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Author's Chapter Notes:
Not beta read. All mistakes are mine and CJ's. Please feel free to point them out so that we may correct them.
Kevin and Nick sat down opposite Robert and Cara. Jerald joined them a minute later. Kevin resisted the urge to roll his eyes when he saw that his father still looked surprised over the fact that they were dating.

‘Probably shocked that his perfect Nicky is with me,” he thought, though he couldn’t deny, even in his head that he found Nick pretty perfect.

“We didn’t mean to keep us a secret but things have been kinda crazy around here,” Nick suddenly said apologetically to break the silence that had fallen over them. A silence that Kevin wasn’t doing much to elevate nor did Nick expect him to.

Cara didn’t know if it was her son’s influence or if Nick was just maturing but if he’d had to say those words a couple of months ago he would’ve been nervous. There was no hint of nerves now in Nick’s words or behaviour. He spoke like a confident but respectful young man who was sure about what he’d done.

“Well I for one am very happy to hear about this. You two look very sweet together,” she said with a smile.

Nick and Kevin exchanged a look at being called sweet but smiled and thanked her all the same.

Kevin looked expectantly at Robert and his father. “I hope our revelation doesn’t change anything and we will still have the time to figure out what we want?”

Robert nodded, “Of course. There’s no rush.” He smiled at both of them, “Nicky is this what you wanted to tell me when you had come over for dinner?” he asked, knowing Nick would know which night he was talking about since his son had only come over to his house twice the entire time he had been home for the summer.

Nick nodded, “Yes. I had planned to tell you before dinner but then it didn’t work out. And after listening to Annaliese’s fiction about how close she imagined herself and Kevin to be, well I didn’t want to embarrass her by saying anything.” He tactfully didn’t mention that Monique had also been telling tales about Annaliese and Kevin.

Robert smiled at the restraint his son showed by not saying anything about Monique. ‘My child is a wonderful young man,’ he thought proudly.

Nick smiled back before looking at Jerald. Jerald shook his head and smiled. “You’ve chosen well…”

Kevin calmly met his father’s eyes while biting back a sigh.

“…Nick,” Jerald said sincerely.

Years of training ensured that the surprise Kevin felt wasn’t displayed on his face for all to see. He closed his eyes for a moment. He opened them and looked at his father only to find him firmly focused on Nick.

“Kevin is a fine young man and I hope you two are very happy together.”

Nick smiled happily at his godfather. “Thank you!”

Suddenly those brilliant blue eyes caught his own. Kevin’s breath caught at being the focus of such happiness. He’d hardly gotten over it before Nick moved closer to him and wrapped his arms around him. Kevin knew how nervous Nick had been over telling their parents about their relationship and could understand his emotions. He held his lover securely in his arms and kissed the side of his head.

“It’s done Nick, it’s done,” he said softly to him while rubbing his back.

A little while later…

Kevin entered the living room and smiled slightly at Robert and his parents while walking over to Nick. They smiled at each other, very aware of the fact that their parents were observing them.

Kevin slid his arm around Nick’s waist and lowered his head. Nick smiled in return and lifted his head up to brush his lips against Kevin’s.

“Hey,” Kevin said softly.

“Hey,” Nick whispered, his heart thudding rapidly due to nerves.

“Relax,” Kevin said gently.


Robert and Jerald watched Kevin and Nick interacting together. There was smoothness in their body language that spoke truer than words could.

“They didn’t lie, they have been together for sometime,” Jerald said as he watched Kevin wrap his arms around Nick from behind and the way Nick comfortably leaned back into him.

Robert calmly sipped his drink and continued observing them. “I didn’t for one moment think that they would lie to us.”

The two friends looked at each other before Jerald sighed and looked away. “I have to admit that I was sure about Nicky but not Kevin. From the way I have always clashed with him, I didn’t think he would ever voluntarily open up about his personal life to me.”

Jerald looked at Robert, “You know I love Nicky like my own. Is my son the right choice for him?”

Robert looked at Jerald in surprise. “Jerry! We had hoped they would get together. Just because they have found each other on their own doesn’t mean you should question this. Look at them,” he said firmly and turned to look at the young couple who were laughing about something, their body language open and happy. “They have found their way to each other, let them take it from here on, on their own. If it’s meant to be, it will happen. If not, then I hope they will always remain friends. They can only benefit from having the other in their life.”

Jerald couldn’t help but smile at the happy smile on his precious godson’s face. He discreetly crossed his fingers and hoped for the best for both his kids.


“We’re the topic of conversation,” Nick commented while tilting his head unobtrusively in Robert and Jerald’s direction.

Kevin tightened his arms around Nick’s waist, “Do you care?” he asked.

Nick leaned back against his boyfriend’s chest and sighed contently. “Nope.”

“You staying over tonight?” Kevin asked.

Nick laughed in surprise, “No way!”

