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Nick held the cold cloth he requested close to forehead attempting to ease the pain flaring inside his head. Despite Nick’s earlier barking command to close the shades, sun continued to stream into the room through the slits. The other man in the room attempted to read the papers that lay out before him using a dim desk lamp. The books that lined the walls would be of no help, the man could find no mistake written in these papers, it was a concrete contract. The man could not believe a clause like this could exist; it was something right out of the movies.
“I’m sorry Mr. Carter; I cannot find any way out of this contract.” He sat back in his chair and took his glasses off rubbing his tired eyes.
“Look again,” Nick said forcefully but making sure not to move his head as he spoke. The pain was now shooting from the back of his neck to right behind his eyes. He could feel his lunch starting to churn in his stomach.
“Sir, I’ve already been over the paperwork three times. Looking for a fourth time will not force any changes or loopholes I did not see before.” He pushed the paperwork towards his client and stood from behind his desk.
Nick sat in his chair furious with himself and his impulsive nature when he was merely sixteen years old. His mother still held some respect from him and so he trusted her. Who would believe their own mother would make their son sign a contract that would force him to hand over the money he made before he turned thirty unless he was married. Not only did he have to have a wife, but the contract also stated that he needed to have at least one child through wedlock by midnight on his thirtieth birthday to retain his funds. A pure nightmare as far as he was concerned, marriage was something Nick never wanted to embark on since he saw the hell his parents went through during and after their own marriage.
“What do you suggest?” He asked his lawyer taking the towel from his eyes and looking at the older man standing behind the desk.
“The only thing I can see for you to do is spend all your money before you turn thirty, or get married and have a child.”
Nick grunted in disgust. “Why am I paying you for these suggestions?” He asked the other man rhetorically.
“Mr. Carter, I really don’t see any other way out of this contract with your mother. Moreover, if you believe she is as ruthless as you keep letting on, she will take you to court to make you uphold this contract. It is valid, you signed and as your guardian she signed as well as the lawyer that drew up the paperwork.”
“My thirtieth birthday is less then two years away. How can I find a girl, get married and have a child in that time?” The lawyer did not answer his question and Nick was glad he did not. He knew an easy way, he still had fans that would be willing to marry him and have his child even if he did not love them completely in return. “I can’t believe my life has turned into one of those damn chick flick movies about marriage by a certain date or you lose everything.” He sighed and rubbed his temples, the pounding in his head was getting more and more intense by the second.
His lawyer continued to stand behind his desk looking as helpless as Nick was feeling. He leaned forward and grabbed the paperwork in front of him getting up quicker then he should have. The pain in his head was now a full-fledged migraine, the pain was so intense it caused him to fall back into the chair he just vacated. “Call me a car, please.” Nick quietly asked the older man.
Quickly Nick’s lawyer picked up the phone and dialed the car service that his firm provided to their clients. He spoke quietly giving the orders to the person on the other end of the line. Nick focused on attempting to make the pain go away by trying to stop thinking about anything in general. Unfortunately, his thoughts continued to swim around the news his lawyer tried to break to him gently. What made him clean out his paperwork today? What made him go through those particular folders containing important documents? Even though he gave himself more time to the deadline, he couldn’t help but feel pissed off that he was caught up in this circumstance.
“Mr. Carter your car should be here shortly. Would you like some assistance out?” Nick did not respond to the man and did not accept his offer to help. He stood and made his way down the elevator and into the main lobby. A short time later, a man wearing a suit came inside and called out his name. His thoughts completely on this new issue at hand, Nick followed the man and climbed into the backseat of the car he was lead to by the other man.
“How am I going to do this?” He questioned himself aloud. He was dating girls casually all the time, but he was not, and did not want to be serious with any of them. They were all flighty girls that were good to party with and sleep with, but that’s all they were good for in his opinion. How was he going to meet a woman he could see himself making the commitment of marriage with, not to mention having a child to connect them for life even if they were to divorce after the marriage.
“Do what, sir?” The driver asked him from his own seat in the front. Nick rolled his eyes and did not even bother to deign a response. The car pulled in front of his house a few minutes later and he climbed out, without waiting for the door to be opened for him. He headed straight inside, thankful that he still saw the cleaning van parked in the driveway, he would not have to fish his key out of his pocket.
Keeping his head down, he did not want to answer any questions about if he wanted the fireplace scrubbed, or fresh flowers in his vases today, he quickly walked up the stairs to his bedroom making sure to secure the door tightly behind him. Sighing he moved towards his bed and lay down, closing his eyes tightly hoping, willing sleep to overtake him. Maybe after a good night’s sleep his headache would be gone and he would have a fresh outlook on how to handle this new situation.