our earlier discussion."

"Ok, let's go." We loaded the car. Little did Kevin know that their was still more birthday surprises to come. I began to run my hands along Kevin's leg as we drove along.

"What'cha doing darlin'"

"Just flirting with my man?" I whispered. My hands wandering all over him by now.

"If you keep this up we won't make it home." He leaned over and began kissing my neck.

"Maybe that was my plan?"

"Oh yeah, and just what may I ask is your plan?"

"Well, I always wanted to go skinny dipping with you at the old camp grounds?" Keep in mind this was October, but I knew where Kevin's mind was and knew he wouldn't think twice.

"Well then let's go?" We turned on the old road that led to the camp. When we pulled up everything was dark. We climbed out of the car and met at the front bumper. Kevin taking me in his arms and crushing his lips to mine, I could feel his body responding.

"Easy there stud." I said gently pushing him away. "Remember that story you told me about, the time you caught your mom and dad slow dancing by the fireplace."

"Wanna recreate a scene?" I began to pull him towards the main hall.

"But I wanna go swimming with you." He said pulling me back into his arms.

"Dance first, swim later." I said pulling him back towards the building. As we got to the door Kevin grabbed me and pulled me to him.

"One dance then we get naked." About the time the words left his mouth the door flew open, the lights came on and all we heard was "SURPRISE!!!" and "KEVIN SCOTT."

His mother had heard what he said just before and stood there staring at him.

"Sorry mama." He whispered into her ear. "But I am a married man." He winked.

"I know, but there are just something's a mother doesn't need to hear. Happy Birthday Baby." She hugged him. He walked around and greeted everyone. Everything was great. We had so much fun especially when the boys played a video they had put together for him. It was a life history of the man known as Kevin. There were baby pictures and pictures of him and his family, him and the boys and then pictures of him with the kids and me. I could feel him wipe at the tears as the movie ended.

"Thanks everyone." He whispered as he stood. "You guys are the best." We helped clean up and began to head home. Jerald and Lacey had decided to let the kids spend the night so Kevin and I drove home in silence.

"You ok boo?" I asked.

"Yeah, just thinking?"
"Bout what?"

"That video, man, it really brought to life how blessed I am. Cass, I couldn't ask for anything more in my life. I've got it all." I watched as a tear slid from his eye.

"Oh boo" I grabbed his hand and brought it my lips. "We are the lucky ones. We get to be part of your life."

"No Cass, I just." He stopped as we parked the car in the garage and he turned to face me.

"Cass, you gotta understand this, I love you so much, my kids, my family, my friends, my life. They have made me who I am. Nothing in this world that anyone could buy or give me could equal all of that." The tears came faster.

"Kevin, we feel the same way about you. That's why we had that party tonight. We wanted to show you how much we loved you. I wish you could have seen and heard the guys talking about the video they were so excited. They talked about how they wouldn't be were they are today without you there to help guide them. Baby, we love you too." We sat and held each other. Silence.

"Hey boo?"
"Yeah darlin." He whispered against my neck.

"Can I get you out of those jeans now?"

"Anything you want."

"First one upstairs wins a free back scrubbing." I jumped out the car. Kevin took off running and was upstairs in the bathroom before I even hit the bedroom.

"I win." He yelled as I came in the bathroom and walked into his arms.

"Nope, I do. Happy Birthday Boo." I pulled him down for a kiss. "I love you."

The holidays came and went so fast. It seemed like the years were just speeding by anymore.

‘Kevin, the guys want to come over on Thursday to listen to the new album. Brian said it was being shipped to us," I hollered at him thru the shower door. That's fine, I'm scheduled to fly that afternoon so tell them to come over about 6:00, and I'll be home by then.

"Ok, I will." I went to the phone and told Brian to call the others and tell them it was ok and we would order in pizzas and make a night of it.

January 30, 2009.

"KEVIN." I sat up screaming in the bed.

"Whoa darlin, what's the matter?" He pulled me into his arms.

"Oh thank god, I had a dream I couldn't find you. I knew that you were out there, but no matter how hard I looked I couldn't find you?"

"It's ok, it was just a dream, I'm right here." His hand stroking my head. "Haven't I told you that I'm never going anywhere."?

"Yeah, it just seemed, I don't know so real."

"Cass, you and the kids are my life, I told you nothing will ever keep me from you." I grabbed him and held him tight.

"Make love to me, please." We made love, it was so intense, and I felt like I couldn't get enough of him.

"Cass, I'm leaving for the airport. I'll be back around 5 or 5:30 ok."

"Bye, boo be careful. I love you." I grabbed hold of him and hugged him tight.

"Cass you ok?" He looked down into my eyes.

"Don't go." A tear fell from my eyes. Kevin reached up cupping my cheek and wiped it away.

"Cass, what's wrong."

"I just have this feeling. Please don't go."

"Cass, I'll be fine. Quit being silly, Ok." He leaned down and kissed me.

"Your right, go have fun, but don't be late."

"I won't. I love ya darlin."

"I love you too boo. You and you alone."

I watched as he walked out the door. Why was my heart telling me to stop him?

"Please God, keep him safe and bring him back to me. Amen"