Kevin smiled at Nick’s laughter. “Can I come over tonight?” he asked softly, his fingers caressing Nick’s side.

Nick licked his lips, “They’ll know.”

Kevin resisted the urge to turn Nick around to face him, knowing that his young lover might find it easier to have this conversation without having to make eye contact with him. “Are you afraid of them finding out we’re lovers?” he asked gently.

Nick turned around to face Kevin, “I’m not ashamed of our relationship. I just… don’t know what to say if they ask. What if they feel it’s ok to push us because we’re sleeping together?”

“You’re very nervous at the thought of marriage,” Kevin commented gently.

“It terrifies me. I’m not at all ready. I feel I’m too young. I mean yeah it’s doing wonders for Corey but…,” he trailed off and shrugged helplessly.

“But you’re both different people. What works positively for him may not for you. He’s gaining independence with marriage while you might have to lose out on your hard-won independence with marriage,” Kevin said. He cupped Nick’s cheek, “Alright, you set the pace Nick. You have my word that I’ll support you in however you want things to progress.”

Nick smiled one of his smiles that never failed to take Kevin’s breath away before he flung himself into Kevin’s arms. Kevin laughed in surprise while wrapping his arms around Nick.


Cara smiled as she walked into the room and heard Kevin’s laughter. “Now that is a happy sound.”

Robert returned her smile. “Yes it is.”

Jerald wrapped his arm around his wife’s waist. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him so happy, so open. I hope it continues forever.”


“So, how did you two meet?” Cara asked as she sat back with a cup of coffee.

She had been watching them closely and what she’d discovered made her wonder whether they were aware of how often they silently communicated with each other.

Robert hid his smile behind his cup at the way Nick looked at Kevin and widened his eyes before fluttering his lashes gently. He didn’t know if his son did it deliberately or if it was an unconscious gesture but he had yet to meet a person who could refuse him what he wanted when he did that.

Kevin refrained from rolling his eyes at Nick and cursed himself for his inability to resist the sparkling blue eyes. “We ran into each other, literally, in London.”

Kevin kept his voice as dry as possible. He looked at Nick and held back a smile at Nick’s wide eyed pleading look. ‘Yes sweetheart, I know how to press your buttons too,’ he thought.

Nick rolled his eyes and threw his hands up. “Fine! One of these days I will win Kevin. You mark my words!” he said while looking at Kevin with a slight pout.

Kevin smiled, “Duly noted,” he said sweetly.

Nick pressed his lips together to keep from smiling and turned to look at Cara, Jerald and his father, only to find them watching him with amused smiles on their faces.

“Some friends and I hosted a S.A.D. party a couple of months ago and that’s where we met. Kevin was staying at the same hotel and helped me out of an uncomfortable situation. We… started to get to know each other,” he said a little shyly.

“A sad party?” Cara asked in confusion.

Nick grinned, “Not sad as in happy sad, S.A.D… Singles Awareness Day.”

Cara laughed and shook her head.

Nick shook his head when he saw that they were curious to know more. “Kevin asked me out whenever he wants in town and we kept in touch when he wasn’t. This is all I’m prepared to share at the moment.”

“When will you be ready to share more?” Cara asked while narrowing her eyes at her godson.

Nick shrugged and smiled at Kevin, “When I’m ready to. Or,” he paused and looked at Cara, “when I come up with something suitable that you can bribe me with.”

Kevin, Jerald and Robert shared a laugh at the look on Cara’s face.

“He’s got you there,” Robert said with a shake of his head.

“Brat!” Cara said with a laugh.

“And proud of it,” Nick said with a unrepentant grin.

Kevin squeezed Nick’s thigh, “We should get going. We’ve left Alex alone long enough don’t you think?”

Nick’s expression didn’t waver for even a second as he agreed with Kevin’s lie.. “You’re right.” He smiled at their parents, “We’ll see you guys in Bali if not before yeah?”

After a quick round of goodbyes Kevin led Nick to the front door.

“Should we expect you back tonight Kevin?”

They froze before Kevin turned his head and calmly met green eyes similar to his own.

“I’m not sure dad. Don’t wait up,” he said while turning back and opening the door.

Kevin could feel how rigidly Nick held himself while Nick could feel the tension emanating from Kevin.

As soon as they were in the car Nick buried his face in his hands. “Oh my god! I cannot believe he asked that,” he mumbled.

He was scared to lift his head and look at Kevin, sure that his boyfriend would be furious. Which was why he was surprised to hear Kevin laughing. He sighed as Kevin began to stroke his back.

“He was just being himself. I think he meant to tease you,” Kevin said while driving out of the gate.

“Well it worked,” Nick said with a pout.

There was a comfortable silence between them for a few minutes before Kevin rested his hand on Nick’s thigh.

“So? What have you decided about dad’s question?” Kevin asked.

Nick could feel his cheeks heating up and hoped that Kevin wouldn’t notice. He slid his hand over Kevin’s and squeezed slightly.

“You’re going to be getting home quite late tonight,” he said softly.

Their eyes met and Kevin nodded before he entwined their fingers together. He said was satisfied with how his life was going.


Kevin sighed a couple of hours later as Nick’s fingers ran through his hair. He gently bit down on the skin he had been nibbling on and was rewarded by a soft moan from Nick.

“Hmmmm Kev,” Nick slid his arms around Kevin’s back as Kevin pressed him against the wall.

“Don’t go,” he hissed softly as Kevin spread Nick’s open shirt apart and ran his fingers over his hot skin.

Kevin groaned and captured Nick’s lips in a deep kiss, their tongues duelling for control. “I don’t want to baby.”

They both knew that he had to though, which is why they’d left the bed and made their way to the door. It was as far as they’d gotten because their goodbyes had taken up the last 10 minutes.

Kevin broke their kiss and bit back a groan as he watched Nick lick his swollen lips. He gently pressed his fingers against Nick’s lips when the younger man tried to claim another kiss.

“Time for me to go,” Kevin said softly.

His eyes darkened as he felt Nick kissing his fingers. He moved his hand away and pressed a swift kiss to Nick’s lips.

Kevin stepped out into the hallway and rolled his eyes when he saw Matthew leaving Corey’s apartment. The two friends shared a laugh as they stood waiting for the elevator.


A couple of hours later…

Corey flinched away from an overzealous photographer. He tried to reach Matt and tried not to let on how closed in he felt by the paparazzi as they shouted questions out at him.

He sighed in relief when a strong arm went around his shoulders and a voice he recognized spoke into his ear. “I got you kid, just walk straight ahead.”

Corey felt himself calming down and allowed Kevin to shield him against the photographers.

Nick joined them and stayed on Corey’s other side. Corey felt Kevin’s arm shifting from his back to Nick’s so that both of them were close to the older man. He held back a smile at the subtle way Kevin was touching Nick and knew that the photographers behind them had a clear view of it.

“Well played,” he murmured to Kevin as they entered the airport and security held the photographers back.

Kevin winked at him in response.

Corey was incredibly honoured that Kevin and Nick were ready to open themselves up to perusal from the paparazzi just so that the press had something other than his wedding to talk about. He thought back to the night before…

“But Kevin,” Corey paced back and forth in front of the couch Nick and Kevin were sitting on, “you guys shouldn’t have to go expose yourself to those vultures for us in this manner. They’ll be SO intrusive!”

Nick sighed and rubbed his face, “Core will you please just sit down! I know you like to pace when you’re stressed but you’re giving me a headache!”

Corey pouted slightly before folding his arms across his chest and plopping down on floor next to the chair Matt was seated on.

Nick smiled slightly as Matt began stroking Corey’s hair, “Core… they will find out either way. The only reason we didn’t want anyone finding out before now is cause I wanted dad, Jer and Cara to know first. Now it doesn’t matter if the whole world knows.”

Kevin leaned forward and rested his elbows on his knees, his attention focused on Corey, “If Nick and my relationship helps take some off the attention off of your wedding then its ok with me. You just have to say the word and I’ll have the press’s attention divided between you guys and us.”

Corey bit his lip and looked from Kevin to Nick, sincerity and concern for him shining in both their eyes before raising his head to look at Matt.

Matt gently slid his fingers back through Corey’s hair before cupping the back of his head. “Our friends want to do something incredible for us baby.”

Corey smiled at him before turning to look at AJ who nodded his head in support. Corey nodded at Nick and Kevin, “Thank you.”

Nick stretched out his hand to his best friend who was already leaning forward. They squeezed the other’s hand before sitting back with smiles.

Brian who was still getting over his surprise at finding out that his cousin was dating Nick Carter turned his head slightly and found watchful brown eyes on him. He smiled tentatively and sighed in relief when AJ smiled back at him.

Kevin got them into the airport where Matt immediately ran his eyes over Corey to make sure he was ok.

He ran his hand gently up and down Corey’s side before sliding his fingers through Corey’s soft hair as the young man leaned against him.

“All ok babe?” he asked softly.

Corey nodded against his shoulder before straightening up and smiling at Matt. Matt smiled back and caught Corey’s hand as they proceeded towards the counter.

Kevin and Nick shared a look before nodding at each other. There was no turning back now. They had set their future in motion. Surprisingly neither felt anxious about their decision, sure in the fact that things would work out for them as life always did.
Chapter End Notes:
This marks the end of How It All Began. There will be one chapter of snippets from Corey and Matt’s wedding which shows how Nick and Kevin’s relationship gets exposed to the press, their friends and the public. After that is the next part of the story in An Ideal Marriage?

We’ve been working on Matt and Corey’s story for the people who expressed an interest in knowing more about them. If anyone has any suggestions of where we can post it, that’d be great.

Thank you for the continued support. It’s much appreciated :)